Interesting and unusual designs of the design of the scarlet manicure

Interesting and unusual designs of the design of the scarlet manicure

Red decoration of nails does not lose relevance from year to year, because it is considered universal, quite bright and unusual. But not all shades can be used on any length of the nail, it usually concerns the scarlet tone.

Terms of use of color

Scarlet shade can be both glossy and matte, with the presence of additional elements or simply monochrome. So that the manicure is neat, you need to know several rules for applying this tone:

  • Hands should be perfect, so before applying the coating, they must be put in order, otherwise the feeling of negligence+
  • cover the nail plate, not reaching the cuticle and the millimeter retreating from the edges+
  • one layer is not enough, so after the first apply the second and if the third is needed+
  • poor quality varnish lies badly and looks very ugly+
  • Not every color can be combined scarlet, better if its “partners” is black, white or chisel+
  • It is desirable that the girl was the owner of a narrow nail plate+
  • Nails should not be too long, so they look vulgar.

Color combinations

Very good scarlet color looks with beige. As the basis, you can use both red and light shade. In the middle draw a large heart in such a way that its upper part in the form of a check mark was the line of transition from the cuticle to the figure. As a result, it turns out a non-standard lunar manicure. Very good looks matte in combination with glossy. A good accent will be a diagonal of small rhinestones. This option is suitable for evening image.

Classic Franch will also look interesting and unusual, especially if the border is delayed by black varnish. You can use the technique of lunar manicure, and the decorative elements to use to lay out the well.

Venetic patterns are becoming increasingly popular. These are not only lines, but also curls, petals located in different directions. You can draw them more contrasting colors: white and black.

Passionate and emotional agents worth paying attention to the red and black version of decorative design. On the villa background, gold patterns are perfect. Some designers consider this combination of royal, as it always looks rich and exquisite.

Floral design can be very diverse. White roses, dots, neatly framing edges look well. All this can be supplemented with shining accents. If there is an experience, it would be nice looked at the scarlet nails painting made by a thin brush.

The original solution that can choose bold girls – red and blue. It may be again a floral pattern or geometric shapes.

Interesting options

If you want a holiday, it is worth emphasizing on the use of a large amount of sequin. With a scarlet tone will look good gold and silver. There are varnishes, which already includes these elements, and the masters use them when creating a holographic effect.

Recently, more and more often, several techniques are combined in one design, for example, ombre and moon manicure or french. Indexing fingers on both hands can be made with a fringe of red and black varnish, on the maizins in the same colors use the lunar style, and on the other apply spraying with sparkles.

It looks very interesting on the nails of the foil of the green, blue and gold shade. Women who want to stand out, you can offer bows from spraying. Manicure perfectly complements the drawing in the form of fireworks.

It is appropriate for red french with vintage patterns or hemp.

You can take a veil technique as a basis – a black drawing is muffled the brightness and courage of the main tone, but it will look quite contrast.

If red is too bright for a girl, his saturation can muffle white color. Such a combination looks harmonious. You can make a design everyday or festive with the same addition of gold or silver. Very original solution – white monograms on a bright background.

You can add romance to the image and on a white background draw red hearts of small size, placing them from one edge of the nail, and you can draw one big. Well add design a few rhinestones or geometric composition of black.

At different times of the year, women’s preferences change. In winter, on a white background, it simply looks amazing the rowan branch, black and the red color of which perfectly harmonizes with the main tone.

Be sure to use excellent gradient capabilities. The transition can be issued in any direction, to make it vague or more contrast.

It is best to perform it in combination with black.

Summer will look unusually leopard print. In this case, it is the black drawing that makes it distinct. You can use fruit motifs or floral, for example, white roses or red apples.

Scarlet relevant acquires a scarlet color on the eve of the New Year, when images of Christmas toys and Santa Claus appear on the nails. This is not only a festive mood, but also a huge space for creativity.

Learn more about how beautiful to make a red manicure, you will learn from the following video.

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