Ideas for creating a stylish white matte manicure

Ideas for creating a stylish white matte manicure

One of the hits of the new Neil-season became a matte manicure of white. It would seem that a concise decision cannot surprise modern fashionistas. However, the material of this article proves the opposite.


White color is included in the neutral paint palette, without having an emotional color. But as soon as the minimum contrast is added to it, it changes and looks very different. At the same time, the factancy of the invoice gives the design a certain status. Thanks to this, white manicure will decorate any female image.

The color is not tied to a certain age group, although there are situations in which it is better to avoid staining with a white varnish. For example, for the elderly lady is not the most successful option, because it will emphasize the flabbiness and old age.

In addition, white color does not combine with some style styles. If it is appropriate in strict and office bows, then for Gothika is unlikely.

Nuances of form

White color is demanding for the shape of the nail, because it is able to create a shuffling and expansion effect. For this reason, it is undesirable to use for short margins, as well as flattened. With a lack of length and roundness of the natural nail, it will be even more modified by the plate for the worse.

On long nails, the white lacquer looks great, as on the nails of the average length, which is especially fashionable today. As for the edge shape, today it can be different. The ideal is considered oval, except for it, are relevant straight with slightly rounded sides and almond-shaped. If we talk about stilles, then the fashion is not yet striving to return to them, since its main trends are minimalism and the desire for naturalness.

What happens?

There are several varieties of matte varnish. Today, in addition to the traditional option, trading companies are pleased with fashionable matte coatings with textile effect. This allows you to beat the seasonality of the design to which modern fashion seeks.

For example, for summer you can choose a lacquer with the texture of satin, for autumn it will be a relevant version with a velvety texture. For the two other time of the year you can purchase analogs under suede or velveteen.

If there are no matte varnish at home, it can be done independently. To do this, you can cover glossy nails with a frosted effect layer with a matted effect. When drying in a special manicure device, the coating at the moment will become matte. If there is no finish, you can use special powders to help recreate a velvety or even felt effect.

Basics of design

Matt white manicure today can be the most diverse. However, so that he does not shout about himself, but noblely completed the female bow, need to take into account some rules.

  • When adding to white color or neutral contrast, the white base should dominate.
  • Do not overload the main color of more than two contrast tones.
  • Color implies tenderness, so you need to carefully think through any decor and its subject.

  • You can not decorate all 10 nails in the same way, if you want to decorate a monophonic basis.
  • Do not clone the pattern on accent nails, from this design loses the status.
  • It is undesirable to use several species of decor at once. Instead of a sense of a thin taste, you can obrace the design on a fashionable failure.

So that the manicure look beautiful and spoke about the refinement of a woman, you need to give it expressiveness. Certainly, a laconic matte manicure of a classic type or a simple monotonous coloring of nails. However, even two accents in the same French are able to give it ease and some airiness.

And if you decorate the nails with lace, which is especially fashionable today, then such a design will be able to decorate the image of the bride.

Do not interfere all nails completely. This will allow you to make something special, because the combination of various techniques today is considered one of the best ways to obtain an ideal design. For accents, you can leave two nails on each hand, or create design options in various techniques at all, following the role of dominant in them in the white matte varnish.

Fashion options

Matte color varnish looks great in contrast with glossy. Today, the game of contrasts is one of the Trends of Neil-Season. Fashionable to draw on a matte-based glossy pigment thin and lace drawings. In addition, these patterns can be sprinkled with a special manicure powder or sugar. Due to this, even the most concise nail design is significantly transformed.

White color is perfectly combined with light gray, silver and black. Adding neutral contrasts allows you to change the perception of the manicure and make notes to it of the necessary subject.

For example, silver can be denoted by a smile Franch or a hole of the moon manicure. Black pigment is good for creating geometric patterns or ethnic ornaments – especially fashionable to date for decorating accent nails.

You can simply be able to paint the nails with white matte varnish and on one or two of the ten fingers to designate the cuticle zone. Fine rhinestones are excellent for her emphasis. At the same time, the handling of an inverted french may be not only traditional, but also asymmetric.

Place rhinestones on other nails needed dosage. If the design already highlighted the Cuticula zone, more than one or two rhinestones are not necessary on the next nail, otherwise the manicure risks losing status and refinement.


Decorating white nails with a matte basis with different decorative elements.

Today, the Neil industry offers quite a few funds that will enable special notes in the design:

  • KamiFubuki+
  • Art painting+
  • Stickers+

  • Stumping+
  • acrylic Powder+

  • width+
  • Foil tape+
  • Manicure sand.

Each type of decor is distinguished by the mood with which it satems design. For example, the womb can give a snow-white-based accent nail pearl effect, which today is considered ultramody. With the help of powder create relief figures, due to which the manicure acquires special premium and an extraordinary effect.

As for manual drawing, the fashion drawings today are:

  • Geometric patterns+
  • Floral and vegetable motifs+
  • Compositions for two or three nail+

  • stripes and peas+
  • Miloid seals and other marshmallow attributes+
  • Baddes Pandas with bamboo leaves+
  • Silver verticals+

  • Yin Yang+
  • Knitted COFT patterns with braids+
  • Hearts, spiders with cobwebs+
  • A variety of lace and monogram.

One of the trendy novelties of the White Matte Manicure was the loggment. Logos, strokes of fashionable houses on the nails of white color look supersonally and clear. And if silver or black gel is added, it looks like this design especially status status.

So that the manicure was expressive, enough for one accent nail on each hand. To achieve the perfect result, use the finished sticker or professionally draw design with a thin brush.

The accurate technique is another third of the season, thanks to which you can ennoble a white manicure. She denote the wells, the area of ​​the Cuticle, smile, mask the joints of two contrast varnishes on one accent nail. Use for this DOTS with different nozzles. Stylishly looks checkered pattern created by pastel colors and silver on a white matte accent background.

How to make a manicure using a white matte coating, look in the following video.

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