Manicure options with milk-colored gel

Manicure options with milk-colored gel

One of the trends of this season in the manicure was the naturalness. The tender color palette on well-groomed hands has won popularity in the fashionistus of all ages. This is confirmed by numerous reviews. We’ll figure it out what the features of the dairy flowers of the gel varnish and with what they are combined as profitable as possible.


Milk shades manicure looks like advantageous on tanned fingers. This combination of contrasts looks very impressive. This technique often enjoy celebrities from the world of show business, such as SIA or Vanessa Hudgens. But if you are by nature with an aristocratic pallor, do not worry: Milk shades will further emphasize your refinement and whiteness of the skin.

In this case, you can use a trick – to choose clothes on a manicure or cream color tone. Such an image will be no less effective and harmonious than in tanned beauty.

Since the shade of milk varnish can be distinguished from other light shades only with good lighting, it doesn’t matter which style of clothes you wear. Lithuanians of gentle, romantic images and clothing without drawings and patterns of pastel colors are worth paying attention to larch or white outfits.

The main rule acting in the implementation of the dairy manicure is that white and cream, dairy and creamy gel varnishes are applied, as a rule, several layers.

Otherwise, poorly scratched nail areas and other errors will be clearly visible.

When covering nails with light varnishes, it must be applied to the top layer at the end of the procedure. If you doubt your own opportunities, and the image should be 100%, that is, it makes sense to contact professionals. At home, experiment with shades easier – chocolate or cocoa color, for example.

Milk color combination with gold or silver

Nude cream shades can be the most diverse depending on the level of illumination and combinations with other colors.

Light tones of gel varnish can be favorably beat by setting them with inclusions of gold or silver. Definitely gold additives look much more effectively. Popular Option – Classic Franch Golden Color on Material Based.

Such a manicure will be appropriate to look at the romantic bride on the wedding day, suitable for the New Year’s celebration, perfectly refreshing the business image.

No less interesting, the idea of ​​manicure is simpler, but everything with the same dairy basis – four novels are covered in one tone of a gel varnish of milk color, and one finger is decorated with gold or silver glitter. You can decorate and other fingers with solid patterns or curls.

Since dairy shades are very natural, even if there is a drawing on two or three nails, your handles will not look overloaded.

Gold or silver you can highlight the nail wells or perform the so-called knitted manicure. Manicure with the use of a mirror wipping for 1-2 fingers.

Milk gel and sequins

Light cream tones of gel varnish are perfectly combined with light shimers – in this case, the manicure looks gently and festively. This is a wonderful idea for the spring-summer season.

At the database of milk color, the idea of ​​diluting the image of the image of a mirror wip is bright in combination with the cartridge drawing pattern in the style of country or with oriental ornaments.

Eternal Classic – Effect of Ombre on Nails. Here you can beautifully arrange a smooth overflow of color from the milk base of the nail to a shiny tip.

The advantage of using sequins in dairy manicures is that they are well hiding the flaws and disadvantages of the coating (lower, small bubbles), and also significantly strengthen the coating, protect the nails from chips and cracks.

Tip: If you yourself decided to try to create Ombre at home, then first try to perform it using ordinary varnish.

If you do not immediately work out, you can easily remove the coating with a conventional liquid with acetone content.

Matte milk – why not?

Matte manicure lovers worth considering that the matting top in the end strongly illuminates the coating.

It is worth choosing gel varnish on tone darker what you want to see in the end.

Matte dairy color is perfectly combined with soft lilac or light lilac shades. The most advantageous such combinations look on the nails with a shape of a soft square.

Another plus of frosted coatings – they do not lose his shine in contrast to the gloss. Even after two weeks, your handles will look fresh.

Fashionable to be simple, fashion cyclic. Gentle light shades are always in trend – both in clothes, and in makeup, and in manicure.

How to make a dairy manicure with a gradient, look in the next video.

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