Interesting ideas of red matte manicure

Interesting ideas of red matte manicure

Almost at all times first of all paid attention to the well-groomed hands. And the ideal manicure was supposed to be not only in women, but also in men.

In the modern world, matte and glossy manicure enjoys almost the same popularity. Both coatings have their drawbacks and advantages, as well as their yarn fans. However, the matte coating is becoming increasingly popular.

Color features

Matte coating appeared not so long ago, but quickly became popular both among girls who follow the trends in Instagram and among the mature business women. At first glance, such a manicure may seem primitive and simple. It does not glitter and does not reflect the light, so the feeling is created that the nails are covered with suede or velvet.

One of the most common is the red matte manicure. His color emphasizes the romance and passion of female nature. So, more young female representatives prefer more delicate shades of this color, using a pink or crimson shade. And older women prefer to decorate their marigold with dark shades of varnish, for example, burgundy or bright cherry blossom. And those and others look perfectly on the nails.

Choosing a matte manicure for yourself, a woman may not worry for his image. She will look gorgeous anyway.

In addition, the red manicure allows you to emphasize not only the brightness, but also the originality of any woman. Since the palette of colors is quite varied, you can experiment with shades and color combinations. Red matte manicure can be applied both the main color and combine with other shades. The most popular combination is white and red. However, it will look beautiful and with gold or black flowers.

Matte red can be applied, going to a romantic date. It will emphasize the mood of the girl and add a raisin her image. For business meetings, it is better to choose not as bright shades so that they match the office dress. They can be supplemented with a white or gold tint.

However, before choosing any matte coating, you need to learn about some of the shortcomings.

  1. The nail plate must be processed perfectly. After all, such a coating will only emphasize any irregularities on the nail.
  2. The price of matte varnishes is slightly higher than on glossy.
  3. In addition, bright matte varnishes are very quickly dirty, and they are very difficult to put in order.

However, despite this, such a varnish has many advantages.

  1. Such a coating is kept much longer than glossy varnishes. In addition, it will be an excellent basis that can be decorated with a gradient or light edges.
  2. And you can use different decor elements.
  3. Such a coating will look elegant. It is not striking, but adds the image of refinement.
  4. Such varnishes pretty quickly dry.
  5. Matte varnishes are presented in a huge amount of shades.
  6. In addition, the matte coating will help stand out, because most of the fashionista choose glossy marigolds.

Choose nail pattern

Beautiful drawings on the nails will give a matte manicure of originality. However, it is worth remembering that it is necessary to select a varnish color in accordance with the coming season.

For example, in the summer, the butterfly or flowers drawn on the nail plate will be perfect. In winter, you can depict snowflakes or painted patterns. For autumn, drawings with the image of the leaves will be. But in the spring time you can use almost any bright colors and different drawings. After all, this time symbolizes awakening from sleep. On a red background, all sorts of white flowers (sakura, cherry or snowdrop), as well as delicate light geometric prints. For example, a classic red-white cell or thin stripes. All these options are tested by time not by one generation of women.

Today are popular and minimalistic patterns, and some more catchy prints. For more restrained manicure, patterns made in minimalist style will be suitable. Literally a couple of stripes on the nails or a small flower will look amazing.

If the manicure itself is bright, then it is better to limit to the pattern on one finger. For example, for the evening manicure is best lace drawing.

Decorating rhinestones

Created matte coating, diluted with sparkles, will help add moods to any woman. The rhinestones on the matte coating will look very beautiful. Literally a pair of beads or rhinestones will make a manicure diverse and beautiful. However, so that it does not look too catchy, you can also do it on one or two fingers.

To date, it has become quite popular to decorate the matte coating by the stones of Swarovski. It looks not only beautiful, but also gives nails with chic. Rhinestones themselves can be placed both arbitrarily and make some patterns. In any case, it will look stylish.

Design options

Many women make manicure themselves without contacting the salons. Especially since it is not difficult to make it. Nails can be given any form, all this should correspond to the image of a woman. But the design of the nail plate will require a beautiful half more imagination.

Design options are now incredibly a lot. For example, you can decorate the surface of the nail plate with smearing, different graphic images or even vennies.

It looks pretty beautifully such a manicure that combines different design options. But among all sorts of options it is worth highlight the most popular.

  • The usual matte coating is the trend of this year. It is so simple and naturally looks that the majority of women conquered.

  • Coverage with gloss elements. For a good specialist will not be much difficulty to show more fantasy and make a rather interesting composition of matte and glossy inserts.

  • Matte coating with droplets creates the impression of rain frozen on the nails.

  • Matt manicure with rhinestones. The technique is especially popular, where the “cat’s eye” is used. In this case, several zones are distinguished simultaneously and glossy and matte varnish. While the transition between them is marked with drawings made from rhinestones. This manicure is perfect for any holiday.

  • Quite often now apply geometric design equipment. Various figures or ornaments will look beautiful on the background of the red canvas. For example, you can decorate several marigolds to decorate rhombuses. At the same time, each rhombus is separated by silver or gold rhinestones. On the rest of the nails it is necessary to highlight the transition from the matte varnish to the glossy. This is done with the help of rhinestones of the same color.

  • And also quite popular matte french. Most often it uses the brides for creating a more romantic image.

  • Very nice, the combinations of different matte shades will look. Especially as a color, like red, allows you to combine a large number of different shades. Especially if applied amber technique. Purls look quite interesting on the nails.

  • It is impossible to skip and such a novelty as a matte coating performed by powder. With powder much more convenient to work, while it perfectly complements the matte base. The combination is turned out unusual, but definitely worthy of attention.

As you can see, ideas for creating a red matte manicure every year becomes more and more. Everyone can find something interesting for themselves. I am glad and the fact that you can make a matte coating in the salons, and at home. That is, not always need to be recorded on the manicure, if not for this time.

Matte manicure of a beautiful red shade is suitable for any situation, whether it is a hike in a restaurant or simple working days.

On how to make a red manicure with a geometric design of nails, see the following video.

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