How to glue sliders on gel varnish?

How to glue sliders on gel varnish?

The tendency to decorate the nails with sliders today is one of the most popular in Neil-Art. They are bright and beautiful, and sometimes they are like a manual painting. However, despite the fact that they have already appeared for a long time, to use them correctly can not. Let’s focus in more detail on how to glue sliders on gel varnish.

Features of the material

Often sliders call all kinds of nail stickers, which only is on sale. However, it is water pictures with a protective top layer and a paper substrate. They are thin, except for the protection layer, have a working film with drawdrid. Depending on the species, the film may have a clear either color, as well as monochrome background.

The sliders themselves can provide full overlap of the entire accent nail or decoration of some part. And therefore they are divided into two types: photodizayne and appliqués on a transparent background. The process of transferring the picture will be to remove the film from the paper base and fix it on the surface of the nail prepared for the design. It does not matter the color of the picture, nor its effect or size.

Sliders sell by sets, each of which is distinguished by a certain color gamut and theme. At the same time, often pictures of pairs with a symmetrical pattern, which is convenient to select an option for focusing a specific nail plate. Trademarks produce separate sets for hands and legs that differ in the number of sliders and their size.

Required tools and materials

To work with the slider design, you will need a flat brush and tweezers. In addition, the master can prepare a special rubber hoof, which will be able to undermine the sweeping composition under the aqua-sticker. It is worth understanding that the workflow will include the stage of hygienic manicure. Therefore, mandatory materials and adaptations will be:

  • Drying lamp+
  • Orange Wand or Pusher+
  • Manicure napkins+
  • degreaser+
  • Basic material+
  • Finish coating+

  • Pigment layer for substrate+
  • Decor (optional)+
  • Necking+
  • Cuticle removal tool+
  • nail scissors+
  • Soft grinding and leg+
  • Warm Waters.

Cooking nails

Uselessly glue sliders on unprepared nails. Hygienic manicure must be a mandatory step to perform design. First, the nails give the right shape and length, they are applied to the softening agent for removing the cuticle. After that, the fingers are lowered into the bath for a few minutes, then wipe dry and raise the cuticle, sulfice in Pesigi.

A wand pass around the nail by checking the quality of work, as needed to be cut off again what went around for the first time. After that, the fingers are lubricated with oil. If the oil does not use, they start immediately to the removal of the glossy bug. Next, the brush is removed opil, after the brush, for the same purposes, use a napkin and a dehydrator. In addition, nails are degreased to enhance the chain.

Create a substrate

Pictures do not glue on the unwrapped nail. Immediately assess the state of the plates and, if necessary, strengthen the special composition. It is dried in the lamp. After that, proceed to applying the base layer. It is more often a transparent composition with characteristic stickiness. It is applied by a thin layer to prevent the pitch of the side rollers and the cuticle.

The base layer is dried in the lamp, and then a future substrate is applied to it. As a rule, it is a white gel varnish, since other tones will distort the clarity and saturation of the initial tones of the slider. However, if the background of the aqua-stickers transparent, it is applied to the color background, for which the pigment of the desired color is chosen. Masters and the thickness of the slider: if the film is thin, the white substrate is required for it. When the sticker is densitous, it is enough for one base.

Clear slider can be on 4 types of material: transparent base, white base, top and ultrabrond. At the same time, they will all give a durable and reliable connection, which will allow to hold out the sticker on the nail all the time until the hostess is manicured. However, if you want to use a white database, you do not need to apply two preliminary layers, it will replace them both.

Returning to the step-by-step instructions, we note that the standard process of fixing the slider will include in addition to the base and pigment layer, another layer of basic material. However, this time it is not necessary to dry it, because it is at the expense of him and will hold aqua-sticker. It is necessary to apply the material neatly and fine, because with further frameworks of the picture of its surplus can flow beyond the nail plate.

We work with the picture

There are two options for cooking slider for design. In the first case, it is cut on one side on the approximate form of the base of the nail and width, and then remove the protective film and are lowered into the water capacity in order for the working film to be easily separated from a paper substrate. However, non-art professionals note that this technique is inconvenient because it is possible to wet the front side of the sticker. It is undesirable, as it can affect the durability of fastening.

The best option, in their opinion, is the moistening of the carved picture on the wet cloth for 30 seconds. This time is enough so that the film with the pattern moved away from the substrate. In addition, her facial side will remain dry, which is important for the durability of the design. It is tightened by tweezers and immediately transfer to the accent nail. You can not worry that the length of the slider is greater than that of the nail, because after drying it will be possible to remove it, subscribing the edge of the saw plate.Running slider, it is important to remove as many folds that are formed with a long work with a film. After that, the coating is dried in the lamp.

It is important to take into account that nuance that under the film base, top or ultrabond will dry slowly, and because the drying time can be doubled.

If you do not learn the decorative layer, the coating will begin to bargain in a couple of days from the date of application.

So that the slider lay on the surface exactly, it is necessary to use a flat brush in the work, kicking out with its help air pockets that can be formed when transferred. The layer of an unusted substrate will play great importance. It is necessary not to draw a picture, but to paint it, seeking uniform and smooth coating without folds.

Everything is superfluous to remove the cutting (at the base) and the pilot (at the edge). So as not to cut the edge with a picture, you need to keep a drink at an angle. If minor folds were formed during the work, they can get rid of the primer. However, this composition is not as simple and able to dissolve the sticker completely. To remove only folds, you need to hardly touch the brush with the composition of the working surface.

Decor and sealing design

Wizards are often preferred to give slideshos. View of hand painted. To do this, they use special acrylic paints in the form of a gel, as well as a pigmented gel lacquer, which is bred with the top for the preparation of the composition of the composition more convenient. Ricovka is an emphasising of some patterns of the pattern, its spraying, for example, a pearl varnish, as well as to prepare individual fragments with paints.

After the adjustments are made, the masters dried the design in the lamp and proceed to sealing. More often it consists of two layers: base and top. At the same time, the base will glue all previous layers with the top, and the top composition will be final material in working with sliders. And base, and the top should be applied fine, because the total number of layers and so sufficient. What it will be thicker, the greater the likelihood of reducing the mining of manicure.

The base is applied to the slider and dried, after it the same is done with the top. However, both, and other material you need to not forget to go alongside the nail. If it is planned to place in some places of the applied rhinestone slider, they are placed on the nail to drying. After drying you need to fix rhinestones by applying one more layer.


Work with nail sliders is not difficult, but requires accuracy. It is important to choose the size so that the substrate does not break the sides. In addition, you need to correlate the picture with the existing flowers of gel varnishes, achieving harmonious combinations. Even the newcomer in Neil-art can be applied, but if you can fix the design without compliance with all the steps of consistent technology, you can not count on a good result. In order not to suffer with fitting size, you can prepare the template in advance in the size of your nail and cut the sticker exactly by adding the length.

Three ways of applying sliders are shown in the following video.

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