Gradient on the nail shellac

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Gradient on the nail shellac

Gradient manicure is considered the most popular because it is ideal for any image of a girl. Smoothly passed color on the nails gives the handles a special chic and femininity. Similar design is easy to do both in beauty salons and at home, but for this you need to have a corresponding set of tools and good skills.


The gradient is a special kind of nyl-art, which is characterized by brightness and saturation of the palette. Because a manicure, made on the nails in ordinary varnish, quickly flies and loses its attractiveness, most girls prefers to make a shellac coating. To create such a manicure requires good preparation of plates, they usually give the shape of a beveled rectangle. The gradient can have both vertical and horizontal execution.

Thanks to the vertical technique of application of the shellac, the marigold is visually lengthened, the horizontal gradient looks more effectively, as it completely repeats the form of the plates and emphasizes their beauty.

For this design, several shades of one color typically use a smooth transition from light tones to a more dark.

At the same time, it is important to combine the tone of the palette and not to use warm colors at the same time with cold.

Shellac is applied to the basic coating and dried under the lamp. Despite the fact that the gradient on the nail shellac looks spectacular and keeps long, its creation requires a certain skill. Therefore, girls who plan to do it for the first time must be purchased certain skills, otherwise you can damage the nogot. Since this manicure is durable, it should also decide in advance with its style so that the marigolds harmonize with the outfit and makeup.

The advantages of the gradient made by Shellac include:

  • Long effect socks, coating does not lose its shine and aesthetic appearance for three weeks+
  • A huge selection of saturated and bright colors, which allows you to implement any designer idea into reality+
  • Strengthening plates, with proper applied, the nail is protected from fragility and do not go.

As for the shortcomings, their little. For making a manicure, it is necessary to own the technique of application of the shellac and have a UV lamp, as the coating is dried under the rays of ultraviolet.

How to do?

Recently, many girls make a manicure in the style of Ombre, applying Shellac. Such a design is considered difficult, but if you wish, you can cope with it at home. To do this, we need to be patient and have a base, top, tassels, multicolored shellac and UV lamp. Gradient can be issued in several ways.

  • Ordinary technique. First prepare the cuticle and plate. Nogot cut and spill, after that they are degreased and disinfected. It will provide good clutch of the surface of the shellac. Then applied and dried in the lamp base. Thanks to ultraviolet rays, it makes the basis for durable and durable. The next stage is the drawing of a dark shellac on half of the plate. The second part of the note covers the online layer with a lighter shade. With a wide flat brush begins smooth movements from the cuticle area to the horn base of the nail. As a result, it turns out an interesting and soft transition from one shade to another. The coating is dried in the lamp, cover the top and make cleaning from the sticky layer.

  • With the help of fan brushes. First of all, all preparatory activities are performed and classical manicure is done. Then the bright color of the shellac is applied to the record. The foil mix a few shades before the formation of the middle tone, they are colored half of the plate from above, another part of the nogot is covered with a longer tint of the same color. Next is taken by a fan brush, and it is carried out in one place. You don’t need to move a brush. After the interesting pattern turned out, the plates were dried under the UV lamp and fix the design to the top.
  • With the help of pigment. Prepared marigolds cover the base, make the background with a shellac, for example, with silver or golden pigment, and proceed to the decor. Liquid pigment “stretch” a small tassel from the area of ​​the cuticle to the middle of the nail. First you need to make a dense, and then a translucent layer. In addition, the pigment can be distributed not only with a brush, but also sponge.

  • With a sponge. 2 main shellac colors are selected, they are dripped onto the foil next to each other and perform mixing until the intermediate shade is. Then the sponge is popped into it, following the air bubbles, and apply the color with smooth spring movements. The procedure is repeated until a color transition is formed on the marigold. To achieve greater contrast, it is recommended to apply several layers of shellac. Then everything is dried and covered with fixing top.
  • Shellac and acrylic powder coating. The marigolds are painted in white, apply the top and lowered into the purred brush begin to form a divorce. At the same time in the area of ​​the cuticle, you need to place a thicker layer of powder. The second part of the plate is made in the same way, but the brush is lowered into the dark shade powder. Manicure is completed with the top and drying in UV lamp.

Each of the above methods for creating a gradient Shellac has its own characteristics and advantages.

To achieve a beautiful and smooth transition of the tones, the masters are recommended to choose the technique easier.

Design ideas

The gradient is considered a unique type of manicure, which can be easily pickled both for everyday and evening. To do this, sufficiently combine colors in one composition. To enter light and solemn events, a gradient will suit the gradient, which uses red and cherry shellac. To strengthen the effect of the discharge, ringtone can be isolated by sparkles or rhinestones applied to the wells.

Equally interesting is the evening gradient in white, pink, pale yellow and turquoise tones. The design can be not only two-color, but also with the use of three and more shades. If desired, individual fingers are decorated with spraying of sequins.

To stand out from the crowd and advantageously emphasize its image, the gradient should be issued in a juicy blue coloring (according to the recommendations of stylists). Shellac in this case must be decorated with green sparkles. Such a design will best look at square marigolds and for everyday image it will not work because of his skin.

Holders of short marigolds Multicolate Neil-Art fits most.

An interesting solution will be a soft palette transition from white to dark gray. Additionally, you can experiment and supplement the design with autumn compositions. Beautiful maple leaves, tree sprigs and bunches Rubbin turn a manicure to a real work of art.

Unusually looks the style of ombre and on a blue or blue background. Transitions of tones made in the form of abstraction and monograms will become an ideal nail decoration. Additionally, Neil-art can be reduced by shiny pebbles or rhinestones. They should be postponed with silver or golden patterns in the moon area. This execution is considered stylish and bright, so it can be safely used for evening image.

For young fashionistas, business women and romantic personalities. It is recommended to choose a gradient in white-pink design. It looks spectacular and emphasizes femininity, refinement and style of ladies. Well suits such a design for short plates. Light, almost imperceptible flower transitions look exquisitely, they are recommended to decorate rims from rhinestones, as a gentle shine is a trend in this year and the next year.

Summer image will help add universal gradient variants that are well combined not only with the dress, but also with a swimsuit. Stylists recommend making a manicure with transitions from pink color to blue.

This Neil-Art is suitable for both girls and mature ladies.

About how to make a gradient on the nail brush, look in the video.

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