Green matte manicure: features of design and variety of styles

Green matte manicure: features of design and variety of styles

Matte coating on the nails gradually replaces the usual glossy, because it looks expensive and exquisite. At the same time create this kind of coating, even at home. To date, green color with a matte texture is especially relevant, which looks equally well on the long, and on short nails of different forms. Let us then consider in more detail what features from a matte green manicure, in what style you can create an unusual design and, of course, we learn the advice of specialists in the nail sphere.

Matte trend

Matte nails in fashion is not the first year. Many firms produce ready-made gel varnishes with matte texture, and some offer special coatings that can make any shade of lacquer on nails matte just a few seconds. There are textural and ordinary varnishes, but their socks are not so long compared to gels.

Green and many of his shades, including mint, lime and emerald, are relevant in any season. Both in summer and winter. Green matte manicure very exquisitely is mono, but very often it is complemented with all sorts of stones, rhinestones and drawing.

Matte texture is considered noble. It looks good and on short nails, but the refinement of everything for long, especially if they have a square or almond-shaped form.

Create a beautiful design

To create a unique green manicure with a matte texture, first should be considered the main combinations of this color with other colors and shades.

Green perfectly harmonizes with flowers:

  • Yellow (lemon and gently yellow)+

  • White+

  • Pudrovo-Pink+

  • Blue+

  • Golden (as a rule, on green lacques, you can make a very beautiful gold drawing)+

  • Silver (best combined with emerald)+

  • blue+

  • Black+

  • beige (as well as with other shades of the nude palette).

If the nails of large fingers are covered with green matte, then everyone else does not necessarily have the same texture. Depending on the desired design and result, they can be glossy and pearl.

Next, consider the original ideas using the textural green color that can be implemented.

  • Very exquisite and expensive, matte emerald nails with drawing on nameless fingers reptiles look. Such a design is considered difficult because it combines several techniques to achieve a qualitative result.

  • Deep swamp color can be diluted with silver or gold sequins. They can be filled with a few nails or draw drawing. Golden drawing, as a rule, is done with the technique of “casting”.

  • Unusually can look matte green french or lunar manicure. Such designs are perfect for everyday life.

  • Cold shades of texture green gel lacquer is best combined with silver. Moreover, silver varnish can be glossy, and pearl. Design in such a combined manicure can be performed using neutral sequins or sparkle in tone.

  • On matte green nails, matte bronze patterns, which can be obtained using the stembling technique. Moreover, it is not necessary to immediately use matte varnishes, you can first make a complete coating, draw patterns and only then use a special means for creating a matte texture.

  • We also recommend paying attention to a green-black gradient that can be performed horizontally and vertically. Gradient spraying can now be done in many salons using a special machine, but such a coating can also be performed at home, however, it will take a little longer.

  • On matte green nails, the volumetric 3D modeling can look great. And you can sculpt anything. From colors and butterflies to unusual animals+

  • On matte green nails, butterflies and dragonflies of handmade, which can be decorated with all sorts of stones and bulls.

Matte nail design is always very profitable in monochrome execution, but so that it is not boring, you can even find a lot of options for its diversity. Daily masters and amateur artists add their unique work from all over the world to the Internet.

It seems that fantasies and abilities for this are enough for every beauty. It is easy to independently come up with an original version that you can take the basis of your next manicure.

Tips Masters

Many girls do not want to make a matte manicure, because they believe that he is driving his nails, and his texture is quickly erased. In fact, this is not so, especially if the design is performed by high-quality gel varnishes. Do not fear the fictional things, the main thing, to get high-quality coverage to contact a professional master.

Matt manicure is a little more demanding than glossy, because it can be visible all flaws. So that the coating is perfect and even, pre-nails should be prepared, remove the cuticle and polish the entire surface so that irregularities are not visible on it. Of course, the cabin hardware manicure here will be quite by the way.

Be that as it may, making nails on their own or in the cabin, tools should always be sterile, and disposable saws.

About how to make green french, look in the following video.

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