MONAMI gel varnishes: variety of products and quality

MONAMI gel varnishes: variety of products and quality

Modern market Pestrit with different brands of gel varnishes. Each manufacturer of the manicure industry is striving to replace the consumer to their side, improving the quality and reducing the cost of its products. Russian gel varnishes Monami attract customers low price and excellent quality. Their features we will analyze in this article.

Basic information

MONAMI gel lacquer, produced in Russia, created from a safe material brought from Hong Kong and possessing highly fired properties. Tightly covers the nail plate for one or two layers. A specially designed brush of certain elasticity and softness allows you to distribute the lacquer close to the cuticle, forms the perfect well and hides all the irregularities of the nail plate. MONAMI gel lacquer is not distinguished by a pronounced smell. His color palette developed specialists of the Pantone Institute known worldwide. It includes all topical shades of the current season. Coating long holds on the nails (at least 2 weeks).

On the sale of MONAMI gel lacquer come in 12 ml of black bottles. Glass to the touch looks like rubber. Thanks to this effect, the jar is comfortable to hold in their hands, they do not slide. The coating density depends on the shade.

Basically, all colors are not liquid like water, but not too dense. This allows smoothly and without inclects to cover the nail plate. Colored gel varnishes are optional to use with native basic and top coatings. They get along with the means of other brands.

Monami manufactures the following products.

  • Basic means. Have a viscous consistency that allows you to strengthen the nail plate and align nail. Protect nail from harmful effects.
  • Finishing Middle-agess consistency, which does not allow to further align the colored layer. But despite this effectively protects manicure from chips and scratches.
  • Colored coatings.

Small cost and excellent quality made means for manicure Monami leaders on the mass market.

Application rules

Let’s focus on step by step instructions, which will help perfectly apply the coating.

  1. Correctly treat nail. Apply degreasing primer.
  2. Cover the nail plate Monami Primer. Dry, taking into account the recommendations on time prescribed in the instructions for your lamp. On average, all the coatings of Monami dried in a minute in the UV lamp, and for half a minute in the LED lamp.
  3. Apply a thin layer of colored gel lacquer. Dried. If necessary, gel varnish can be reused.
  4. Complete the manicure to the top coating.

Remember, when you first use, it is necessary to check the allergic reaction to the MONAMI products. In case of the appearance of itching and redness, the use of funds is prohibited.

Color palette

Monami produces four episodes gel varnishes. Each series has its own characteristics.

  • Classic. Dense and translucent colors that allow in one coating to create a bright color layer. Tint shades here more than 350: white and natural colors for French manicure, different colors of black and gray, yellow and green, brown and beige, red and burgundy, orange and coral, blue and blue, purple and lilac. The number of only pink shades turns out for fifty. Gel lacquers having rooms above “350” – translucent products with multi-colored sparkles.

  • Lucky Luck Lucky. Have delicate pastel shades: white, creamy, body, ivory color and others. The overwhelming majority of this series make up dense, without sequins and pearl varnishes, as they have camouflage purposes in manicure. The rest of the rooms can be translucent and with a microchommer.
  • Brilliant Luxury Series. Dense transparent gel varnishes with plenty of color foil. All shades are based on silver and gold: silver pink, silver blue, pure gold and silver. Creates a festive gloss and tinsel effect.
  • Novelty MONAMI Gel Varnkov – PURL Series. These are dense bright varnishes with pearl effect. All shades of this series consist of a dark spectrum: black and gray, graphite color, dark shades of pink, blue, purple and other tones.

Company reviews Companies

It was previously mentioned that the Monami gel lacquer became very popular among girls who make manicure on their own, at home. Therefore, reviews from ordinary buyers are quite positive. Girls like the ratio of small price and pretty good quality. Luck Lux and Luxury series – unconditional leaders among all gel varnishes of the company. Reviews notes that the resulting effect exceeds all expectations. Classic gel varnishes also meet all the requirements of home manicure. And the large palette of colors allows you to satisfy every taste.

The professional masters leave critical reviews about the means of Monami, believing that in comparison with the manicure products from other firms, these varnishes are more capricious in application, they do not always give the necessary density and the color of which manufacturers are written. And also in the range there are dark colored varnishes, which will burn out in the sun, which does not allow them to use them in a manicure to relax on the sea or in the summer. Masters do not recommend this brand for professional manicure, and advised to give preference to proven world brands.

About how the new Brand Monami is presented, see the following video.

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