Ideas for creating a stylish manicure in pink tones

Ideas for creating a stylish manicure in pink tones

It is unlikely that there are at least one girl in the world, which has never done a manicure in a stylish pink color, because he never comes out of fashion. Moreover, almost every lady, in whatever age it is, there is some kind of pink thing, be it a phone case or a regular keychain. Pink love almost all. Every representative of the beautiful sex in its own way refers to this color, because it has a certain raisher.

To date, professional masters in novel art can offer its clients a variety of types of manicure using this color, as well as the masses of its shades.




Pink has long been considered feminine and gentle color, he is uncommonly associated with charming fine sex representatives.

Such a manicure is chosen regardless of the season, because it looks equally well on the nails in the summer and winter, The main thing is to choose the desired shade. The most relevant coating, of course, is the gel varnishes of pink shades, since they not only keep about 2-3 weeks, but also look much better than the usual varnishes.

In the trend of the current and future seasons the following shades:

  • pale pink+
  • dust and dirty pink+
  • Bright pink+
  • fuchsia+

  • Barbie+
  • strawberry+
  • Gently crimson+
  • Belo-Lilova+

  • Sugar Vata+
  • Salmon Rosa+
  • pink flamingo+
  • Smoky orchid.

Different manufacturers of gel varnishes can be very similar shades of color, but at the same time different names, so the moment should always be specified. In addition, the following textures of varnishes in pink colors are popular today:

  • pearl+
  • glossy+
  • Maty+
  • Some options with texture foil and gloss effects.

Also, there are still thermolates in fashion, which unusually change colors depending on temperature.

Among the set of shades of pink to choose their nails will not be difficult, because this color is so universal, which will best complement not only everyday images, but also any solemn. In addition, this color does not like restrictions, and therefore it is equally well suited and young girls, and older ladies.

Large selection of ideas

With the help of pink varnishes, you can implement a variety of manicure ideas using interesting designs and techniques. Moreover, some of them can be recreated, even without leaving home.

  • Classic genre – monodisine in pink colors in combination, for example, with white or gray. To create such a manicure, everything is necessary, except for medium and unnamed, cover with a pink tint, and unnamed, for example, – white or dairy, medium – gray or silver. This option of making nails is perfect for office everyday life.
  • Always in the advantageous light looks a white-pink gradient. As a rule, gradients are sprayed vertical and horizontally, sometimes for their diversity on the nails draw small patterns or monograms.

  • We also recommend paying attention to pink pink french with rhinestones, which probably can become an addition to any flirty image. Generally, Franch is an eternal classic that has undergone a lot of transfigations today. Therefore, creating it, you can not be afraid of experiments with flowers. Boldly dilute pink color with any Nude, creating a double unusual French manicure.
  • No less beautifully, the lunar manicure looks in a different format of its execution. Lunar manicure in pink shades can be perfectly diversified with miniature Swarovski rhinestones or any other small stones.

  • Winning dust pink lacquer with appropriate wiped. Such a manicure is equally good and everyday, and a festive “bow”.
  • Very gently looks mint-pink nail design when one halves of nail plates are covered with a gentle pink color, and others – mint. Separate halves can be divided using small rhines, special foil or hand painted.
  • For the summer, an excellent solution can be a turquoise-pink manicure with beautiful handmade drawings. It can be butterflies, and dragonflies, and all sorts of flowers from large to the smallest.

  • Beige-pink design can be performed in a variety of variations. Especially recommend paying attention to the manicure when all the nails are covered with a gentle-beige varnish, and Unnamed – Pink with white butterflies drawn on them or roses. Such a design can be done even at home using the machine.
  • On the dustpiece varnish and long nails can perfectly look black lace handmade. They can also be performed in white color, and in the technique of casting.
  • Manicure for all times – monophonic pink in white polka dot. Such a design looks quite simple, but at the same time very practical and attractive. It will fit perfectly for young female students, and for girls working in the office.

  • On white and pink nails can look great hearts of different shapes and textures. They can be pasted and drawn manually (depending on the wishes).
  • On a gentle manicure with white-pink ombre can be placed volumetric 3D modeling. You can make roses and orchids from acrylic powder, and many other flowers – it all depends on the fantasy and the capabilities of the master. Such a summer manicure is perfect for any rest on the sea.
  • Fuchsia color is perfectly combined with silver or gold. And therefore, creating an unusual design, it is advantageous to combine the color data and their shades.

  • With the help of colored boxifunches and rhines, you can lay out the most real confetti on the nails of gentle pink. And at the same time it is not necessary to use the service of the master – this design can be done even at home.
  • We definitely recommend to look at the manicure when the nameless fingers are covered with gray matte color with a beautiful white carriage hand-drawn hand-drawn, and all the others are painted with pink glossy. Such a combination of textures looks very fresh and unobtrusive.
  • Milk-pink nail monodisine can be diluted, covering all the wells with gold or silver gel lacquet. The main thing is to make such a manicure as carefully, otherwise the design will look ridiculous.

  • The color of the sugar wool color can be made even more configid, if unnamed to fall asleep with beautiful bouilloca and rhinestones. Such a manicure, despite the fact that it seems very fragile, can serve for quite a long time.
  • The pearl gentle-roller shade on the nails can be supplemented with drawing from various bows, balls, soap bubbles, asterisks and clouds. Mandatory to such a shining manicure should be planted several rhesis or pebbles into the tone of the selected lacquer.

Of course, this is not all the designations of nails, technicians and modern designs.

We also recommend paying attention to the pink pearl manicure “Feline Eye”. He not only looks luxurious, but also creates a kind of cosmic effect on the nails.

Tips Masters

Before you start creating a pink manicure of your dreams, We recommend to familiarize yourself with the advice of specialists who know the sense in their business.

  • It is not necessary to acquire the finished matte varnish in the desired pink shade – it is much more profitable to purchase a special coating that any selected lacquer matte.
  • Gentle shades of pink perfectly emphasize both long and short nails, but the deeper and rich colors according to the type of Fuchsia are best not to choose for very short nails, because such a shade can make nails visually even shorter.

  • Very fresh can look a combination of classic white french and lunar pink manicure.
  • If selectively nails fall asleep with ramps, then it is best to cover them with a top without a sticky layer, otherwise it will simply be impossible to drop, not spoiling design.
  • Choosing rhinestones for pink nails, best use flat options from Swarovski. They are not only more practical, but do not deliver inconvenience, clinging for clothes.

Performing manicure at home or in the cabin, you should always give preference to high-quality nail materials from proven manufacturers and sterile tools. Choosing a nursery and pedicure salon, it is best to contact well-known places in which real professionals work in their case.

How to make a striped manicure in pink colors, look in the following video.

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