Ideas of beautiful manicure shellac

Ideas of beautiful manicure shellac

Each image should be decorated not only by stylish accessories, but also fashionable manicure. Many women pay close attention to their hands, and not without reason. It is well-kept fingers that will tell about your femininity, success and self-confidence. In this article we will look at the beautiful ideas of Manicure Shellac.

Features and advantages

Beautiful manicure Shellac create quite simple in conditions of the house. It is only important to choose high-quality tools and materials. Consider the features of the coating.

  • Ease and comfort in applying. You can promptly make an attractive manicure.
  • Durability. With the help of Shellaka Neil-Art will hold on for a long time and delight you with your beauty.
  • The remedy will not lose glossy radiance even when exposed to detergents. Colors are made saturated and deep.
  • You can create real masterpieces on the nails, combine different shades, use decor elements.
  • If you wish, you will easily remove the coating using a special means.

Manicure will help reveal individuality and expand the emphasis in the trendy bow.

How to make yourself

Beautiful nails will attract the attention of the surrounding and opposite sex. If you do not want to spend your savings on a camping salon, then you can independently create stylish nails. First of all, you will need to correctly organize a place. Well, if it is a spacious table where all the necessary tools and accessories will fit.

Should be light so that the manicure is accurate and beautiful.

Do not hurry, especially if you create Neil-art for the first time. It is better to spend a little more time to prepare than then regret the efforts spent.

Initially, you should make a bath for hands. Well, if it is based on horse ragger. After that it will be easy to handle hands.

Take an orange wand and carefully move the cuticle. Excess skin cut with sharp tweeters. With the help of scissors, you should give the desired shape of the nail plate, and bring the result to the result to perfection. Nails should be written only in one direction so that they do not rescue and did not spoil.

After that, the BAU is taken and the nail surface is polished. After careful processing, you can move to the design. Choose it, of course, follows in advance. The global network has many different decor options.

Initially, the base is applied to the nails. It is responsible for the tensile strength of the coating with the surface of the nail plate. After that, the fingers are well dried in the ultraviolet lamp. Then you can apply color shellac.

Each layer should also be completely dried.

Now you can make a suitable decor: draw drawings, glue stickers, form rhinestones. After completion of the work, your masterpiece should be covered with a top layer and dry everything carefully in UV lamp. It is so fast and easy to create a stylish Neil Art.

Fashion ideas

Making a manicure with a shellaca can be successfully both on the long and short nails. Choose a suitable nail plate shape and proceed to active actions. Consider the options for fashionable ideas.

  • Matte texture. This season in fashion velvet manicure. You can use special coatings or appropriate top. It is a matte surface will give color saturation and depths, but you can successfully combine it with glossy elements. Such equipment will be spectacularly looked in one color and with a combination of several shades. Choose Emerald, Blue, Purple Tones or those that like you most.
  • Gradient. Creating smooth transitions from one color to another will not require great effort, but the result will pleasantly surprise you. Nails look stylish and attractive. You can make shifts of hints horizontally or vertically, for which a special tassel is used, which the border of colors or a sponge is riveted. In the fashion, the diagonal gradient is also changing the tones diagonally. And for those who love the riot of paints, you can create a chaotic option that is bright colored spots, smoothly replacing each other on one nail plate.

  • French manicure. Universal Franch perfectly suitable for office style or for a friendly party. He will elegantly emphasize the selected outfit. To whom the classic pointed, it is worth using a beveled smile line. The line may be the most contrasting, and the manicure can have any color gamut. Such an option will have to do those who love experiments.
  • Feline eye. Special Shellac will help create a similar effect. Manicure with such a varnish will look mysterious and attractive. Choose those tones that are suitable for your event and to your color.
  • Moon manicure. This option is firmly held on top of popularity. With the help of silly colors, you can create stylish options. Pick them up for your outfits. You can make a transparent well, and the rest of the nail to paint in your favorite color. In trend and unusual forms of the Lunula region. It can be a geometric variation or edging using rhinestones.

  • Geometry. If you love geometric patterns, then your manicure will also be fashionable. Remember that for a short nail plate should not be used horizontal lines, and it is better to give preference to vertical stripes that will visually do the nail plate longer. You can make a similar decor on one or more fingers to expand all accents.
  • Shellac with drawing. You can express your style with the help of interesting variations – draw butterflies, hearts, abstraction. This season is fashionable to manicure in the style of impressionists. Such a design will consist of monochrome or colored klex. For spring, floral prints will be relevant, and for winter – drawings in the form of snowflakes, New Year’s topics.
  • Frame. Fashionable option is the creation of an edging of the nail plate. If you do an independent frame, you should have patience. Using clear lines Stylish design will be created. In this case, the basis can be both colorless and with various drawings and shades.

Decor elements

Monophonic nails look stylish in any season. However, many ladies prefer to add various decor elements to their fashionable manicure to look even brighter and more attractive.

  • Rhinestones. They will help make an image brilliant and shining. Often with the help of such elements the entire nail plate is decorated. You can lay out rhinestones in a creative drawing or create a smile line contour, but it is best to apply the decor on one or more fingers so that Neil-art looks stylish and attractive. If you overload the song and attach multiple shiny stones to each finger, you can spoil everything – in everything important measure.
  • Sequins. Often such decor elements are used for solemn manicure. It is sparkles that are able to make nails irresistible, but you can use them in design or simply allocate one finger, and the rest to make up one-photon shellac. Similar design will look fashionable and successfully.
  • Width. This decor will allow your nails to shift with all the colors of the rainbow. The effect will depend on the wiring itself. There are fascinating space options or bold mirror. With the help of wiring, you can create a gradient on the nails, which will be particularly good to look at the nail surfaces of any length.

Tips for specialists

Remember that a good manicure is primarily high-quality manicure. And therefore should not be lazy to spend more time on the preliminary stage of nail processing so that the hands look perfect. It is important to acquire high-quality materials and tools.

Do not buy Shellac with an expired. Such a cosmetic product will not be beneficial, and even more so no nails plate pain.

Pay attention to the quality base. After all, the resistance of the manicure will depend on it.

In all observe the measure. Do not stand on all your fingers to immediately have numerous rhinestones, stickers, sequins, drawings and other decor options. So it will be possible to spoil even the most stylish manicure. It is better to give preference to monophonic nails with elegant accents on several fingers. Minimalism is always in fashion. Be sure you will be in the trend.

We looked at the ideas of an attractive fashion manicure shellac. Do not be afraid to experiment and create your own variants of creative Neil Art. At home, you can create masterpieces yourself, no worse than in beauty salons. The main thing is to be patient and practice.

How to make Shellac at home, look in the video below.

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