Green manicure: Fashion trends and tips from stylists

Green manicure: Fashion trends and tips from stylists

Among the wide range of color palette, the modern neil industry boasts a huge variety. Each color is divided into hundreds of tones, different from each other at various levels. Green refers to one of the most popular shades in the design of nails.

In addition to fashionable modern combinations, green may be the original base for creating an exclusive image. Such a manicure under gel lacquer is very popular and distributed among the female half of the population.

The peculiarity of the green manicure is that it perfectly fits both in the summer and in the winter style, both the base and for short and long marigolds, as well as for everyday life and for celebrating the celebration. Thus, green is the most optimal choice of every fashionista wishing to stand out among the crowd thanks to the bright image and sophisticated manicure.

With a classic manicure, a combination of light green color with shades of pink or nude, lemon and blue will be appropriate. Navy varnish color will be harmoniously combined with gray, black, golden and silver varnishes.

In everyday hiking campaigns, work, interviews Women’s half of humanity prefers a cold monophonic manicure. It is justified by the fact that it is inappropriate with a bright causing manicure to go to an important interview or exam.

Based on this, the Neil-Industry specialists have developed the most restrained and in demand variations in the design of nails on everyday life.

Beautiful smooth gradient. In a simple language, it means that the darker color goes to a bigger. This design is achieved in two ways.

  • Applying different shades on different nails.
  • Mixing several colors of varnishes on one nail using a triangular sponge. This manicure is made not only in the salon conditions in the presence of free time and patience. For easier mixing of several shades, the sponge must be wet. Tints of varnish in a few stripes are applied to its surface. They must be superimposed on each other.

For romantic dates, you can apply a base with sparkles. For effective mixing of several colors, it is recommended to initially pat sponge over the plastic, after which you can apply lacquer on the nail plate.

Feline eye. Manicure is so called thanks to the gemstone, in the middle of which there is a narrow shiny strip, which is called the “cat eye”. After creating a coating with metal particles, the Neil-Industry specialists invented such imitation effect on the nails.

After applying the foundation to the nail with a low composition, a small magnet is made, resulting in various prints: waves, longitudinal, diagonal and transverse stripes. Depending on the mold of the magnet, a pattern appears on the surface of the nail. Due to this, its surface acquires the type of gem.

To create a similar manicure, a composition called “Feline Eye”. On the bright varnish, the effect will be almost impaired, so the most often used such shades of green, so emerald, mustard and others.

Matte green manicure is popular for several seasons. Previously, representatives of the beautiful sex for creating such an effect it was necessary to keep nails over the ferry. To date, there are various materials for creating a matte cover effect. They are used both to create a monophonic design, and in combination with glossy coating and prints.

Matte coating at all times will be classic. To create a feminine image, it is recommended to apply brighter shades of green. It can be mint or turquoise tone. To create an image of a fatal woman, stylists advise to pay attention to darker shades: jade or color of greenery.

Many love to experiment and use a matte coating in combination with glossy. Variants of such a combination Great set. For example, you can highlight a pair of marigolds among glossy coating, or vice versa. You can also paint the matte surface to paint glossy varnish.

It looks very harmoniously green matte manicure in combination with marsh, green-yellow, light green and mustard shades.

Franch, or French manicure, appeared in the second half of the XX century in Hollywood. After fashionable shows in France, such a design firmly entered the casual image of girls and in our country. Such a manicure is created using special stencils, foils, tassels.

French manicure is created in several variations:

  • a little modified classic french when the nails are painted in a colorless composition, and on the tips – any tone of green+
  • wells can not paint on line, but take a little more place+
  • concave and convex forms+
  • gradient+
  • Along the hole line you can stick rhinestones, dried flowers and more.

Recently, oblique or transverse French manicure. This option is different from the classical in that in this case the “smile” is performed. Lines can be performed in the form of waves. It also looks original, in which droplets, oval and triangular forms are depicted on the tips.

Lunar manicure along with a french enjoys rabid popularity. The shape of the wells can be the most diverse: concave, straight, in the form of fruit poles. In addition, rhinestones, patterns and other elements can be used as decorations.

Brilliant manicure looks beautiful on the background of green. You can completely paint the nails into a brilliant varnish, and only their individual sections. Recently, the design of nails called “Broken Glass” scored a huge popularity. For this option, a foil is used, which is cut into pieces and stacked on the nail.

Geometric patterns in manicure are known to any representative of the beautiful floor. Such a manicure is quite interesting, extravagant, at the same time simple. Patterns can be the most different: from standard lines to polyhedra. Recently, a checkered manicure is considered fashionable. The geometric pattern in the shape of the cell is applied to the green base.

It is drawn by a special tassel or using a stencil.

Green base is perfectly combined with leaves, branches and flowers. Especially this option is suitable for a spring-summer period. Patterns on the nails can be performed in flower shades.

Green color is perfectly combined with golden varnish. Similar colors can be drawn patterns, drawings. You can also use elements of decor of golden shades.

Manicure with silver will be a little cold, but it looks very elegant. You can select one marigold and paint it with silver varnish. You can also depict patterns or use special decorative elements.

Manicure with rhinestones decorate any one-photon coverage and will attract the attention of others. It is recommended to apply pebbles on the base of the nail plate or in the center.

Having done a manicure using Rhinestones, you can go to any party or holiday. Rhinestones are used in such types of manicure as Franch, Lunny and many others. For festive events, you can make a complex composition for 1-2 nail. At the same time you can use rhinestones of different shapes and sizes.

Camouflage print is performed by matte varnish, so you can achieve a stunning effect.

Basic shade in this case will hide small manicure defects, give the volume to nail plates.


Any festive event allows you to experiment with manicure and create masterpieces on your nails. The most popular the following methods of their decor.

  • Herbal manicure is a bright and exclusive type of decoration. When it is created, a lot of salad shade. As a result, herbs appears on the nails. Suitable for a hike on summer parties and discos.
  • Scaly design – original decor, which looks beautiful on the rotten nails. Such a manicure is created using the foil of the color of the emerald. He will not leave indifferent anyone around, harmoniously combines with the dresses of emerald shades with sequins and rhinestones.

  • Watermelon – this option appeared relatively recently. It is a pattern in the shape of a watermelon crust on the nails. Usually, unnamed fingers are decorated with an internal incision of berries with seed imitation.
  • Mentholic mica is an elegant and gentle decor on the nails, at the same time combining brightness due to the flickering of a mint shade of varnish. Suitable for outfits in similar purple green shades.

Seasonal design

To create summer light manicure ideas are used:

  • Green combinations with popular shades of the current season, for example, on a background with a yellow tint, bright blue and bluish+
  • White-green painting is needed for patterns in the form of curls, when using other light tones, you can combine with them and outfits+
  • To create exclusive ideas, you can use fruit and berry shades – you can safely combine bright green with lemon, watermelon, cherry or raspberry tint+
  • Various floral patterns with pinkish shades in combination with green.

In the summer, long nails look not quite aesthetic, so you can slightly reduce their length. The green color of the manicure will be more gently and feminine looking at the nails of moderate length.

For spring, a great solution will be a manicure in green with the image of flowers, plants, branches. For autumn, darker tones of green are suitable, and for winter, you can safely combine this color with shades of red.

For short nails

For short nails of manicure ideas a lot. Most harmonious will look at neat marigolds light varnishes. They can be combined with pastel colors, for example, gray-green manicure visually extension fingers. Also for evening events do not apply the dark tone of green, instead it is better to use various sequins and decorative pebbles.

For short nails, you can make a manicure in combination of green with notes beige, pinkish, bright lemon and white colors. The outfits of emerald shades are perfectly harmonized with flower manicure.

Franch or lunar manicure is also elected on short nails.

Recommendations of stylists

Usually dark manicure looks gloomy, but it does not apply to the shades of green. Such a manicure, according to stylists, is a great way to create a solemn image.

The manicure is solemnly and unusual in combination the basis of a matte green shade with glossy ends. To create a festive image, the following shades of green are suitable: dark green, emerald, salad, mustard.

Stylists advise to combine green and with shades of blue. Such a bold manicure not many will agree to make.

Only the most desperate fashionista will not remain indifferent to this option.



Blue and green colors are considered cold shades. But their combination allows you to invent many exclusive ideas for decorating nails. Elegant will look like a nogot with Ombre, where Iscin-black color gradually moves to green. And on the nameless finger you can draw a pattern with golden varnish.

If you like the glossy manicure, you can risk and make a manicure, in which there is green lacquer with sparkles on the base of the nail, and on the tip – glossy blue varnish. For the summer image, you can choose a manicure with stripes of green and blue shades.

Read more about how you can make a beautiful green manicure, you will learn from the following video.

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