Global Fashion gel lacquer: features and color palette

Global Fashion gel lacquer: features and color palette

Global Fashion Gel Laca – Resistant and Bright High Quality Coating, which has trusted to nails a large number of Russians. Lucky allow you to make a high-quality and beautiful manicure for a long time. At the same time, the procedure for creating a nyl-art with their help is no different from the ordinary varnish coating. Each stage of the manicure will require only a few minutes, which appreciated millions of women and girls.

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Global Fashion – Brand, famous all over the world. Supplies to cosmetic markets high-quality products intended for manicure and pedicure, extension of eyelashes, paraffin therapy, epilation and hairdresser’s art. The manicure assortment is presented:

  • Constructing gel products+
  • Colored gel varnishes with different decorative characteristics+
  • Special equipment and tools+
  • Related Products for Skin Care and Nail Plate.

All products of the company are produced in the US factories. Modern production technology allows you to create a wide range of high-quality shades and gel-varnish textures that are absolutely safe.

Global Fashion brand releases only money certificate. Excellent composition and small value made products of this brand popular among manicure masters all over the world. For many Masters of the Nail Industry, it is the reasonable value that the main reason for choosing products of this brand has become.

Features of products

Global Fashion gel varnishes are used in the creation of a professional and amateur manicure. Make high-quality and stylish coverage using Global Fashion gel varnish, can any female representative. For this, the company supports many important areas for their consumers. Favorable price suggestions, development of new colors and textures, improving the formula for funds only improve the aesthetics and other characteristics of manicure products of this brand.

Global Fashion products are suitable for all manicure and design technician. The secret of the success of this brand in unexpected colored and textured combinations, design conciseness and tempting value.


The color palette of this brand is very diverse and extensive. This confirms the number of collections offered by the company: their more than twenty. Each has its own individual features and color characteristics.

The most extensive BLACK ELITE series. She has 290 colored gel varnishes. In this collection, you can find bright and rich shades: coal-black (№173), carrot-orange (№200), bright red (№196), brightly azure (№283) and many others. Lovers of soft pastel tones also have something to choose. There are several shades of gentle pink at once (№268, 267, 261, 263, 249) – all rooms are different on some column. Among the nude rooms there are all popular colors: gentle-pistachio, soft yellow, powder, cream.

The Black ELite collection consists not only of glossy monophonic varnishes. It also contains coatings with large sparkles and light shimmer. For example, Global Fashion gel varnish this series under №210 – black dense with multicolored sparkles of different sizes. Rooms from 205 to 216 – Transparent with lots of sequins that create a dense impenetrable brilliant coating of blue, yellow, green, pink and other colors. Very nice, transparent varnishes with small sparkles and a large foil round shape look – №150 (puppet-pink), №148 (cherry). Rooms 155 and 165 are interesting combination of sequin two sizes. Global Fashion gel lacquer №155 – transparent colorless with bright yellow and green sequins of different sizes.

Among the coatings Global Fashion have a collection of single-phase, luminous, chameleon, thermo, stained glass and pearl gel lacquers. There are seasonal collections and a series of varnishes for French manicure. Color palette allows you to purchase a gel varnish of any color and textured combination.


About products for manicure Users mainly leave positive feedback. A huge variety of color palette, dense texture, simplicity of application and price and quality ratio can not help.

However, it is noted that Global Fashion gel lacquer is absolutely not friendly with basic and finishing coatings of other brands. In these cases, they swell and pee out in reservoirs in a few days of wearing.

How to make an inquiry design of nails using Global Fashion Gel Laca, you will see in the following video.

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