Grattol Gel Varnish: Features and Flower Palette

Grattol Gel Varnish: Features and Flower Palette

To date, many domestic and foreign brands offer a variety of gel varnishes. From the huge variety, they simply scatter eyes, because newcomers are quite difficult to make the right choice. New and modern brand Grattol is engaged in the release of professional products for nail service, which is valued by many professional masters. We will further read the brand in more detail, we learn the pros and cons of its products, as well as consider a wide color palette and current collections that can come to the taste of beginners and professionals.


Products of the young company Grattol, including gel varnishes, is made exclusively using the proven and safe for nails of raw materials. Experts pay a lot of attention, as a result of which it contains all the most necessary.

Lucky from the brand is carefully developed by professionals, after which serious selection is taking place. That is why on the shelves of special stores you can find perfect products from Grattol.

Advantages and disadvantages

Gel varnishes from the brand really deserve attention, Since they have a lot of advantages.

  • Most of the varnishes are ideal for applying in one layer. They give not only a saturated shade, but also smooth coating, with the exception of translucent options.
  • Gel-varnishes will not crack and peel up to 3-4 weeks with the right technique of applying them.
  • In the assortment you can find not only excellent gel varnishes, but also related materials for making a manicure, including proven bases and top covers.

  • Gel varnishes from the brand do not have an irritant smell. They also have an excellent and comfortable brush that you can cross the nail plate right up to the cuticle. And she is very comfortable to seal nails.
  • Assortment has many collections with varnishes of various textures. Among them, you can easily find a suitable copy for one or another outfit.
  • Shelf life from varnishes – 36 months, which is also a pleasant bonus, you can keep them within 24 degrees of heat.
  • Benefits can also be safely attributed to reasonable prices for products. In the middle lacquer Grattol, cost 300-350 rubles.

As for the shortcomings, they are not so much, some professionals do not at all detect. However, if we are talking about pastel shades, they are difficult to apply them. They sometimes spread, create stripes, and do not always give the desired shade. But, most likely, this is more feature, not a flaw, because if you cover a pastel shade of nails in 2 layers, then everything will be fine. Some also note that the varnishes from the brand do not dry in the UV lamp, and sometimes even the detachment appear. But this may be due to violation of the technology of applying and drying gel lacquer.

In general, many experts recommend products from brand and professional craftsmen, and beginners.

A variety of shades

The palette of colors of the grade Grattol will be able to please even the most pressing clients, because here so much unusual. In a large assortment, classic colors on everyday day, which include nude shades, red, blue and pink tones, as well as yellow options.

Much attention Mark pays “festive” shades with various shimmer and shimmer. The widest diversity presents a variety of pearl colors. And also in the assortment, you can find and overflow colors that allow you to create a manicure “Feline Eye”. Every day the brand has many black, brown and purple tones. Shades from one series and palette can be mixed, getting a unique color.

Those who prefer wine tones and options for the type of Marsala, be sure to pay attention to the saturated Merlot 100, and fans of eggplant and purple will probably have to do the option from the classic series at number 54.

The variety of shades is so huge that among all it is very difficult to choose only one color, with the result that the manicure can be created with combining colors from one or more series.

New collections annually appear in the range of brands. At the same time, the company boasts permanent series, and limited, in which there is a wide selection of shades of varnishes with the most different features. Next, consider current series that may be able to interest the buyer.

  • “Magic Collection”. In this series you can find shining varnishes with unusual overflows. Especially beautiful we look at the options resembling the Northern Lights. Be sure to recommend paying attention to GTM 001 varnishes Champagne, GTM 007 Magic Ruby and GTM 009 Magic SEA.

  • In the classic collection You can find a huge amount of shades – from the brightest to saturated and bright. Most of them are glossy, and only some are released with a slight brilliance of pearl. Very interesting can look a peach color Blooming Dahlia 163.

  • In the Crystal collection Varnishes are shown, whose shine is achieved by using a special magnet. In this series, there are only 5 bright colors that can be suitable for any holiday.

  • Collection of Galaxy Created specifically for lovers of all shiny. Here you can find 9 sparkling shades for any case. Particularly beautiful and advantageous looks greenish color GTG 007 Galaxy Jungle.

  • Collection of Luxury Stones will delight many of those who want to get a real “precious” manicure. Here are shades, imitating precious and semi-precious stones. The most tender tones of stones can be found in the additional series onyx, and dark and deep – in Opal. Pink colors with light shimmer OPAL 03 and ONYX 13 look very advantageous. The only lack of light onyx is that it can spread a bit, but it is fixable by subsequent application.

  • In the collection of Vegas Also presented bright and brilliant shades that can illuminate nails with a real shine. Here and brilliant gold, and brilliant pink, and blue. Those who have to taste this collection must necessarily look into the Mirage series, where textured varnishes with heavy glitter are also presented.

Mark annually adds new shades to its collections, sometimes old removal from sale, but, as a rule, classic options always remain in a permanent series.

How to apply?

Very many fair sex representatives do not know how to work with gel varnishes and various gel systems at home. There is nothing complicated in this, the main thing is to prepare everything you need and follow the step-by-step instructions at least several times until a complete understanding of the technology of applying gel varnish on the nails.

So, you need to prepare:

  • Films, nippers, orange sticks (all tools should be cleaned and sterilized)+
  • nail primer that degreases the nail plate+
  • Base+
  • Gel varnish of the desired shade (you can use 2 or 3 options)+
  • Top coating+
  • cuticle oil.

Step-by-step execution technique looks like this.

  • To begin with, prepare nails to apply primer. Remove the glossy layer using not a very hard saw. Clean the cuticle.
  • Next, we appreciate the primer and give him to do for a few minutes, after which we impose the chosen base.
  • Then under the nails. The main thing, do not forget to be sealing them by applying the base to the edge of the nails. Sew should be 60-90 seconds in the LED lamp and 120 in the usual UV.
  • After applying and drying the base, it is necessary to distribute the nails of the color gel lacquer. It is necessary to apply it as accurately as possible, without climbing the cuticle.
  • Color can be 1 or 2 layers, the main thing, each of them is sealing and drying in the lamp as much as the base, after which you can apply a top coating with a sticky layer or without it.

If the coating with a sticky layer, then it can be removed using a special fluid that is in the range of brands. After completion of the manicure, the cuticle should be treated with nail oil.


Most of the masters and lovers leaves exceptionally positive feedback on gel varnish from the grade Grattol. Among the positive feedbacks can be noted the following points.

  • Wheel coatings are really as saturated as the manufacturer declares. After applying the bases, the main color does not flow and do not roll. The coating is fine and smooth.
  • Nakov has a very dense texture, but even the glacial options do not look too intrusive on the nails.
  • The widest palette also can’t please. In addition, the volume of 9 ml is established quite adequate prices.

In general, varnishes from the brand are recommended for the acquisition, since many in them do not see the shortcomings. Of course, when moving from one company to another will have to adapt a little, but these are secondary things, most importantly, good quality. It should also be noted that the varnishes should be purchased exclusively in proven suppliers and in the stations proven.

A huge number of fakes is implemented through the Internet platforms, as a result of which many may develop negative impressions of products in the future.

In the next video, you will find a detailed review of Grattol gel varnishes.

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