How to apply gel lacquer cat eye & ?

How to apply gel lacquer & cat eye & ?

Beautiful nails – the main weapon of any girl. There are many nail design techniques.


Varnish “Feline Eye” conquered many girls with their incredible effects. It is a lacquer with a “brilliant metal” effect, which changes the appearance of the nails depending on the view of 360 degrees.

In order to create a popular manicure called “Feline Eye”, it is necessary to apply varnishes, which contains microscopic metal grains. Due to them on the nails, beautiful overflows and drawings are obtained. Their structure resembles the precious stones from which the name went.

If you use a varnish with a large cluster of large particles, then the effect of “space”. In professional stores you can find a large range of colors and shades.

Except varnish, it is necessary to use special magnets. For the convenience of customers and masters, magnets are of various sizes. For example, there are magnets in the form of a ballpoint handle.

Magnets are required to create patterns. This happens due to the fact that the magnet collects metal grains together – due to this there is a bulk drawing. Beginner masters advised to give preference to large and flat magnets, and after that, to move on magnetic handles and create incredible transfusing patterns.

Previously, there was some simple drawings in the form of ordinary stripes. Now the masts of the nail service create various complex patterns in the form of curved strips and full-fledged pictures.

A feature of such varnishes can be considered the fact that they have a gentle impact on the nails.

Manicure will not work if only the gel varnish and a special magnet use, because, in addition, varnishes are needed to create a basic and finishing coating, as well as an ultraviolet lamp.

Design ideas

There is a huge number of ideas for creating a manicure design with a varnish “Feline Eye”. It can be made not only in beauty salons, but at home. With the help of various additional materials you can diversify and create a unique and unique manicure. Lucky include a huge color palette suitable for any lifetime.

The most popular is the blue color, as well as green, red, burgundy and black. Recently, pastel colors are considered fashionable flowers. These include blue, lilac and shades of dusty rose.

Also in professional stores there are varnishes that create the effect of “chameleon”. With him “cat’s eyes” will give a golden gleam and blurred beautifully.

Below are the ideas of creating design.

Standard “Feline Eye”

To fulfill such a solution, only gel varnish and magnet are needed. Such a manicure, despite the ease and ease of execution, looks stylish and profitable due to its technology.

Manicure with painting

To create such a manicure, you will need a thin brush, as well as a thick matte top color. In order to make painting on the nails, you need to apply the drawing to the dried nail. Color and style depends completely from wishes. The main thing is that it does not stand out against the rest of the rest and looked profitable. The plot of painting is directly related to skills and skills.

Experienced masters are implemented on nails a whole composition like a Khokhloma or Gorodetsky painting. A similar solution will noticeably diversify manicure.

Manicure with drops

To create a manicure with drops, materials such as matte and glossy top, as well as gel varnish with metal grains. On the dried gel lacquer, you need to apply a transparent top matte coating, then fasten it in the lamp. Then, with the help of a glossy top, you must apply small drops and dry again in the lamp.

Manicure with beads and rhinestones

Design with the use of beads and rhines in combination with a “cat eye” will look beautiful and fashionable. Nails will undoubtedly stand out against the rest of the rest and attract attention. To create a unique nail design, the above fittings are needed.

Size, color, shape – all at the discretion of the wizard. You can use them or make your own pattern.

Rhinestones can be saved in varnish and leave on top. In the first case, the manicure will last longer.

Manicure with painting on a low gel lacquer

Such a painting came straight from the visual art and now willingly be used in the nail service. To use this mural, you will need brushes of different thickness, varnishes and other manicure tools. Applying gel varnish “Feline Eye” on top of a simple varnish, a unique pattern can turn out to be shining in the sun and attract attention. Together with such a technique, you can combine beads and rhinestones to diversify the design of nails.

Thematic design

This option is usually created in connection with any holiday. It is desirable to use thematic paintings with different varnishes using rhinestones, beads or sparkles. Also in stores you can find individual stencils or nails stickers that are used as a supplement to design.

Design in delicate pastel shades – a great option for girls, as well as for those who get married.

Light shades not only give tenderness, but also visually lengthen the nails. Due to this pastel tone look good on short nails.

Multicolored nails

In this case, several colors can be applied to perform a unique manicure. The use of loved ones and contrasting tones is welcomed, as well as the use of various techniques and styles. Nail decoration completely depends on the fancy of the master. Such a design will really like the lovers of non-standard solutions.

How to use?

In order for manicure to be high-quality and beautiful, it is necessary to follow special technologies. First of all, you need to use suitable materials. Below is a list of such tools.

  1. Nail file, tool for removing unnecessary cuticle and lounge napkins.
  2. Gel varnish base. It serves to equalize the surface of the nail and improves the connection of the varnish with a nail plate.
  3. Gel Varnish “Feline Eye” of the required color.
  4. Finish gel varnish. It is necessary in order to secure the last layer and protect the surface of the painted layer. The finish can be glossy or matte – it all depends on the preferences of the Master.
  5. Magnet for forming a pattern.
  6. UV lamp. From the power of the selected lamp depends on the drying time of the layer. The smaller the power, the longer it is necessary to dry the coating. Typically, drying time is from 30 seconds to 2-3 minutes. For beginners and those who make a manicure for themselves, the average lamp is suitable.

Step by step description of the technology of manicure is described below.

  1. You need to pay attention to the hands: burrs and cuticle. The top layer of the plate need to cut a little, slightly aligning it, give the plate the desired form. If it is done poorly, then the lacquer will fall uneven. Manicure will be spoiled.
  2. A lounge napkin need to moisten in a degreasing lotion, she wipe his nails.
  3. The basic layer must be finely applied and dried in a special lamp.
  4. Nails should be covered with lacquer with metal grains and thoroughly dry in the lamp. This layer will serve as a basis and substrate for the next coating. Many masters use a regular gel lacquer as a substrate.
  5. Before applying a varnish coating, you need to shake the bottle. Then you should apply the following layer of varnish and proceed to drawing patterns. To do this, it is necessary to carry out a magnet over the nail plate, while placing a magnet at a distance of 5 mm above the nail. Need to withstand a magnet about 10 seconds. If you need to adjust the drawing, then it should be done before drying – after it, it will be impossible to change the pattern.
  6. Layer you need to dry in a lamp, after which cover your nails with top coating and fix in the lamp. With cosmetic oil you need to lubricate damaged cuticle.

With a properly selected top and basic coating and observance of the manicure technique, up to three weeks. You can remove the lacquer as special liquids and with a coating spill. The most secure is considered liquids. When the lacquer layer is spilling, you can easily damage the nail plate.

Before buying a basic and finishing coating, it is advisable to analyze the market and read reviews – this will help not be mistaken in the acquisition process.

Also, varnishes from different firms may have a different consistency – do not be afraid to ask the seller about it.

Below are useful tips for masters, customers and fashionistas.

  • In order to create patterns of different thickness and magnitude, for example, 5D, you need to use different diameter magnets. For elegant drawing, the magnet in the form of a handle is perfect.
  • You can experiment with the location of the magnet. If you apply it with different ribs, you can get interesting and different patterns from each other. Metal shining lacquer can serve as a background for subsequent decoration.
  • Making a manicure stands before and after menstrual days and in the absence of hormonal problems, otherwise there will be no clutch with the plate, and the varnish fall off.
  • On that day, when a manicure was produced, it’s not worth spending a lot of time with water.
  • To nails have always been well-groomed, do not forget to make a correction and clean the dirt from under the nails timely.
  • So that the lacquer lasted for a long time, you need to carry out all the work in rubber gloves. Chemical solutions and acetone should also be avoided.

Beautiful examples

This manicure using painting rhinestones is perfect for a holiday or a solemn evening. In everyday life, such nails will be subject to discussing any evening.

It is easy to apply it, and he looks amazing.

Design using emerald blue shade perfectly suitable for everyday life. Manicure will complement any image, make a handle brighter. Also such shades are perfectly suitable for girls with blue or green eyes.

        Manicure using brown overflowing tones in combination with gentle pink color diversifies everyday image. In such design combines tenderness and elegance, simplicity and style at the same time.

        About how to apply a feline eye gel lacquer, look in the following video.

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