Lianail gel lacquer: characteristics and color palette

Lianail gel lacquer: characteristics and color palette

Many believe that choose a gel varnish for a modern and durable manicure is quite simple. But it seems so only at first glance, because the variety of products implies a similar number of manufacturers and brands. German quality leads in this segment is quite deserved, so interested in many consumers from a professional and amateur point of view.


The German brand Lianail exists from 2013, but has already managed to express itself at a decent level. These are excellent products for masters of Nail-sphere, including for beginners. She deserved confidence in different countries. From the once modest online Lianail format store quickly grew up to the brand, producing products of own production. Only in recent years, manufacturers have updated the funds of funds several times and continue to amaze new.

In 2016, the German brand was pleased with Neil-sphere newcomers by the release of the unique Lianail Academy series. All funds are designed to take into account the small experience of those who are supposed to use them. Lucky is very “obedient” in work – do not spread along the plate, do not work on the cuticle. Their density is enough to cover the cover ended even in one layer. All shades in the palette are successfully combined with each other, providing novels with manicure painting a large selection for the implementation of designer ideas.

Important! Brand Lianail carries out the realization of related manicures: lamps, liquid washes and primers, paints for drawing on nails and other neural products. The main goal of the brand is equipped with masters of any level to all necessary for successful work.


This coating is preferred for many reasons, but Basically for the following advantages:

  • Moderately dense consistency with good color pigmentation+
  • Convenient application of a dense and thick tassel+
  • Excellent texture and stability+
  • Fast drying without cracking+
  • A variety of colors and shades palette+
  • Regular appearance of new products+
  • Variations of effects and structures for the very chic manicure+
  • Humiless composition.

Luck for drying in Lianail lamp available in free sale. Its cost corresponds to the quality. In the middle price segment, Lianail products are in demand and popular. Buyer noted “breathable” properties of the coating, even applied in two layers. At the same time, it is completely non-toxic and does not lead to allergic manifestations when inhaling odor or applying to nails. Manufacturers took care that gel varnishes are not inferior to any expensive analogues in the field of neil-design.


Purchase LianaIL is needed exclusively in certified outlets. In small shopping tents or non-specialized stores, there is a chance to buy a fake, as high-quality and current goods are fake most often. Only present German quality will demonstrate all its advantages in. In addition, you should always pay attention to the dates of the product and the implementation time.

Overdue varnish, without any doubt, will not give a durable and flawless smooth coverage. It does not have to count on its durability, and only fresh components can be a guarantee of the perfect result.

Color solutions and collections

All shades of Lianail varnishes are available on the manufacturer’s official website and online stores collaborating with it. In the same assortment there is everything for the decor and the creation of high-quality shellac with long-term color safety and coating. The German brand is attractive to original names that wear lacquer shades, for example, “Blackberry Jam”, “plum jam”, “strawberry cupcake”, “Caramel ice cream with apricot”. On the sight, they are the same appetizing, as well as. You can pick up in the palette any desired shade and create an original manicure in any season and for any occasion.

A variety of tones of gel varnishes is convenient for the decor, creating a unique gradient and application in the most incredible fantasies of masters. The most stylish and sophisticated design – “Feline Eye”. It requires experience and availability of a special magnet. Newbie in Neil-Sphere It is better to learn work skill with a magnet of a professional, visiting the salon. Although it is possible to order a manicure from the master to delve into all subtleties. After you can try to repeat home yourself.

It is worth paying attention to the fashion collections of the brand.

  • Wish is no less interesting. It consists of 14 different trendy tones with flakes and with a metal glitter shining on a par with precious stones.
  • Ballet – These are varnishes for universal manicure. This series includes a snow-white coating for drawing a “smile line”, 4 delicate camouflage shades for the main tone and fixing the top to extend the “life” of the nail coating for a period of 2 weeks and more.

  • “Star Cats” – This is the original name of a similar collection. Bright, joyful colors with saturated pigment are chic on marigolds of different lengths and shapes. The collection includes 8 indescribable shades with noble gold reflections. This is the best platform for the incarnation of the mass of the most incredible ideas and new designs.
  • Lollipop – these are colorful “stained glass” varnishes, again “soared” on the peak of popularity. This is a great glossy effect, a gloss that holds throughout the entire period of socks. Candy shades give fresh breath inspiration of the masters of the nail service and admire all lovers of home manicure and beginners in the Neil-Sphere. They will help to create an unusual Aquadesign on the marigolds, “Liquid pebbles” and not only.

  • “7 Sins” – This is a collection with unsurpassed female charm. The whole range of shades of coating with glitter or microbials is collected. The names circle heads in anticipation of the most captive manicure, for example:
    1. “Lust” – selection of playful seductants+
    2. “Greed” – the color of self-confident lady, loves to decoe the world and decorate themselves for him.

  • Bad Girls – This is no less seductive in the idea of ​​the Lakkov series. She pleases non-standard chameleon shades and luxurious overflows. In the palette, 6 bright shades are represented, which will have to taste liberated by modern beauties. The collection is simply ideal for creating spectacular gradients. All colors harmoniously “echoes” with each other. Experienced masters recommend to apply them on a black backdrop background to get more saturated in depths of shades.
  • Nude – It is sensual elegance for real lady. The natural palette in the gamma is represented from muffled pink to dense brown tones. This is an excellent option for everyday manicure. The peculiarity of the data of the nude gel varnishes is that they are insoluble, it means that the process of removal of the coating will be more difficult.


Basically, Lianail Master’s gel varnish responds well, putting them a well-deserved estimate 4 on a five-point scale. Masters celebrate an affordable price with worthy quality. They confirm that the products made in Germany are confirmed in accordance with the majority of European quality standards and has absolutely harmless. The widest palette of a variety of shades, extraordinary collections and other means is available immediately at one manufacturer.

All bottles with optimal volume and very economical in consumption. Licking Liana’ has already managed to love buyers around the world, so they are actively buying new and new “delicious” shades.

In the next video, you are waiting for an overview of the bases and tops from the Lianail Collection “Academy”.

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