Ideas for manicure design Blue gel lacquer

Ideas for manicure design Blue gel lacquer

Beautiful manicure – a visiting card of a well-groomed woman. Nail design made by blue gel varnish, give the way of tenderness and naturalness.

Types of manicure

The procedure for nail care provides a full range of services: from giving a nail plate of a certain shape and removal of cuticle to staining and decoration with decorative elements. All these stages of nail processing can be made independently or at the Master of Neil Art in the beauty salon.

    It is customary to distinguish the three main techniques of the manicure, which relate to certain rules for adjusting the nail plate and decorative coating.

    • Franch. This type of manicure is characterized by applying a characteristic strip on the tip of the nail. Classic French manicure implies the use of white to design the edge of the nail, but in the conditions of modern trends it is allowed to use any pastel colors including the shades of light blue.

    • American manicure. This version of the design includes a monochrical coating of the nail plate. The color of the gel varnish can be gentle or saturated (up to dark-turquoise).

    • Spanish Neil Art Technology. As the basis for the Spanish manicure, a matte varnish lacquer is used, and the top layer is a bright glossy coating, for example, turquoise colors. Most often the coating is not completely applied, but in the form of strips. As a small addition, you can use decorative elements. It will be enough to highlight them one marigolds.


    Thanks to modern technologies, gel varnishes not only provide nails with a beautiful and well-groomed view for a long time (up to three weeks), but also do not harm them, since there are hypoallergenic natural components as part of these manicure.

    Palette varnishes is very extensive. If you have conceived to make a manicure with a blue gel lacquer, then you have great opportunities for choosing a shade: from pale blue and heavenly turquoise to saturated shades with gray tint and blue-azure.

      The manifold of shades allows you to choose the necessary under any clothes, the time of year and mood. In the spring and summer, blue tint can be combined with any outfits in bright colors, and in winter, to create an intention of the image, it is recommended to wear a blue handbag, a handkerchief or scarf.

      Blue demand is due to the universality of its use as a covering of marigolds for daily wearing, including work, on the output and on a date. For a daily manicure, it is better to choose bright shades varnishes, and for evening events – blue-blue ombre, supplemented with interesting ornaments and glitters.

      Blue tone with contrasting patterns or appliques (for example, with yellow flowers), the glitter, rhinestones will create a very spectacular manicure that is suitable for extravagant.

        Romantically tuned young lady is recommended to choose a soft blue coating of nails in combination with images of colors or butterflies. Main rule: images should be harmonized with each other and the main tone.

          Selecting the color of the gel varnish depends on the nail length. For short nails, you should choose dark shades. And it is important to achieve a perfectly smooth surface of the nails by polishing, as the blue color makes any flaw nail flaw still more noticeable.

            Holders of long nails will suit a gradient coating using several shades with a smooth transition. The most common variants of the gradient:

            • Blue with gray, supplemented with golden glitter+
            • Blue with white (the latter is used as a base must have a glossy surface)+
            • Blue with turquoise, supplemented with silver glitter+
            • Light blue and blue-azure.

            To create a beautiful design of the manicure of the blue color Master Neil Art Use the following techniques:

            • Apply ornaments and painting+
            • decorated the light base of dark stripes of the same shade+
            • Used for nail decoration a few shades+
            • decorate the nail plate with rhinestones and glitter.

            All applications used for designing nails must match a certain style of clothing and events. Gold and silver shades glitter adequately decorate the lacquer base of the blue shade. However, if the coating tone is barely noticeable, it is better to use a golden shade glitter, and silver brilliant particles will be better looking at a saturated tone cover.

            Recently, it has become very fashionable to combine in a manicure of pink and blue shades. It is recommended to choose the bright colors of both varnishes, then the whole design will look very harmonious. Best of all such a manicure will look at short margins. Allowed decor with small rhinestones and silver glitter.

            When making nail rhinestones, you need to remember that these decorative elements, in most cases, are applied in a manicure for evening exit, but if it is competent to carry out the decor (one pebble on the nail), then this design can be completely worn as everyday.

            Masters of Neil-Art recommended to abandon the layout of stones with a simple line, as this design is considered no longer fashionable. Much more interesting is the composition of the rhinestones of different sizes (pebbles can play the role of accents in drawings and ornaments on the nails). Unusually, the combination of rhinestones and other decorative elements: camifubukov, bullion, chains.

            Glitter in manicure is always a claim for a festive image. For the decor of the blue background, you can use shimmer, that is, scattered soft radiance or glytter (rather large glitters), cover the plate entirely or selectively, by zones. More bold natures are recommended to use multi-colored camifors.

            It is interesting to look a manicure with patterns of black, brown, red and blue shades on a blue background. Modestly and gently will look accents of cream, white or yellow-green shade on a blue basis.

            Blue color can be used in classic french, replacing them with a traditional white “smile” on the edge of the nail. If Franch is used in conjunction with the lunar manicure, then the luna can be made by a purple or silver color.

            Blue Ombre in combination with white or pink tones is gaining popularity. This option looks very stylish and fresh.

            Drawings made by a wizard on the light blue tone of nails corresponding to the color of the eyes, hair, make up and style of clothes of their owner, can be called a real masterpiece. Most often, the main for painting becomes plant motives. They look gently, romantic, in spring fresh.

            Popular and landscape sketches resembling vacation in exotic countries, and still lifes with fruit. Such drawings will perfectly complement the beach image and raise the mood. To create a genuine feeling of image reality, you can apply a finishing gel that will create the illusion of the presence on the nails of water droplets.

            The popular pattern this season is the “sweater”. Especially spectacular it looks in the design of velvet sand. This does not mean that decorative sand can be used only in the cold season. In the summer he will very harmoniously look at the design of floral patterns and monograms. It is enough to decorate with sand one or two fingers so that the manicure looked stylish and unusual.

            Among popular new products are also present black and white stripes and monograms and design of nails in the Sweet Bloom technique.

            Nail gel varnishes pushed the procedure for extension of nail plates into the background. This is due to the fact that gel varnishes do not cause significant harm to the nail, do not require its spill and look more carefully and interesting.

            Among the variety of gel varnishes of blue shades, experts advise to give preference to the following.

            • For solemn exits in the light, the best option will be the coating “Blue Stars” from the Masura brand. Varnish has a saturated aquamarine color with pearl shine and holographic shine. Varnish is a magnetic, and, it became, in the most recent Trends in the field of Neil-Art. This coating obliges to the choice of the appropriate, decorations, makeup and hairstyles. Beautifully Will look a magnetic nail design in a romantic setting with muted light.

            • For everyday life, Neil-Art is recommended to use the lacquer of the “Blue Sea” series “Expert Color” series from Avon. Hue is very gentle, unobtrusive, a little cold. To achieve a long decorative result requires a coating in two layers. Drying time – about ten minutes.

            Tint looks best on marigolds in spring and in warm season, for example, with bikini on the beach or in combination with an office suit.

            Beautiful examples

            The ideal option for the summer will be a blue manicure with a pearl wipping and design of a sneous finger with a volumetric dragonfly from rhinestones of different sizes.

            Beautiful manicure for warm season – Floral painting White tone on light blue background.

            Modernly a blue manicure with the effect of “Broken Glass”. The gray-blue main coating is harmoniously combined with the “fragments” of silver metallic colors.

            Ideas for manicure design Blue gel varnish in the video below.

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