Ideas for nail design violet gel lacquer

Ideas for nail design violet gel lacquer

This season, purple gel varnish has acquired extraordinary popularity. Many girls began to decorate their nails with various shades of purple color, starting with a pale purple, lilac and ending with dark plums, because this tone has a big color palette. In addition, the design of such a manicure is as diverse as the hue itself.

Uniqueness of color

A plum shade is always in trend, and this applies not only to manicure, but also to clothes. Many even love to accompany the apartment in this interesting color. People who are fond of hairdryer argue that any shade, starting with the brightest tones and ending with dark purple color, carries in itself mystery, adequate and deepest knowledge.

It is believed that due to such shades, not only harmony and peace, but also the awakening of hidden energy.

Various shades

Like any other color, plum is divided into warm and cold tones. Of all this sets are allocated the most popular: wisteria, lavender, lilac, violet and faded lilac. But for each type of leather, its unique shade is suitable. For example, violet tone and wisterial suitable for mulatto: they are the most bright and catchy. For an aristocratic pallor, a colder tone is suitable, for example, lavender color, able to emphasize the whole innocence and romanticism of the image.

Top 5

With the help of violet color and its common shades, you can perform various designs, thereby giving unusual manicure.

  • The first place in the top is classic, or rather – French. For inimitable French design in the lilac scheme, use gentle purple tones with a small pink chip in combination with standard white color. With the right combination you will receive a summer nonsense manicure suitable for any outfit.

  • A more everyday version of the classic French design is considered Moon manicure. In this case, the combination looks advantageously, if you combine saturated plum color with a pale purple tone.

  • Width It has long been considered an integral part of the original manicure, and the purple color did not exceed. Metallized enclosures are no longer the first year help fashionable quickly create an original manicure. Steel pigments are perfectly combined both with warm and cold colors of purple varnish.

  • Glossy or matte dark plum tone with rhinestones can eclipse many designs. Rhinestones are an integral part of Neil-Art, thanks to which even the most ordinary manicure becomes a festive and beautiful. Rhinestones themselves can be postponed on the nail plate with various patterns.

  • Fancy geometry has become a profitable solution for owners of both long and short nails. A manicure with chaotic lines is considered the most common of designs, also a vertical strip on the nail or geometric gradient looks profitable.

Variety of designs

Of course, any modnice today is known to more than a hundred different designs of the manicure, but not every knows how to make them up with one purple tone. The mass of options offers this shade, because as a daily or day manicure, you can use bright shades or play with light lilac tones. And in the event of an evening exit, of course, it is worth highlighting the marigold and make it up with more saturated colors, for example, drain, or give a dark purple color matte tint.

If we are talking about the holiday, it is better to diversify the manicure with gold casting or rhinestones.

But general brief recommendations in this case are not enough – it is worth considering examples of original designs in more detail.

  • The violet print is perfectly combined with dark tones of matte-violet color. Almost all the nails are completely covered with lilac color, and a transparent lacquer is applied to the Unnamed, where pale purple violets later dial. However, instead of a transparent coating, a white varnish can be used, on which the applied image will look even brighter. Also perfectly looks Franch with delicate violets.

  • Monochrification is relevant for short and medium nails, After all, when applying lilac tones, your nail plates will seem longer. In addition, this color perfectly adjusts the shape of the nails, giving them clear forms.

  • Lunny Print gives you the opportunity to experiment with the colors in front of the first look. The main rule is to highlight the Lunul nail plate. Just try not to overdo it. Such a manicure looks more attractive not only with rhinestones and sparkles, but also with different images in the same tonality.

  • Smooth gradient – Something new, and this is, as you know, always attracts special attention. Here you can use any shades of purple: from pale to screaming. Yes, and simplicity also gives his advantages. Apply all the desired tones with strips to the elastic sponge and press it to the nail.

  • Sequins and rhinestones never cease to circle girls head. Any purple tone manicure will look completed with such a design. Also, such elements of the decor are prosecated due to the flickering brilliance. And if the beautiful matte nails of dark plum color decorate the scratching rhinestones, then you will get an elegant and very spectacular manicure.

Possible combinations

That girl who wants to combine purple “Neil-art” with any other color, should seriously think about it, because it is very difficult to choose the desired combination to achieve an excellent result. Colors must or go well, or create a clear contrast.

Pastel tones are suitable for warm colors of purple, and the expressive dark is worth combining only with contrasting white or yellow.

But there are some more shades and techniques that do not darken purple color.

  • Classic white perfectly in contact with violet, because these colors are very catchy. Combining both shades, you will get a favorable manicure, and if you create it in graphic style, you will attract universal attention.

  • To give a purple greater noble, it is worth using Matte coating, And for the contrast to use foil.

  • Light beige surprisingly will benefit all the pluses of plum color and dilute it with its softness. The most beneficial this composition looks in water marching technique.

  • Pink is a distant relative purple, which is why he is so harmoniously combined with him. The composition of alternately painted with monophonic colors of nails (sensual pink and languid purple) looks very aesthetic and supplemented. And if you have short nails – not trouble, you can use glossy shellac, which will give nails greater expressiveness.


Lilac manicure is universal, which is why he is so in demand. On the nails with such a tint, not only the geometric pattern, intricate stripes, extraordinary prints, but also sparkles with rhinestones. The girl with a manicure in purple tones will always be in the foreground, because this color creates around himself a romantic and dreamy aura.

Purple color fits not only for bright manicure, but also, for example, for retro style. This shade is unusually multifaceted, as it combines several colors.

    Each shade is associated with a certain state, for example, violet – with romance, lilac – with ease, plum looks very sexy, and eggplant – brutally. It is thanks to the versatility that girls love him so much, because together with the color changes, and the mood.

    Options for fashionable purple manicure Look in the video below.

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