Green Gel Varnish: Possible Combinations and Design Options

Green Gel Varnish: Possible Combinations and Design Options

Green manicure gel-varnish today is considered one of the most stylish solutions. Despite the fact that these tones cannot be called classic, modern fashion proves that they are quite worthy of admiration. These paints today make it possible to implement the most bold and spectacular design options, through which a woman may feel special and elegant. It is worth considering the main nuances of modern green manicure.

Features and variety of shades

Green color multifaceted, which affects the saturation of shades. Neutral paint in green more, brown or blue, everyone will look like a special. Among the masses of all sorts of options in modern manicure, the following paints are in demand:

  • Salado-neon-green+
  • blue-green+
  • Bright malachitic+
  • Pistachkaya+
  • Chartresses (yellow-green)+
  • Emerald+
  • jade+

  • Sea green+
  • coniferous green+
  • green-turquoise dark+
  • Green Lime+
  • gray-green+
  • color of fresh and juicy greenery+
  • Saturated mint+
  • Viridian+

  • Green Moss+
  • green apple+
  • Dark hacks+
  • Dark Oliva+
  • Swamp greens.

Green lacquer is demanding on the shape and length of nail plates.

What it is darker, the brighter looks on the nails, and also becomes selective in terms of decor and color contrasts.

Often, this color does not at all make rivalry with a sparkling decor, since the brilliance can simplify the nobility of the selected varnish. However, it is perfectly combined with various powder materials, through which it is possible to add design. Green gel varnish is expressive, which can be conveyed by the style of design. It is used by the Master of Nail Service, making a bet on texture and expressiveness, showing all its creative potential.

However, the color itself, depending on saturation and temperature, is coming far from all age groups.

If a bleached greenish tint is still at least somehow enter into strict grades of dress code, then a bright manicure in green can sometimes seem too catchy. Therefore, approaching the selection of design should be thoroughly, given the appointment and style of clothing. And it is also important to take into account the fact that the green color should not exactly copy the tone of the main clothing. For greater expressiveness and noble contrast in the light, it looks better when it is harmonized with accessories. Despite the seeming calm, not every tone of green in the manicure will delight her hostess all the time she will wear this coating.

What colors to combine?

Depending on the temperature of the original green color, you can designate several of the most relevant color solutions today. Green color will be harmoniously and stylishly look in tandem with the following color versions:

  • White+
  • beige+
  • black+
  • Nyudova+
  • citric+
  • silver+
  • gold+
  • Ivory+

  • coffee+
  • peach+
  • light pink+
  • lactic+
  • Eggplant+
  • cream.

Today, dark green contrasts are especially popular in combination with a nude and combinations of emerald with pearl bright tones. Actual Adding Silver Sequin and Small Shimmer as Golden Pollen.


Green gel varnish can be used for any manicure technique known to date.

This is a classic, two varieties of Franch (traditional and reverse options), option with wells, gradient, veil, broken glass.

You can also combine the techniques among themselves, create them through the game of different textures. For example, you can use the nail coating matte and glossy green lacquer, creating a classic French design with a matte background and a glossy smile with their help. You can use the technique of negative space, leaving a small part of the plate of unpainted. It is possible in this way to create accents by imitating the nail disturbing by approximately the centimeter by drawing a hole at its base and filling it with silver glitter. Beautifully Will look moon design with wells in the form of stretched triangles extending from the bottom of the nail to the top edge.

The chic design version can be created by choosing the idea of ​​a vertical, horizontal gradient as a basis.

At the same time, on one accent nail, you can perform the effect of ombre in two reverse directions. Let’s say, on top of ordinary stretching you can draw a contrast vertical, perform a smooth transition of contrasting shades, sprinkle them. If this decision does not like, it is possible to make a mesmer with a stretching shades from the finger to your finger, choosing for each nail of the hands of the relative tones of green.

Veil It is worth choosing for the background of the accents. Translucent base in dark colors will allow creating a particularly spectacular and elegant design. Wellegal coating, which is background for decoration, makes ease and elegance in design, to save which you need to closely closely treat the decor. As for the “broken glass”, this option is more suitable for evening networks.

Such accents need dosage so that the design does not lose its high status.

Which decor choose?

Today the buyer is so sophisticated with all sorts of materials to decorate a manicure that we sometimes find it difficult to choose it from the richest list of proposals.

However, fashion this season has its favorites.

  • In priority, various powder materials. They allow you to play in the contrast of texture in design or even create a bulk drawing. This is very relevant for the design of the nails: you can add aesthetics with lace curls, knitted pattern, to highlight the kind of one or another design.
  • As for the wrap, then the focus of the variety of “Mermaid”, “May Beetle” and “Northern Light”. It is important to pick a veil with small and weighty mother of pearl, such polyester powders more aesthetically change the texture of green gel lacquer. In addition to the fine-defective veil, the flakes of Yuki are in demand. They can perform imitation of Franch on long extensive nails.

  • Actual use of translation or tear-off foil. This decor allows you to decorate the surface of the working background during seconds. It is perfectly combined with a slider design and a variety of stickers on sticky substrate. Affecting the theme of aqua stickers, it is impossible not to mention the demand for varieties on a transparent island type substrate. They are simple in fixation and due to the transparent foundation do not limit the masters in choosing a background for an accent nail.
  • Hand painted nails are very in demand. To date, it has been erected to real artistic art. At the same time, it is possible to distinguish a watercolor painting, which is performed by water-based watercolor paints. To date, such a design at the Masters of the Nail Service is more expensive than other options.

  • Green color – excellent reason for disclosing the possibilities of texture. Therefore, for the decoration of accents, sequins use and sealed with stained beds, applying them a very thin layer. At the same time, fashionably decorate the design-gradient design. These paints are drawn on a contrast tone.
  • Megaactual use of liquid stones, in fashion inlay nail by Swarovski crystals. However, it is important not to overdo it with the amount of decor, because the same rhinestones ways to simplify the design against the background of a noble green base. Therefore, the arrangement of sparkling elements should be point and dosed. Crystals do not miss all your fingers, they will be better looking at a modest handling in the Cuticula zone, instead of kidney or leaves buds, dew drops or a modest design of a flower.

Suitable drawings on nails

If you want the design to pay attention to, you can choose the topic of geometry. All sorts of triangles, elongated rectangles, circles, ovals, and even inoperate volumetric figures will look at the design accents very effectively. And also unrealistly cool looks on a dark green background Silver or bronze lace and monogram. To add status, you can create a spraying effect on a black substrate.

Survived design topics, which is suitable for green gel varnish, steel flowers, branches, plants, leaves.

As for the latter, you can draw on a green matte background even golden resilments, which will look very impressive. Also, animalistic prints returned to fashion, so African themes with panthers, pathers and other wild cats will be quite relevant.

It is impossible not to note the seasonality of modern design, which affects the mood and design. For summer, in addition to plant and floral topics, these are insects, a variety of beetles, birds and feathers. In the fall, you can decorate your marigold drawings. By the way, this is an excellent reason to locate on rhinestones spikelets, imitating grains. So sparkling decor will be harmoniously entered the design. For winter, the best solution will be knitted textures and drawings of sweaters with deer, snowmen and snowflakes. As for spring, this is the time of early colors and first feelings. You can decorate nails with marshmallows, candy, hearts. In fashion and composite drawings, but better they will look at a light green background.

For bright and dark shades, it is necessary to limit the high-cost information of the main pigment.

Beautiful examples of design

Using in the design of green gel lacquer, You can do with it a truly masterpiece design of nails, which prove examples of photo gallery.

  • Gorgeous spring design using wiring and stucco drawing created by the modeling agent.
  • Herbal topics look great on the nails of the popular almond-shaped.
  • Beautiful summer manicure based on classics with acrylic powder, light print-dandelion and Melim Rouge.
  • Spectacular design with the silver of the print, applying to complete the luxurious evening set.

  • Stylish decoration of nails with an emphasis in plant topics and asymmetric inlay.
  • Design in the technique of negative space with the game of two different textures of the same color.
  • Delicate version for the summer with a flower accent, decorated with a modeling agent in the form of drops of dew.
  • The spectacular combination of two shades of green will allow you to add brightness and refinement.

Option of beautiful manicure design Green gel lacquer See in video.

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