Manicure Design Options in Green Tones

Manicure Design Options in Green Tones

Green manicure is very unusual. Many will say that this is a children’s prank. But in fact, such a manicure is beautiful, and he deserves due attention.




Green manicure make not only an amateur extravagant style, so it is worth trying to create an unusual image with a beautiful decor for yourself. It should be taken into account that the shades of green will not suit every girl.

Basic Rules. Green manicure will not suit:

  • For business atmosphere+
  • those who have short nails+
  • Those who have a circular or expanding nail shape+
  • If there are dry skin, pigment stains and with large standing veins – manicure in green shades will emphasize all flaws+
  • nails longer than 5 mm do not cover green varnish+
  • Mature women are contraindicated juicy lightweight and acidic shades.

More appropriately he will look in nature in the summer and spring period.

    External image with such a manicure will be harmonious if it is supplied with pastel, white, black or gray outfit. Clothes of turquoise, blue or olive color will also fit.

    Despite the presented contraindications, it should be noted that it is necessary to experiment, and with the right combination and moderation, the manicure will look not only appropriate, but also effectively.


    To a spectacular green manicure Refers:

    • Franch (French manicure) having a transparent basis with a strip of glitter on the edge of the nail plate+
    • Marble manicure in dark olive tones in union with black color, which is similar to Malachite+

    • Marble manicure in bright herbal colors in a white duet+
    • Drawing with peas and diverse stripes and geometric shapes+

    • Manicure having various shades of greenery to reflect the marine subject+
    • Unusual drawing, reflecting pieces of cut fruits, for example, such as Kiwi+

    • A variety of New Year’s topics related to the reflection of New Year’s theme: needles, christmas trees+
    • The combination of monochrome coating with sparkles of various colors that follow the depth of the base.

    If brilliant elements are already present in a green manicure, then in no case should it be loaded with its use of an additional decor.

      Rhinestones are perfectly looking at various tones of green, if they have a transparent color or the colors of the main tone.

      On one marigold, you can make a glitter coating, the remaining fingers must have a monochrome matte or glossy coating.

      Sequins can be tone the main color, gold, silver or white.

      To give a wet shine, you must apply the fixer.

      What combines?

      Details of the image must always comply with the selected wardrobe.

      There are rules on how to combine shades of green. For example, the marsh should be complemented exclusively with warm tones, and only cold is suitable for emerald. Classic paints that are suitable for any shade belongs white, gray and black.

      It should be noted that this is not a limited circle of color scheme, which can be considered, To make an image with stylish – specialists are offered many options:

      • To green young grass is suitable yellow and red+
      • Emerald is well complemented by dark purple, gentle pink, blue, various burgundy shades+

      • Mint is combined with fuchsia of bright shades, bright orange, gold, canary and various shades of beige and cream+
      • For marsh preferred, brown, brightly canary and cherry.

      In addition, it should be taken into account that the entire existing manifold of the shades of green in each other is very well combined regardless of whether they relate to warm or cold colors.

        If a green dress has been acquired, then you should not immediately do a manicure of the appropriate color – not in this need. In this case, it is better to prefer a completely different tone. Even if it is required to make the design of nails in accordance with the tone of the clothes, then the lacquer should differ from the color of the dress – it must be chosen or darker, or lighter. Can be done differently: on the nails, perform a small decoration with greenery elements, while the main tone should be universal (white or black) or contrasting with a successful combination with the dress.

        If there is a doubt, whether the extravagant design of the nail to the new dress of emerald color is suitable, then it is best to turn to the classic style of Neil-Art – you will always rescue Frenc in this case. So that the result of the works does not look boring and blurry, you need to make a French manicure in bright or gentle shades of pink color or outline contrasting red or black color of the nail plates. The basis can be made in green tones. The same option should be provided if there is a lunar manicure.

        Perhaps the task may occur: creating a manicure for a new green dress in the presence of short nails. When solving such a task, it should be considered the main rule: the coating of the nails should be monophonic. When choosing a color, it should be preferred to the dark tones of green, various shades of blue, plum or bright red, and beige out of pastel tones.

        The shade of manicure must be selected depending on whether the color of the new dress includes a cold or warm tone. Do not place on the nails various drawings, ornaments or patterns. For the surrounding major accent will be a dress, so manicure, being in the second plan, must have a minimum of graphic elements. If you still want to diversify, you can choose the classic options for Franch or Ombre, which will not be able to overload a new image.

        With long nails you can create a lot of manicure options under the green outfit. With an additional decor, it is desirable to create a manicure only under the condition that the outfit has one color gamut. If he has different colors, the manicure must be monophonic. On long nails, blonde pastel shades of pink, blue, yellow, which make a special bright focus on the length. Decor on nails with a predominance of green color can only be placed on one or two nails of each hand.

        Bright red or burgundy manicure will be spectacular looks on the background of a color dresses of fresh grass. For a dark dress, you need a manicure with a predominance of gentle pastel shades.

        Interesting examples

        Green manicure this year got great popularity. Now Collections of American brands Gelish, Jessica Geleration and famous Chinese Cristina and Bluesky firms, holding the palm of championship among gel varnishes, have been replenished with a large number of shades of green gel lacquers such as emerald, yellow-green, khaki and many other. Such a rich palette allows you to create a huge number of nail design options.

        Creating autumn style, you can combine dark green color with black and gray, and for the winter mood to make an American-style nail design, creating a red-green Christmas manicure.

        Currently, rhinestones and stones are very popular, which laid out on the nails and imitate jewelry. To create a mirror surface apply wiring.

        Next summer season will be popular with the Botany style. Instead of traditional sprigs, tropical bright motifs will be popular, which can be drawn with a thin brush or translate the applique.

        It looks unlikely to design nails in the style of a feline eye, And to give a special depth and more pronounced colors of nail service professionals create glass effect due to stained bed. Very relevant nail design with geometric or minimalist pattern.

        Relevant Casual Options for Nail Design Style Geometry. Moden Manicure, which includes an ornament consisting of a variety of intertwined strips.

        Special attention should be paid to the trend of this year, which is a mint manicure. It is very gentle, gives freshness to the female image and attracts all. Mint nail design created for summer, it looks good with tanned skin.

        Attractive mint manicure is excellent for both long and short margins. Mint womb creates an indescribable effect of manicure. Any brilliant elements – rhinestones or sequins – perfectly fall on the mint basis.

        Bright juicy shades are combined with paints such as yellow, purple, blue. Tender mint shades look good in alliance with pastel colors of pink, lilac, lemon. The duet of mint and silver in a manicure looks very attractive and reminds of the beautiful decorations Tiffany & Co.

        From the combination of two of these colors, various variations can be made:

        • A thin manicure brush to apply a silver strip in the center of nails of nameless fingers and draw arcs on all the wells of marigolds+
        • Lunkers nail decorate with small triangles from foil.

        The combination of mint varnish with sand coating on two nail plates, on the other marigolds is better to apply another designer solution – ombre or drawing.

        Manicure with points deserved great popularity and recently does not leave the ratings of fashion trends of Neil-Art. The mint basis of the manicure is applied, which are multicolored, reminding confetti, and may have a certain color gamut under the created image.

        How to make a green manicure with the effect of malachite, look in the following video.

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