Light matt manicure – stylish ideas and solutions

Light matt manicure - stylish ideas and solutions

Being on the verge of a manicure salon, not every fashionista knows how her nails will look after the end of cosmetic procedures. The range of techniques and design options is so large that it is sometimes difficult to decide what exactly I want to see on your own marigolds. However, this season came the end of the Virgin suffering. A trend trend came to a glossy coating – a matte manicure.



Features of the matte coating

Matt manicure universal. It looks great both in the form of self-decoration of the nail plate, and in combination with a gloss. Together they create interesting design options. In the matte manicure is quite wide color gamut, so the choice of suitable color is really simple.

One significant disadvantage of the matte coating is that it highlights absolutely all the flaws of the nail plate. Therefore, before applying it is necessary to very diligently align all available imperfections.

Light matte manicure is currently considered to be a fashion pisk. It is used by everywhere. You need to go on a date – there is nothing better matte manicure in pastel colors. If the working dress code forces the use of a minimum of bright colors in clothing and accessories, then the matte coating in the nude technique is what you need. The most successful design options, Neil-Art specialists call the following ideas.

  • Combined Neil Art. Represents a combination of two or more techniques at the same time. Matte coating in this case can be combined with velvet and gloss, go to the gradient.

  • Manicure, complemented by various decorations. If you decorate the matte base with rhinestones, you can get a dazzling beauty manicure. For example, the pebble of a modest size is framed by the bottom of the nail either lays out the vertical strip in the middle of the nail plate.

  • Drop Nail Art. Simple, but meanwhile, the spectacular variation combining the matte and glossy coating. Imitation of water droplets is created on the nail plate. Previously, this decoration was performed by beads or stones, now this design is created by new technologies, the result of which is difficult to distinguish from the real water.

  • Glossy drawing on a matte field. To create such a design, varnishes of one shade are needed. Matte French manicure is easily performed, different patterns, geometric shapes, stripes and lines look no less curious.

  • Gradient powder and matte coating. The end result will certainly surprise the owner of such a design.

Trend colors

Light matte manicure is suitable for any kind of clothing, it is appropriate everywhere and at any time of the year. Nails decorated in the style of NU – is the perfect solution for those who are tired of catchy designs. Matte nails of bright shades do not attract excessive attention, they are laconic and not causing, but with all this elegant and graceful.

Body color occupies palm of championship among numerous shades of manicure. Not inferior to him and white kel. Lovers of warm tones will certainly come to taste sand, peach, banana, pink and apricot color.

Light tone “nude” creates a good duet with any paint color palette. If you need to get a romantic option, you can highlight a couple of marigolds with white, silver dust and other variations of the nail decor.

The combination of close-colors close on the tone (for example, beige, ivory, wheat) looks very harmonious, and additional decoration by bullyts in the form of colors adds a highlight.

Cosmetic sand, modeling, rhinestones and beads – excellent decor on beige background.

Speecically look at fingers with matte marigolds of light tone having a bulk drawing on the main background. Decoration can be flowers, snowflakes or any like pattern.

Lovers of flora, fauna and natural paints will certainly like their nails in blue, salad, mint and turquoise. A manicure will play in a new way, made in olive and mustard tone. Easy and discharge will give a lilac and blue color. You can experiment with different combinations of light shades, because modern fashion does not sharpen in the framework of the fantasy of manicure design masters.

Figures and ornaments

    Despite the fact that the light matte manicure itself looks very effectively and stylish, it can be additionally decorated with different drawings, patterns and ornaments.

    In the trend of this year, various geometric shapes: Rhombus, squares, rectangles. Also trendy remain straight and distilled lines, waves, circles and spirals of different sizes. Details of the decor draw contrasting shades on a light background or apply glossy varnish. You can also use a stencil, scotch and a special print plate. With their help, clear and neat drawings are obtained.

    How to make a matte manicure with glossy design, you will learn in the following video.

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