Gel-varnish with rhinestones: Features, Methods of application, Nail design examples

Gel-varnish with rhinestones: Features, Methods of application, Nail design examples

Manicure plays a huge role in the life of girls. Due to the stylish design of the marigolds, it is possible to emphasize the outfit and supplement the image. This is especially true of solemn cases when you need to imagine in the best possible way.

To date, there are many types of nail design, but a manicure with rhinestones looks especially spectacular.

Pros and cons

Neil-art with brilliant pebbles (rhinestones) choose the most beautiful sex representatives who want to stand out from the crowd with sophistication and charm. Modern manicure provides not only simple decoration of plates, masters of decorative materials and gel varnish create real art masterpieces.

The main advantages of the decor with rhinestones are given below.

  • Universality. In such a simple way, you can simultaneously emphasize the beauty of the ladies’ handles and hide their external defects in the form of irregularities of plates.
  • The perfect supplement of the female image. Brilliant design is appropriate not only in the night, but daylight day. It can be used for everyday life and to enter light.

  • Simple execution technology. To create a decor, no great skill and experience is required. The display of brilliant particles depends on personal fantasy.
  • Large product range. The market is represented by rhinestones of any color and size, so they are easy to choose under a certain stylistry.

As for the minuses of such a manicure, he can cause discomfort during socks – rhinestones cling to hair and clothing. In addition, there is a short-lived design, its duration directly depends on the quality of glue.

In addition, brilliant elements need to be able to use in moderate + otherwise, from a sophisticated and attractive manicure, you can make a complete miserable.

Rhinestones are miniature decorations with imitation of precious stones, they are made of rhinestone, zirconium, plastics, color or transparent glass. Due to the fact that one side of rhines has many faces, particles can change their color in the sun and overflow. The second side has a flat shape that allows you to conveniently fix items to nail plates. Rhinestones are of different shapes, sizes and species. The smallest of them reach only 0.5 mm, and the largest – 4 mm.

For the modern manicure, multifaceted, rectangular and round elements are usually used + tremendous focal popularity of oval, boats, droplets, flower and hearts. As a rule, brilliant particles are produced in a metal basis or on a mirror substrate.

Depending on the method of manufacturing and external effects, the following types of rhinestones distinguish.

  • Classic. Characterized by smooth faces and perfectly imitate precious stones and minerals.
  • Smooth hemispheres. They pass special grinding. Beautifully look in the design such smooth elements like pearls and “cat’s eyes”.
  • Koloty. These are pixie crystals obtained from crystal crumb and broken glass. They have small sizes that do not exceed 1.5 mm.
  • Cone. Have conical bottom and commonly used to decorate increated nails.
  • Sharma. They differ in complex performance and are made in the form of Christmas trees, bows, snowflakes or crown.
  • Pearls Sidja. Mimic transparent and multicolored “marine pebbles”.

In addition, rhinestones are distinguished by the effect of gloss, which is obtained due to the passage of light through transparent glass. Since the material can be both painted and colorless, the light is different in different ways in the edges of the particles and crumbles on numerous sparkles. Many manicure masters choose rhinestones with the effect of “Northern Lights”, they are called chameleons. Thanks to the holographic coating, such pebbles are transfused with a rainbowed multi-fifty. Also on sale also rhinestones with pearl brilliance, they are made in more than 20 colors and shades.

The most fashionable are transparent particles, as they are perfectly combined with any pattern and design. The price of each type of rhinese depends on the material from which they are made.

Plastic elements Cheap, glass – expensive, but they are better and look at the marigolds impressively.

How can a manicure design?

Neil-art with rhinestones is represented by various options. They can be uploading interesting patterns and beautiful flowers. For the summer manicure, it is recommended to use brighter shades of gel varnish and decorate crystals like everything, so separate marigolds. On autumn it is best to select pomegranate, chocolate and burgundy varnish. Most often, rhinestones are placed on the plates as follows.

  • On the line of Cuticula. Such a design gives manicure a festive look and dilutes the monotony of paints. In the center of the line, a large rhinestone is usually placed, small elements are attached on the sides, and at the edges – the smallest. Crystals asymmetrically located along the cuticle.

  • On the entire plate. The marigolds dressed with brilliant rhinestones can be a gorgeous luxury, but if you move to the number of items, the manicure will become vulgar and indicate a girl. Therefore, stylists recommend decorating in such a way only one finger (Unnamed).
  • Pyramid. In this design, the crystals are fixed at the base of the plate, forming a view of a shiny triangle. Similar design looks beautiful and easy to do at home.

  • Shirt. Decor is suitable for monophonic coating. Brilliant fragments are laid out in the center in the form of three vertical strips. In this case, the pattern can be slightly shifted into the left or right side of the nail.
  • Wave. The nail plate decorate the line from the “diamonds” running from the base to the free edge. The pattern should smoothly change the angle of direction and shook.
  • moon. In this design, the main focus is on the nail well, which is decorated with transfusing elements. As a rule, this technique is used only on one nail.

In addition, rhinestones are often used in French manicure. Especially relevant such design when creating a wedding and evening image.

Crystallines emphasize the contours of Franch and combine them with other decor options.

How to combine with clothes?

Manicure must harmonize well with the outfit and look natural. Therefore, selecting one or another type of design with rhinestones, it is important to remember about their moderation, otherwise a huge number of pebbles will give a removable look. Crystalline color must be selected not only to lacquer palette, but also a shade of decoration. For everyday images you can not use too contrasting pebbles.

Girls who spend a lot of time in the office and prefer strict style, Masters recommended to do Classic Franch with rhinestones. On a pastel basis, which is close to the natural color of the noggle, fine crystals, placed on the junction between the base and the edge of the plate, will look good.

Similar design will give hands femininity and suitable under any style and color of the outfit. Business ladies can also apply the lunar manicure with rhinestones: the lined line of brilliant particles in the form of a ball or month looks unobtrusively and beautifully emphasizes the style of dress, skirts or a brush suit.

As for the release of both solemn events, a composite manicure from rhinestones is suitable for them. The color of the crystals must find its continuation in accessories and other girl decorations. This will make an image at the same time air and bright.

A universal option that can be used for daily images and special occasions, a manicure is considered in pastel and gentle shades, decorated with small rhinestones. They are recommended to dilute the ring finger and a meager.

How to fix?

Neil-art with brilliant pebbles is of great popularity among the representatives of the fine sex, regardless of their age. This design can be performed both in the cabin and at home. Crystal mounting is usually carried out on gel coating. Such a simple technique and even a beginner master will be able to cope with it. To properly put rhinestones on the nail, you must perform the following steps.

  • Before putting brilliant elements, you need to create a coating of gel varnish, applying both single-phase and three-phase varnishes. After the color coating is ready, the novel is covered with the top, except for those where pebbles are planned. Top dry in UV lamp.
  • Then on the plates where rhinestones will be placed, gel neatly apply and immediately lay out in the form of crustalline patterns. Applying rhinestones on the gel lacquer must be carefully, slightly pressing so that they slightly “drowned” in the gel.
  • Next, the plates are dried in the lamp for a few minutes and between crystals are carried out with a tassel, moistened in the top, trying not to blur the surface. In the very least turn, the side sides of the pebbles are treated, dry the top in the UV lamp and purify the sticky layer.

In addition, rhinestones can be fixed on transparent varnish, trying on it as glue. For this, the manicure is made first, the design is drawn up and everything will be dried. Then the crystals take turns are taken by tweezers, turn over, are placed in the opposite side by a drop of varnish and pasted. Then the rhinestones are re-covered with a layer of varnish and wait for a complete drying.

How to remove?

Manicure with rhinestones is beautiful, but sooner or later it has to adjust. Crystalliki usually hold on a gel basis of no more than 5 days, then fragments of patterns from nails begin to disappear and their design is spoiled. To prevent this, you can easily be easily removed at home and then create a new decor.

To clean the pebbles from gel varnish, a fluster is used, which has a kind of sharp hatch, in this way you can quickly delete all items. Also, many masters spill rhinestones, swing them with a special fluid or removed by a mill. These methods are permissible, but they require considerable effort and time costs. Therefore, it is best to start the work by the Pooker. Each crystal in turns are approaching the toporist: if the first time the attempt is not possible, then it should be hurry on the other hand.

If the rhinestones are firmly fixed and not cleaned, it is spilled with a stitch with a stiffness of 100 grit.

When all rhinestones are removed, but on the places of attachment there remained a dense layer of the top, which was flooded for fixation, you need to additionally spilize this coating. Such a procedure is done on all marigolds. At the end of the procedure, the handles should make a soothing compress and re-clean the remnants of the varnish orange stick. In addition to this plate, you need to polish well and leave without decor for a while, because the constant mount and the removal of rhines can harm the structure of the nails.

Swarovski for nail rhinestones See next video.

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