How beautiful to make nails in white and blue tones?

How beautiful to make nails in white and blue tones?

Easy and Blue Neil-Design is a universal option, because it is able to emphasize the elegant feminine image. Such a manicure is perfectly suitable for both short and long nails. In addition, the design in soft blue tones is well combined with different style of clothing, whether it is jeans or a slight dress.


Blue color is a symbol of purity, freshness and peace. It causes exceptionally positive emotions, as it reminds about the sea and the boundless beauty of the sky. Manicure with this color can have various variations of shades for every taste: heavenly, mint, azure-turquoise, gray-blue. The color of the sea wave is an excellent choice, as it looks natural, gentle and romantic.

The classic option is a design of a manicure in white and blue tones. These shades are perfectly combined with each other and complement each other in the most favorable light, creating smooth transitions from one color to another. White-blue nails look very attractive, their air image resembles the clouds.



Nail design in white and blue design can be done using gradient equipment. Gradient in manicure is popular thanks to his interesting color palette. In such a decor there is no boundaries between the shades of varnish, because they are like blurred. Gradient manicure creates an easy and refined image. Most often, light shades are used to perform this type of design. Such manicure options can be an excellent addition to both everyday image and luxurious outputs.

Stylish manicure in white and blue tones can be added and other brighter lacquer shades. The most harmonious options for white and blue shades – silver, black, golden, purple and blue. An excellent solution is themed manicure. On a white and blue background, you can make amazing winter patterns, snowflakes and even Christmas trees.

Spring-summer design is perfect for decor in the form of floral prints and sea beaches. In addition, you can beautifully decorate nails with rhinestones and sparkles that make a manicure even more extraordinary and attractive.



Step-by-step instruction

To create a manicure in a gradient style It is necessary to perform several consecutive actions.

  • First of all, the nails must be carefully aligned with the baff.
  • The next step is to apply a degreaser. It is necessary so that the base coating is uniformly distributed on the nail plate.
  • Next, you should cover the nails base and dry them in the lamp.
  • Now you can proceed to the coating gel. With the game of the color scheme, you can visually lengthen the nail. To this end, bright shades of varnish are applied near the roasted hole, and closer to the end of the nail – dark. To create Ombre on a foil or on any other smooth surface, it is necessary to distribute a small amount of varnish of two colors. To obtain beautiful and smooth transitions, the means are mixed with each other.

  • In the resulting mixture of varnishes, it is necessary to carefully coat the usual sponge, which should be quickly attached to the nail. Surplus the means near the nail can be removed with a cotton wand dipped in a varnish removal fluid.
  • Similar actions must be done with all marigolds, then dry them in UV LP.
  • When all nails are completely painted, they are covered with top coating, which can significantly extend the life of manicure. After fixing the top of the manicure dried in the ultraviolet lamp for two minutes.
  • The finishing action of creating a gradient nyl-art with a gel varnish is the removal of a sticky layer. Need to moisten a napkin with a liquid to eliminate the sticky layer and wipe the nails.

An exquisite design of ombre in bright color is a popular option that will remain one of the leaders in Neil-Art. To create stunning effects on the nails, simply show your fantasy and incarnate the best original ideas of gradient technology.

About how to create a white and blue ombre on the nails, look next.

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