Lacomchir gel lacquer: features and palette of colors

Lacomchir gel lacquer: features and palette of colors

Well-groomed hands and beautiful manicure must be present at each self-respecting girl, so it is important to accommodately approach the choice for nail care materials. In order for nails to be beautiful and retained a decent view of even 3-4 week after manicure, you need to choose high-quality and resistant coating.

In our article, we will tell Lacomchir gel lacquer: what is known to the brand, where and how it is used, which color palette produces, and how the masters speak about him.

Brand features

Lacomchir products during their existence in the market managed to conquer the confidence of a very wide audience. Entering the name of the company in the search engine string, as a result, you can get a huge number of multiple information – description of the series and palette of gel lacquers, instructions for use, recommendations for working with LaComchir for beginner masters and much more. Separate attention deserve reviews of masters and their customers – positive opinions about this brand, voiced in the network, largely prevail over negative.

LaComchir’s regular users are confident that all negative reviews about these varnish appear only from those people who have faced a fake brand or poor-quality work of the manicure master.

The main reason for the popularity of this manufacturer is a decent combination of high quality level and affordable prices for the average buyer. To create gel varnishes, uses technology from Canada, which guarantees truly high quality recognized internationally. To create a coating, a special Luxio formula and color pigments are used, the main feature of this combination is the gentle effect on the nail and the skin of the fingers, lacomchir varnishes are not injured and do not dry it.

Advantages of the manufacturer

Advantages of Lacomchir gel lacquers:

  • Purchase of coating – After a manicure with the products of this brand, the nails retain their original color up to 3-4 weeks, do not fill, does not appear chips and cracks+
  • Good clutch with a nail – when complying with the proper gel lacquer technique, it is firmly attached to the nail plate and does not expare over time and as a result of the effects of external stimuli (water, temperature drops, etc. D.)+
  • Easy application – For masters, especially beginners, an important criterion when choosing a varnish is the ease of its application, the coating should lie down exactly, do not fly, the consistency of the gel varnish must be convenient for work+
  • Wide space for color selection – LaComchir offers a very rich color palette, and sets from different series deserve separate attention: using such a large assortment you can create a manicure for any image, from the classic to the most extravagant.


In the assortment of Lacomchir gel lacquers, a huge colors palette is presented – the appropriate option will be found for any taste and image. For convenience in choosing and better orientation, the manufacturer has distributed all shades into several different series, combined by general features.

LaComchir gel lacquer series are below.

  • TD – a set of calm and restrained shades ranging from Nyuda and ending with glossy saturated colors. The most in demand in the ladies and representatives of mature age – this series will well emphasize high social status, solid age and will help complete the classic image.

  • NC – Diverse palette with brightest colors. This series repeats the colors of the rainbow, distributing them into several shades. It is best for young girls – they will be able to use these varnishes both for everyday images and for the outfit “on the output”.

  • Mr – A set of the most restrained tones, pastel shades prevail in this series. It is designed for lovers of classical and restrained manicure – Nyud, Frenc and T. D. Best suitable for daily use.

  • Termo – Special series of varnishes, characterized by increased resistance. It will not meet a particularly rich palette, but the varnishes are distinguished by high resistance to temperature drops, thereby deserving special attention in the cold season. The series managed to conquer confidence in users and collect many positive feedback.

The origin of negative reviews

When searching for information on the network about Lacomchir gel varnish, you can meet not only enthusiastic reviews of satisfied users, but also very negative comments. It is not atypically for this manufacturer, t. To. During its existence on the market, he managed to earn a good reputation, including the masters of the international level. Explain such a phenomenon of negative reviews with two reasons.

  • Master, using high-quality Lacomchir products, violated the technique of proper coating of the nail plate. In this case, it is possible a bad clutch of a varnish with a nail, fast chips, loss of brightness in color.

To avoid these phenomena, it is necessary to clearly comply with the technology of applying and sufficiently dry each nail in the lamp with UV rays.

  • Instead of a real Lacomchir varnish from the original manufacturer fake. It can happen if you purchase products through intermediaries and encounter an unscrupulous seller. In this case, even with a professional manicure and applying gel lacquer, the coverage will be poor-quality – it will definitely have to shoot.

To avoid such situations, Lakomchir varnishes should be ordered either at the manufacturer itself, or in proven suppliers – with more detailed information can be found on the official website of the brand.

Lacomchir gel lacquer is a decent combination of high quality recognized in the international market, and affordable prices. Professionals in the field of neil-design can also use products of this brand, and beginner masters – varnish is easily applied and quickly dries under UV rays, reducing the risk of spoiled manicure.

The following video shows the part of the color palette of the Lacomchir gel varnish.

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