How to quickly remove gel varnish with nails at home?

How to quickly remove gel varnish with nails at home?

From gel varnish, in fact, you can free up with 2 methods: cut and dissolve. We provide you with several different instructions, through which you will be able, without causing yourself harm, remove the gel varnish in the home environment and save money on this procedure.

Removal of gel varnish through a Remurver

Let’s start with the classic method – dissolving gel varnish. This will require a means for removing gel varnish (Remouver), BAU or soft nail plate sawmill (abrasiveness from 180 to 240 grit), foil, cotton disks.

  • Remove the gloss by spoiling the finish coating by means of a baff or a soft sawmill. Damage to the wholeness of the top allows the means to remove the gel varnish deeper to diffuse into a multilayer coating. Do not forget to drink sealing end surfaces.
  • Cut and divide cotton discs into small pieces – such that any of them covered the nail plates completely. Watering pieces in the Remouver, cover them nail plates. Obtain each of the fingers of the foil.

  • Holding the prescribed time (from 10 to 15 minutes), remove one winding and try to remove the softened gel – it is easily erased with a wand of an orange tree or a manicure shabra (Pusher). Move on the growth of the nail plate, in order not to dissect it.
  • Suffer what remains with a soft baff. After – wash your hands and squeeze the cuticle with oil. Then take a manicure.

Useful advice: Before applying cotton wheels, lubricate the cuticle with a vaseline or cream in order to minimize the aggressive impact of the solvent.

If possible, use a specialized agent to remove gel varnish.

If you do not have this means, try the liquid containing acetone to remove varnish, alcohol, diluted with water to the 1: 1 ratio or vodka.

Create cotton discs on the nail plate can be used by specialized clips (Other name – clothespin, clamp), medical airproof plastering, or foil branded devices.

Do not break the windings from all your fingers at the same time. The softened varnish is capable of bothering, and the process with soaking will need to do again. And this is not only extensively, but not harmless.

Elimination of gel varnish in stimen

Motityable devices are dynamically introduced into cosmetic nail processing procedures, and if the device for neat coloring of the nail plates is not yet available, the device for wresting gel varnish has already been implemented.

Became, if you are interested in the question of how to remove gel varnish without the use of foil, The answer to it can be a stiment – a device that performs the function of “compress”.

Simpar, insert your fingers into the holes of the device, after time, take out and remove the softening substance with an orange stick. Installation functions due to the volatile solvent hesitating in it.

In continuation of the dialogue on how to remove gel varnish, you must say about the device using special cutters. Cutting a manicure by means of a cutter of the Nail masters consider the most gentle removal method.

As for the question of which milling mill to remove gel varnish, it is best to perform tests on non-solid milling mills with yellow belt.

IMPORTANT: Masters use blue ceramics cutters or carbide – red. If we talk about shape, select a convenient – usually cone, “corn” and cylinder.

  • Having established the required number of revolutions (when working with a ceramic mill – 10,000-15000, and for carbide mills at least 20,000), start spilling a manicure, smoothly moving from the cuticle to the edge of the nail plate.
  • Do not stay on one site. Uniformly distribute push power. Separate the coating, not the nail plates. Remove the coating to the base, which is considered a pointer to stop the process.
  • At the end of the removal of the painted formation, the foundation can be seized with a soft bladge, and then make a manicure either by polishing, to provide nail plates “rest”, processing them and cuticle oil.

Removal of gel varnish with a sawmill

Remove the gel varnish with the nail plates is possible by the usual saw, but this method is quite time-consuming. Will be good when other possibilities are not available, and there is free time.

Required Pilot Abrasiveness – from 100 to 140 Grit. When working the face, do not encroach the skin. Act as in the variant with the cutter, to the base.

In order to observe the level of spill, blew dust from time to time and handle the nail plate with a degreaser. Remove the basis by means of a soft baff or save by polishing the detachment and non-uniformity.

What to do upon completion of the removal of gel varnish?

After removing the gel varnish, nail plates can simply look frightening because there is a huge chance to cut them. Do not be afraid, just spread to the nail plates and cuticle specialized oil. You can buy it in any store selling cosmetics. When it is not at hand, it will be born and ordinary. The result will not be so visible.

Understatell, give the nails to a break from varnish for a couple of days. If the idea seems impracticable, use a colorless careful pharmaceutical varnish.

How not to remove gel varnish?

The biggest mistake – manual separation of gel varnish from nail plates. In this way, you can hurt the nails, which are made from such impacts thinner and weaker.

Another misconception is used to remove the gel lacquer to the remedies without advance refinement of aspects of the event.

It is strictly forbidden to remove gel varnish with nail plates using a building acetone, the impact of which on nail plates is quite destructive.

Such misses in resolving the question of how to remove gel nail polish in the home environment lead to the emergence of negative myths about the dangers of gel coating, which, in fact, are inflated. Remove gel varnish on your own possible and harmless methods. Some of them were presented above.

Now that you know how to quickly erase or wash the gel coating from the nail plates in conditions of the house, one small Nail secret should be revealed – not all compositions can be dissolved. In this regard, before applying the gel varnish on the nail plates, it is advisable to ask the properties of the fund used.

How easy and quickly remove gel varnish at home, look in the video below.

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