Haruyama gel lacquer: features and types

Haruyama gel lacquer: features and types

Japanese Gel Lucky Haruyama – no new in the Neil-Industry. For 25 years of brand existence, product quality highly appreciated Nail service professionals. The brand is leading among similar positions in the market due to the spectacular palette of colors, the harmless composition and ease of application.

Features and composition

Haruyama gel lacquer is produced in stylish black bottles of 8 ml. Differs in hypoallergenia, density and plasticity of the coating. Unlike ordinary varnishes, gel does not dry without drying in a special lamp, which allows you to evenly and slowly apply it to the surface of the nails.

The coating is firmly held 3-4 weeks. It affects its resistance. Need to take into account the shelf life after the bottle opens. The texture of the gel lacquer begins to change after contact with oxygen, as the solvent will begin to evaporate.

The most suitable place to store such products is a cool place away from heat and sunlight. After each use, it is recommended to remove the remnants of the gel varnish with a bottle of the bottle for a more dense closing of the cover.

On each bottle there is a description of the composition – the date of its production and the number of the gel coating.

Japanese manufacturers made sure that among the wide palette every customer found for itself the most suitable color and design.

Advantages and disadvantages

Japanese-made gel lacquer in many respects exceeds the analogues of other brands. The main advantage is possible to make an ideal manicure at home with such a coating. This means it is convenient to use even beginners, as the application of a comfortable brush in a couple of layers gives the nails a well-kept view. The use of Haruyama gel varnishes significantly saves the budget and time that is usually spent on visiting a manicure salon. Among other things, the remedy has the following qualities:

  • does not disturb the water balance of the nail plate and retains its structure+
  • Does not dry cuticle, does not cause redness of the skin and sensation of burning+
  • It is hypoallergenic products+
  • Sustainably with mechanical influences+
  • On the surface of the coating, cracks are not formed+
  • retains color brightness up to 4 weeks from the date of application+
  • The entire brand palette is distinguished by a fully budget price, which entails significant savings+
  • The composition of some products includes nutrients aimed at strengthening the nail plate+
  • With the help of a convenient tassel, the shellac of this brand is easily applied on the plate, not covered with the skin of the side rollers and cuticle+
  • To get a saturated deep and clean shade enough of the double layer of shellac.

With all the listed advantages, like any Shellac, Haruyama has its own minuses about which it is worth mentioning.

  • Before applying the top of the gel varnish requires grinding of the surface of the nail plates. This is definitely violates their structure, they become more weak.
  • Due to the increased resistance and good coating of the coating with the plate, the flow of oxygen to the nail surface is partially terminated, which slows down its growth.
  • The removal process of gel varnish is also not useful for nail structure. It is recommended to take breaks between the application of the shellac, during which to handle nails with special means to restore natural structure.
  • Some basic means and finishing covers of this Japanese brand are not intended for drying LED lamp. Their polymerization occurs only under UV light.

Color palette

The wealth of color variations attracts the attention of customers to the Brenda Haruyama. The manufacturer took care that everyone can find a suitable shade in accordance with their style, mood, accessories and make-up.

For the maximum convenience of the color of the Japanese manufacturer of gel varnishes, divided into separate rules.

In the classic palette of over 400 different shades, and the number of new products is constantly growing and pleases the diversity.

Natural pastel colors are ideal for creating a casual manicure: 755, 444, 321, 085 and 023. One of the hits – powder pink NO 436. Most often it is used in the summer season. Applied in three layers to get perfectly smooth shade. Also in this group allocated gentle-lilac coating NO 490, mint shades 15 and 102, pale blue NO 160 and creamy green 435.

To create a passionate image, saturated tones 571, 378 and 322 are used. In advanced positions, raspberry shades are held at the numbers 91 and 378, coral tone 431, “Cherry” and Bordeaux – 208, 354, brown gamma NO 119 and 227.

Inmploitable beauties can choose cold colors for manicure: 025, 051, 164 or 304 – pastel-purple gel varnish without gloss and gloss.

To shine in the image of “secular diva” will help Neil-art with a glitter in shades 116, 127, 276 or 416. NO 939 is also most popular – gray with holographic sparkles, dense, with a beautiful gloss, unprofitable varnish. No 027 – Very pigmented and tight plum tint with microbials, 095 – Dark plum with shimmer. And no 037 is suitable for a more neutral manicure – Sand with glyter.

Among the “precious” coatings with gold glitter stand out NO 48 and 336.

Gothic black and saturated dark shades are presented No. 353, 334, 291, 225.

Trendy color for manicure and background for Neil-art is considered gray. In the Haruyama palette it is presented in rooms 251, 278 and 430.

To create an original design on the nails Haruyama recommends paying attention to the following series.

  • Stitched – translucent coating that is applied on top of color to obtain an interesting “aquarium” volume. Spectacular stained glass coating is most often applied to individual marigolds, but you can use it on every finger.
  • Thermophobe gel lacquer – for amateurs to change “in front of”, prone to variables. In the heat, this gel on the nails looks light and gentle, and in the cold it becomes bright. Especially inquired by the “double” tint with tourists departing in the southern countries: on the contrast of the sun and water shades of varnish allow you to enjoy the changeable effect to the full.
  • Camouflage line For amateur classic French manicure. Nude shades are represented in 12 tones. The manufacturer recommends applying up to three layers of such a varnish so that the effect is the best. The most popular NO 428 is a bodily dense glossy shade, fully manifesting the depth of color for two applications.
  • “Feline eye” – Survised ruler, the beauty of which is maximally manifested in the hands of professionals. The coating uniquely defines due to metallic particles in the composition. The peculiarity of this product is its reaction to the magnet, which forms a beautiful drawing on the shella.

  • “Chameleon”. Changes its color depending on the corner of the Ferris. Only in the coatings of the shopping brand HARUYAMA manufacturers use additionally metal particles that create an effect similar to the “cat eye”. Intended for important events and evening outfits.
  • Line “Yoghurt” – Exceptionally tender shades with bright “splashes” of juicy colors. Used to create a “playful” image and joyful mood. Manicure looks very appetizing, reminding creamy yogurt with fruit particles.
  • Caramel-mint combination – New in manicure trends. Suitable any woman subject to accurate application and high-quality execution. Looks feminine and very popular in the spring-summer period.
  • Series “Glamor” It is distinguished by a dazzling shine and a luxurious dense structure. Coral Red Tint No 7 with Silver Foil will highlight the perfect manicure and beauty of female hands, Nut-brown No 3 suitable for most elegant and casual images, Chestnut NO 17 – Lighter shade, ideal for both brunettes and blondes. Redhead NO 16 creates a perky mood, reflecting on the light shiny parties. No less interesting in the shades series 15, 11, 8 and 2.

Fasten a beautiful coating on the nails will help the rubber top “RUBBER”. He will protect it from chips and damage, will extend the “scaling” manicure for a long time. Under such protection, any shade of gel lacquer looks brighter, and its surface becomes perfect smooth.

Application rules

Haruyama manufactures basic and finishing coatings to perform high-quality manicure both in the cabin and at home. Matte top, finish without sticky layer dry exclusively under the glow of UV lamp. Funds are packaged into dark opaque bottles with a capacity of 8 ml. Well fix all layers allow comfortable brushes.

Rubber base requires polymerization in the rays of ultraviolet light lamp. Also, the product is produced in jars on 10 ml. The optimal density allows you to align the surface of the nail plates with defects.

Rubber top, viscous consistency, covers the main color of the noble gloss, reliably covering it from chips and cracking for the entire period of socks.

Heruyama’s shellaca implies actions in a certain order. Violation of technology at any stage can lead the loss of the manicure type literally a few days later. For high-quality coverage, you will need some devices and strict compliance with step-by-step instructions. The technique of manicure with Shellac is simple, however, it requires a performer accuracy.

For the coating resistance, it is important to dry in the lame each applied to the nail layer. The manufacturer of Japanese products recommends using an ultraviolet lamp or LED. But the latter is dry not all types of colored coatings HARUYAMA, so it is better to purchase a UV device with a capacity of 36 W. Light power lamp damage the skin of the hands and lead to the appearance of dryness and pigment spots.

If the lamp is purchased for use at home, it is better to choose a compact device. It combines small dimensions and sufficient power to quickly dry each regular layer.

Polymerization in UV rays lasts 2 minutes, LED dries within 10-30 seconds. Masters do not have a single opinion about choosing a device for drying shellaca.

Some prefer the device with less time to dry, others are inclined only to the UV lamp, considering that it guarantees a first-class manicure.

  • Before putting a beautiful shade of varnish on the nails, it is necessary to make a neat manicure with the removal of cuticle and careful treatment of the free edge of the nail plate.
  • Before you put the database, the nails are grouped. From how smooth and clean will be plate, resistance and coating quality depends. Buff is removed only gloss – keratine nail surface layer. Do it need delicate movements so as not to damage its structure.
  • Degreaser is applied to the treated plate to remove the remaining residues. For too soft nails it is worth using the primer.
  • The base is applied fine. If the coating is tight, it can be shrivened in the lamp during drying and you have to redo the job. The base layer provides a maximum color decay density with a nail surface. He also protects him and from the appearance of yellowness when removing the pigment.
  • The coating of pigmented gel varnish is applied in layers, thin and gently. If an uneven scacing is obtained, a new layer is applied after drying the previous.
  • Finish coating – Top. The thicker of previous colored layers is applied. It will dry 3 minutes under the UV lamp and 60 seconds in the light of LED lamp. Offered to choose from a matte or glossy coating. After applying a stick with a sticky layer, a coating treatment with an alcohol-containing solution is carried out using a napkin without a porce. Typically, such a top is used to fix the color coating with a nyl-art to enhance the clutch of the layers. And without a picture, it is enough to fasten the shellac by the usual finish.

How to distinguish from fake?

It’s simple. It is only necessary to pay attention to the quality of applying the production dates for manicure and buy them in the field of certified sale. The bottles have a recognizable design, and the products do not make a sharp unpleasant odor.


      Masters consider Haruyama gel lacquer professional coating and willingly use it to work in the salons. Customers willingly choose the right shades among the large palette of the Japanese brand colors. Products have proven itself positive on all sides.

      Customer Reviews about working with Shellac Haruyama at home It is suggested that it is convenient in drawing even for newcomers in the nail design. Lucky praise for saturated colors, interesting series, many effects and resistance.

      It is often noted the emergence of new products, the density of the coating and its ability to self-level. Customer salons celebrate a pleasant smell of products and believe that the gel varnishes of this brand looks on the nails luxuriously and feminine. Having bought Haruyama Japanese nail polish, women become fans of this brand.

      About the features and types of Haruyama Gel Laca, see the following video.

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