Golden Manicure: Fashionable ideas and tips on a combination of colors

Golden Manicure: Fashionable ideas and tips on a combination of colors

Trades in the field of manicure are subject to permanent transformations. More recently, there was a blank fashion for red nails. Then everyone began to make a manicure using pastel tones. Causes some surprise that gold shades have been popular always. Gold is equally suitable for young girls who are still studying at school and adult lady.

The secret of the popularity of the golden manicure lies in the fact that it is universal, it is suitable for almost any entourage. Golden Koler successfully combined with almost any robe: from torn jeans to a black evening dress. Black manicure with any golden patterns is always a win-win version that will stunningly look like any circumstances.

Golden manicure wear girls internally free, who know their price, love to experiment, without fearing to attract unnecessarily attention. Gems of precious yellow metal looks always winning and effectively. Not so long ago in a special honor was a black and yellow manicure. Such a combination argued an associative series:

  • luxury+
  • wealth+
  • Freedom of choice+
  • Love for travel+
  • The ability to appreciate the beautiful.

Now the trend went a little to the background, but still the “ball rules” golden tone in different combinations. Dark nails with golden drawings continue to look very stylish and modern.

In the manicure now fashion for rhinestones. They are often framed by the perimeter of the nail plate, and the index and nameless fingers “fall asleep” by sparkles.

Often nails are decorated with vensels, sprinkled additionally brilliant textures. There is also an option to enter the light when a few nails are covered with a varnish of a black spike, everyone else becomes golden.

On gold, you can also make images of any configuration, from simple graffiti to ultra-empty ornaments. A similar technique gives a win-win result: on the one hand, a festive background is generated, which emphasizes the solemnity and importance of the event, on the other – there is a certain restraint in emotions, a sense of self-esteem is demonstrated.

Nail design

Classic is considered the Golden Manicure with Matte Red Patterns at the Even. Such a nail design is popular for all five continents and is considered the highest chic among the beautiful sex. Good news is that such a design can be performed in comfortable home conditions, which significantly reduces cash costs and reduces long hours carried out in the beauty salon.

It should be borne in mind that various options can be generated from several templates. If you attach a fantasy, then something original and unique will always be obtained. Anyone template can be the starting point for creating a unique manicure. For example, on the nail of the burgundy color can be drawn fantastically beautiful ornaments of the golden tone. There will be such a composition unusual.

Thin wave-like lines in manicure emphasize the trembling tenderness and beauty of female hands. If you take this fact for weapons, you can create design structures that emphasize the uniqueness of the image.

For the past ten years, girls who follow the fashion began to be not indifferent to minimalism. This can explain the fact that designs began to occur when small golden pebbles are drawn around the perimeter of nails. They are not difficult to recreate them, while the effect can be very significant, such a manicure looks always irresistible.

It is important not to forget that before starting work, the nails should be put in order, well polished, otherwise the result may be reverse.



Sometimes there comes suggestion from the presence of a golden manicure, in this case you can “switch” to various patterns that can be drawn by varnishes of various compositions and pigments.

It is impossible to add not to add that the charm of gold shades is that even to neutral patterns you can add small splashes of this color, and something unusual will always come out. Golden manicure is a practically an infinite field for fruitful experiments.

Beautiful combination

Today, the combination of denim and golden color is popular. Manicure looks, on the one hand, spectacularly, on the other – it is appropriate to wear daily. “All Constitution” Manicure of Gold – this is another attractive feature. It looks great for those who walk in sneakers and for ladies who wear high-heeled shoes to go in the evening in the theater or restaurant.

Very fashionable to wear a manicure, on which there is an image of golden scales against the ocean background. “Water” topics always looks winning and democratically at the same time.

Make scales yourself – this is the task not from the lungs. This requires a lot of patience, hyperfine brushes.

Office style of clothing can always be drawn by golden “lunar” shades. Such a design is not too striking, at the same time focuses on femininity and nobility.

Sexuality in clothes can emphasize the nails that glit gold glitter. Also, a variety of ornaments can never come out of fashion, which can be connounced throughout the nail plane in the most incredible combinations.

The asymmetric composition also has its advantages. Thereby emphasizes:

  • Creative principle of manicure+
  • Independence of her thinking+
  • Ability to independent judgments and conclusions.

It is these factors that can be explained why an asymmetric design keeps in the leads for a long time.

Also, often nails are decorated with a special textured foil, catching gold to one nail (it can be a little finger), the remaining fingers remain in black colors.

Design in gold tones with silver will never come out of fashion, such a combination will use unchanged popularity. The most elementary example can be coloring in the style of “Chessboard”. Well looks black and golden kel, as well as green-gold.

Nowadays you can buy gel varnishes in which there are sparkles, including gold. The smaller the fraction, the thinner and there will be a layer, but it is possible to experiment here before infinity. Also, the field for creating original images may be mixing different shades.

Lucky with reddish gold and white tint are good in demand. Also, the so-called doughs look like when there are a game of various shades.

Very interesting method of applying golden sand. Before this should be prepared carefully nails, correctly apply primer. Often consume special varnishes that imitate:

  • Wet sand+
  • Gold or Silver Foil+
  • Various fabrics.

Does not come out of fashion also lacquer metallic, which shifts into the light and looks very winning.

Of the shortcomings it is worth mentioning that it is not easy to apply such substances. Independently do not work with similar compositions, and entrust them to mast. Gel varnishes require applying not in one and not in two layers, besides, they should be perfectly smooth.

It is important to understand that lacquer shades must be harmonized with skin color. If the halftone has a reddish tint, then it is recommended to use cooler tones. If the skin is tanned, then it looks great for a dark yellow basis.



Make a golden manicure independently easy. We will be needed:

  • foil+
  • colorless lacquer+
  • protective covering.

If you do everything correctly, the manicure can be preserved for more than a week. It is recommended to take golden varnishes that change the kel depending on the intensity of light. The technology of their application is as follows:

  • Nails face black varnish (except for maffers)+
  • Color makeup covered nails on index fingers+
  • They attack foil, which is later removed after drying+
  • Then nails are covered with colorless coating.

Stylists tips

The end of the image can be done without the use of “gold”, for example, to use rhinestones. So, in any case, the masters advise. Rhinestones can look harmonious in any pattern, the combination of them with gold is another direction for creativity. 80% of the variants of the combination of rhinestones and gold look successfully. If it is argued that the combination of rhinestones and the golden manicure is suitable for any girl – it will not be an exaggeration.

Do not forget also about stencils. Their use is much reduced time of work. Masters recommend alternating their own creativity and drawing pictures on stencil.

The charm of the golden manicure is also in the fact that at the right moment he may look very solemnly, almost prim. French manicure can wake new paints if the white color can simply change on the golden. In this form you can move on any holiday into a chic restaurant or a closed nightclub.

Similar design is not forced to make even a day of marriage. Stylists advise to use foil to create Franch. Places of “Smiles” are processed by special glue. Special strips are made from foil, which are glued as templates. Then gold paint is applied, after drying, templates come off. So that the manicure is last preserved, it is covered with finish coating.

It is very important in this technology to use foil correctly, then everything will definitely. In this case, moderation is important – when everything is “too much”, then you can spoil the most good start.

For nails should take varnishes in principle any, the main thing is that they were the right density. The reason is simple: liquid substances do not allow you to create the necessary halftone of the appropriate saturation. Check when buying how much varnish is thick, just enough. Should be tilted the bottle to the right. If the liquid flows too fast, then it will be uncomfortable to use it.

      Golden manicure looks good when varnishes are applied with various effects. Now fashionable metallic color, which is overflowing in the sun. Girls usually use such a gel varnish that keeps on the nail for a very long time (unlike varnish usual). Golden gel varnish is very expensive and not so easy to find it, so professionals recommend using the so-called “rubbing” method. Required for this:

      • Sequins+
      • Basic coat+
      • Pusher+
      • top+
      • primer+
      • Sticks+
      • Fixed solution+
      • Ultraviolet radiation lamp.

      Sequins are applied to the base layer and carefully rubbing, then everything is dried under the lamp. You can carry out such a procedure several layers, achieving the effect of a mirror or gravity gold.

      Manicure with a golden background or drawings and prints is an important element of creating a unique and original image of any woman.

      Master class on creating a golden manicure with casting and texture See below.

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