Ideas for creating a pink gradient manicure

Ideas for creating a pink gradient manicure

Ombre on the nails transmits a smooth color from a dark to bright shade. World Fashion-Industry designers on the threshold of 2010 literally pounced on a new trend. So far, they successfully use it in the field of Beauty. The stylish Effect of Ombre looks like on short and long nails.


The secret of the gradient manicure is that it is equally stylishly fits both into the image of young beauties and age-related elegant seductive. It is important to choose a competent combination of a pink palette and make a spectacular sharp or smooth transition of shades.

Gradient type of manicure gives endless space for creativity. Masters create a lot of interesting transitions using pink varnish colors in the work, as well as a contrast or close to the palette.

  • Linear Ombre. Hit the season is important to perform within one color scheme. There will be no smooth stretch marks, but the number of tones will increase to seven. “Neil” -dizainers impose several lanes of any orientation, ranging from light and finishing dark.

  • Vertical gradient You can implement, painting each nail into your color from a single palette. You can choose several similar tones or simply change the intensity of the brush, the number of layers. Effect of vertical ombross in this case will be noticeable only when all fingers are connected together. In other cases, you can paint the vertical “degrad” separately each marigold.

  • Horizontal stretch It is performed within one nail, it gives rise to incredible space for creativity and “Neil-art” -. On one hand you can experiment, combining color transitions from bottom to top (from dark to light) and in mirror reflection (from light to dark).

  • Gradient Frenc became in demand since 2017 and still does not lose relevance. The classic is considered a “tandem” of a pink pastel gamut and white strips, a smooth transition to which is carried out with the addition of curious textures (rhines, sparkles, glitter, etc.).

And also an original ombre can be made in the technique of lunar manicure with the addition of geometric prints, openwork patterns, stickers, stembling, wiring.



Choose your suit, drawing and kind of ombre will help the future look. Gradient Pink successfully suits the official, casual and solemn option.

Actual palette and possible combinations

The light pink gradient is associated with innocence, femininity, coquetty. There are several categories of this color, ranging from warm tonality, cold fuchsia-based accents and ending with blond flowers with an admixture of gray, blue. At the peak of popularity in the upcoming season there are such shades as:

  • Pink cloud+
  • Crystal Rosa+
  • Cream with peach+
  • powder with a flip surface effect+
  • sakura+
  • Flamingo+
  • Purple pink.

If earlier “Neil” -Master delicately darkened light shades, today they also create the most incredible gradient. With the color of the spring sunset, boldly combine such shades as:

  • amarante+
  • Dark lily+
  • turquoise+
  • silver+
  • White and black+
  • Red-purple+
  • Green (closer to Bolotny, Khaki)+
  • Brown.

Creativity and “Blur” will be welcomed in color, and prohibited – any strict framework. Must Have the upcoming season – any shade close to the skin color in combination with pink: beige, ivory, coffee, etc. Also provocatively looks like “duet” of tea rose and berry mousse with purple shades. Pink color is successfully combined with plum, cherry, graphite, pale-vasilkov, smoky-lilac.



At home

In order to make a stylish gradient on the nails, it is necessary to “armared” the desired shades of varnish, a mini-sponge, a transparent varnish and a cosmetic cotton disk.

Sponge must be moistened in water and draw a clear line with dark color. After it alternately, strips of brighter pink shades are evaporated.

“Decreased” Sponge is first imprinted on a white sheet to achieve smoother boundaries between the colors, and then transferred to the nail. The porous structure of the sponge, the noticeable it will be on the fingers.

Get rid of extra varnish with the help of a special liquid and a cotton disk (sticks). The result is fixed with transparent varnish. Next, Ombre is decorated with rhinestones, glitter, painting and t. D.

Gel lacquer

When using “Shellac” the process will be much faster, and the result is spectacular and longer. It is important to prepare a varnish with a clear, dense pigmentation that can be applied in 2-4 layers. Staining should begin with a light tone, gradually turning into juicy, dark.

Masters “Neil Art” use for work:

  • Base and finish for gel varnish+
  • Tassel-scallop+
  • LED lamp+
  • Liquid removing stickiness at the end of coating.

First you have to work the Bafik, give the shape of the nails, degrease them. Next, the base is applied to the nails on which the gradient will later be drawn.

For high-quality work, it is important to choose a brush scallop of the right form, how to flip tool.

      Starting from the lunula, step by step with small strokes need to stretch the pigment and time from time to time. At the very end you need to fix the work of the finish coating. To simplify modern Ombre on the nails, many masters enjoy an airbrush. The tool accelerates the process of applying the gradient and makes the result perfectly neat.

      Wrongs of the “rounded square” are recommended to complement such a type of manicure with camifors, rhinestones and wipging on the fusion of tones. Short nails will be visually more, and long – will turn into a real “web” for “Neil Art”. Here it turns out to withdraw geometric drawings, create an acrylic painting, a lace “celon”, putting the sparkles beautifully.

      Secrets of creating an ideal gradient Looking further.

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