Interesting nail design with gel varnish

Interesting nail design with gel varnish

Manicure with gel varnish can be absolutely any: with an unusual ornament, volumetric decorative elements and an interesting color decision.



Features of the coating

Gel lacquer compared to conventional decorative varnishes There is a number of significant advantages:

  • harmless composition, not spanning the structure of the nail plate+
  • Wide line of shades+
  • For a long time of use (up to 3 weeks)+
  • Allows you to perform a variety of design ideas for designing nails+
  • It has a lining properties.

Manicure in pastel colors

Nails painted in natural colors are always popular for women of all ages. Classical design of marigolds year after year does not lose its relevance. Nails in the style of the Nude will look carefully and appropriate as a daily option and as a manicure for festive events.

Nails in beige, almost transparent, tones without sequins are one of the most demanded new products in the art of Neil-Art. Most often for nails in the style of Nude, purple, dairy, cream and light pink shades are used.


An interesting design of nails with gel varnish can be performed in French technique. Thanks to its elegance, French manicure is very in demand among girls. Now in Neil-Art, there is a change in the basic idea of ​​Franch: the nail coating with a pastel color, and the edge – white varnish. Now for the French manicure, predominantly bright colors are used, and the kant is made up with a red, black or golden kel.

Metallic manicure

It is always very bright and stylish looks with nail polish with a metallic tint. If the nail is covered with such a gel lacquer, it should not be overloaded with additional accessories in the form of rhinestones, bullion or appliques. It looks very beautiful, the design of nails in which metallic is used as painting by the main coating. Most often for these purposes, lacquer of gold and silver shades is applied. They decorated with the tips of the marigolds or the area in the growth zone. Such accents allow you to give nails a luxurious and noble view.

Gradient and Ombre

A gradual transition from darker shades to light or, on the contrary, a more contrasting combination of neighboring tones will revive any manicure, making it the center of universal attention. The attractiveness of this nail decoration is the beautiful color combinations that are formed at the joints of different shades. When performing a gradient, the main thing is to choose the right color and not overdo it with the number of shades, otherwise the manicure will look at Alaupisto.

Red gel lacquer

Red is one of the most beloved Neil Art Masters. The use of this color in the manicure depends not only on the desire of the client, but also on the features of its appearance. Blondes will suit the design of nails in Aloma color to couple with a lipstick of a similar color. Such a tandem will make it possible to make an image in sex and daring.

Ladies with dark skin it is recommended to choose a varnish for a few shades darker, almost cherry.

In general, the red varnish can be used for a festive manicure or every day. It is appropriate at any time of the year and allows you to make a large number of stylish design solutions.

Since the red shade is very bright before using it on its marigolds, it is worth taking care of the perfect way of hands. The coating should also be very careful, otherwise any blots will obviously rush into the eyes.

Design in the style of a knitted sweater

This decision on the design of nails is recommended to use in the autumn-winter period. The effect of the knitted product on the nails looks very cozy and gently. The main pattern can resemble branded “grandmothers” knitted things or an ornament characteristic of the Scandinavian countries.

To create a “knitted” effect, gel varnishes are required without brilliance of calm tones and powder. The main tones used by Neil Art Masters to create a “sweater” design:

  • Lilovy+
  • mint+
  • pale pink+
  • White+
  • light brown+
  • grey.

Ideal if the drawing on the nails will elaborate with the ornament on the jumper, a hat or scarf.

Shimmering manicure

To create this manicure, a special dye is used, which in its brilliance and color decision echoes the characteristics of semi-precious stones. On the surface of the nail, the glow appears in the form of a diagonal strip, which very reminds the brilliance of the rim around the pupil in cats.

Effect of lace on nails

Lace always looks very elegant and original. Most often, such a manicure is used for solemn cases: wedding, graduation. Lucky selected light tones, more often than white. A fixer is applied over the pattern so that the manicure is preserved in pristine form as long as possible.

If you want to pamper yourself a lace manicure for everyday wearing, it is worth choosing a wardrobe element with lace details: blouse, dress.

Design Negative Space

Under this English word is meant the site on the nail, which is not painted with varnish. Today, manicure in the style of Negative Space is one of the most popular. The unlocked section can be in a single or multiple number, have an abstract form or concrete outlines (butterfly, heart and others), as well as a different size.

Vintage manicure with cracker

Craquelur nails resemble an old tired surface. The main coating of the gel varnish and the layer on top of it may vary by colors. Such a manicure is ideal for lovers of clothing and accessories with snake skin effect.

Velvet on nails

To create this design, a gel varnish is used with particles that, after drying, create a velvet effect on the nail.

Glowing gel

This color is suitable for creative people, fans to take off in nightclubs and on friendly parties. Due to the content of neon pigment in the gel lacquer in the dark, such nails will be beautifully glowing, reminding so far not studied and complete secrets space space.

Manicure with bulrons

Since small beads-bullyts are very similar to black eggs, then this type of manicure is often referred to as Ichor. Beads should be the same color with a basic coating. Most often they make out one finger. Ichor manicure is suitable for festive events and for every day.

Nail in the frame

Very fashionable recently began to make nails in the frame. This is done as follows: the nail is covered by a monotonous gel varnish, and a strip of contrasting color is applied around the base coating.

Manicure “Broken Glass”

Make such a design very simple, and the result will be impressive. There are three variants of manicure with “broken glass”:

  • mosaic+
  • “Shards” in chaotic order on a dark background+
  • addition of “broken glass” decorative elements.

“Shards” are created using mica. Plates from this material will allow creating an interesting geometric pattern. You can add a festivity manicure at the expense of rhinestones, sequined, bullion.

All the pieces of mica are placed on the nail plate with an orange wand or a pencil from wax on a pre-thought-out scheme.


After you made a manicure with a gel varnish, it is necessary to postpone the adoption of a hot soul for a while, visiting pairs and saunas. Thanks to the compliance with this Recommendation, the manicure will suggest its original species.

Beautiful examples

Nude manicure easy to make festive with rhinestones. To do this, nail on a nameless finger is completely covered with pebbles, and on the middle fingers, rhinestones can decorate only the well or form a frame around the nail.

Knitted manicure in white and blue colors is the best option for the cold season.

Elegantly looks Franch with a black tip, decorated by rhinestones. Such a manicure will be very suitable for entering a long spectacular dress.

Very gently and smartly, manicure in pink-gold tones with watercolor effect.

Reminder a hot summer manicure with strawberries. Perform such a design extremely simple. First you need to cover your nails in saturated-red. In the wells zone imitate green gel varnish of two shades of leaves. At the end of the decor, you must apply the yellow elongated points.

The effect of “broken glass” on the nails in the black and gold color gamut will not remain unnoticed.

Single manicure White gel lacquer with the inscription looks very stylish and will become an excellent option as designing nails for every day.

Light pink moon manicure with hearts in Negative Space technique, decorated with rhinestones, looks stunning. It will suit any cocktail dress.

    Openwork manicure will make any image gentle and refined. Such a design of gel varnish will be appropriate not only at the wedding, but also in warm summer days in combination with dresses and sheds containing lace details.

    Lightweight and aerial nail design options in the video below.

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