Manicure Ideas in Yellow-Blue Tones

Manicure Ideas in Yellow-Blue Tones

Yellow-blue nail design is quite interesting and creative. Blue color – symbol of harmony, calm and purity. There are many diverse shades. You can choose a gentle and light heavenly, pure cornflower or pleasant mint. All tones extremely alive, unobtrusive and natural. Many believe that the solution to try the combination of blue and yellow is not too successful, but the color associated with the warmth of the sun, summer days and a wonderful mood is suitable blue better than any other.

Interesting ideas

Any girl wants to look elegant, feminine and young. Manicure in yellow-blue tones will help her add an interesting and creative image, as well as make her style gentle and unique. This coating option is not only beautiful, but also stylish – it is perfectly suitable for both young weak floor representatives and more adult ladies. If the girl is a lovers of a gentle, sky-blue color and wants to make an unusual summer manicure that goes like a light pink dress and a classic costume, she should pay attention to the variety of yellow-blue design options.


Classic french – elegant option, but many girls wish to see any creative and unusual on their nails. French manicure in heavenly yellow tones – exactly what is needed by feminine, who wish to show those surrounding their individuality. Such a design looks elegant, it will organically fit into the image created for the party, walking in the park or work.

If the usual Franch is tired and want something new, it is worth adding some decor elements: multi-colored or colorless stones, sequined. This option is suitable for expressive personalities. Background will be blue (lavender) tone. Several marigolds need to make yellow. It turns out a gentle, feminine manicure, which will attract the attention of people who know in beautiful things. It is important to remember that the design in which there are sparkles or stones, is not suitable for a hike to work, because it is a solemn and festive.

You can make the pebbles one nail, without making the decor on all fingers.

With drawing

The yellow-blue manicure is becoming more relevant in spring and summer, and in such a period, many ladies trying to stand out and be more stylish, use in the design of nails a variety of drawings. Best of all, light and elegant flower arrangements are suitable for design in such colors. Thin intertwing patterns look winning on blue or yellow backgrounds. If used as the base color of the sky, you can draw interesting yellow flowers, for example, mimose.

Manicure is expressive, felt style and beauty. Often, girls prefer geometric figures, as they look very harmonious and attractive.

With bulk images

Volumetric drawing is not only fashionable and stylish, but also incredibly beautiful. Every girl tried to make such a design, but if it is wrong to combine tones, it turns out uninteresting and banal. Blue and Pink – Colors that create an ideal manicure with bulk drawings. The most attractive option is a variety of curls and flowers.

For winter design nails, a picture is suitable in the form of a coarse sweater. It is unusual, originally and creatively, so this option is able to hit and interest others.

A few more spectacular designs for selection.

  1. Very elegant summer version that will allow the girl to feel feminine and attractive. It is an excellent addition to a romantic, easy image. The minimum number of drawings, the correct combination of the tones is what makes the design attractive and unobtrusive.
  2. The background tone in this option is light blue color. Yellow is not too bright and rich, rather gentle and a little faded. It allows manicure to be calm. Such a design will emphasize the grace of the girl and will make her image more interesting. The design also has an unusual and successful emphasis, which does not spoil the impression of the manicure, but only emphasizes his elegance.

Tips and recommendations

There are many girls who are quite often combined by blue and yellow in the design of nails, as the contrast background is incredibly cute and unusual. But it is important to remember that it is better to bet on a blue tone and use a little yellow, since yellow – extremely aggressive color. If you make it background, it can ruin a manicure.

So that the balance of the color scheme, the yellow area should be less than the blue area. For the yellow-blue manicure perfectly fit warm, summer days or fresh spring. But also such a combination can be successful in autumn or in winter, you only need to choose the option that is suitable for the year.

A few more useful tips will not interfere with lovers of independent manicure.

  • If the girl picks up a manicure under a strict office suit, you should not give preference too bright and rich shades.
  • An ideal embodiment of a brown is a golden brown shade of yellow, for blondes – sunny. Rusam is better to use muffled, for red-hot color is yellow-brown.
  • You can not use two bright and saturated tones at the same time, therefore, if the shade of yellow is mustard or close to orange, it is worth picking up a lightest and calm tone of blue (heavenly, lavender and others). It will help get rid of the opportunity to make manicure vulgar and ridiculous.

  • Before applying a drawing on the nail plates, you need to try to draw it on a piece of paper. Only after the girl is convinced that it turned out to be pretty, you can start applying to the nails. If this is not done, the image may not seem too attractive, which will spoil the whole design in general.
  • If the lady wants to make a yellow tint yellow, her nails should have a short or middle length. Long nails with a design where a lot of yellow look at too beautiful.

Yellow-blue manicure varnish – it’s beautiful and interesting. The main thing is not to forget that in this combination of any of the tones should dominate, otherwise it will be too bright design. In most cases, such manicures are very gentle and elegant, easily complement the light images and make a girl air and elegant. A similar combination is an ideal option for ladies that feel fragile, cute and feminine.

How to make knitted nail design, look in the video below.

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