Nail Extension Subtleties With Shellac

Nail Extension Subtleties With Shellac

Beautiful manicure – Dream of any woman. But not every lady manages to successfully cope with the task of maintaining the desired length and shape of the nail plate. Fix the situation helps build up – a procedure that allows you to form the desired coating without effort and long expectation of the results.

There are different ways to create such a manicure. But one of the most popular options is to extension nail shellac.


Manicure technique, providing for the use of shellac, does not imply additional nail extensions. This coating retains its own waf length, but it makes it possible to achieve higher aesthetics, while increasing the resistance of the result obtained.

Shellac is able to keep from 2.5 to 4 weeks, without losing its brightness. And covering them nails are not more difficult than ordinary varnish.

For the first time this type of decorative design appeared in 2010 and quite quickly gained popularity. From the salon procedure, the application of the shellacus gradually passed into the home care element. Like a gel, it requires fastening using a special lamp. In contrast to the classic extension, there is no significant spill of its own nail plate, and the coating itself turns out to be neat and not too thick. Elegant and neat manicure using shellaca is especially popular among working women and young mothers who are not able to regularly visits the salon procedure.

Advantages and disadvantages

Shellac or gel varnish forms smooth, spectacular exterior coating on the nail surface. In addition, this application technology can also find other advantages:

  • Natural result. The applied coating looks flawlessly, it does not turn out to be too thick and allows you to disguise small defects and irregularities.
  • The possibility of using short nails. Can be achieved by the salon effect even if the growing is not included in the plans for the client of the manicure salon.
  • Lack of additional machining. Pre-recycling with strong abrasives – sufficiently spent manually grinding plate with manicure buff.

  • Long preservation of results. You can not worry about the fact that the coating will be not sufficiently resistant. Even as the nails are growing, it looks flawless up to 4 weeks, without losing its strength and aesthetic.
  • Easy removal without damage plate. Gel-varnish is removed quite easily with a special fluid. After his removal, you can take care of the nails in the usual order or use classic varnishes to apply decorative coating.

Not without drawback. Shellac is removed by eating a chemical liquid dried by a nail plate. And the difference between their own nail and colored coating gradually becomes noticeable.

What is better: gel or shellac?

Gel coverage choose for themselves mostly those women and girls who are not satisfied with the form or length of their own nails. But for the owners of a thin or fragile plate, this option is not suitable, because the basis is required to be written, removing the already small thickness of the burdown layer. The use of shellaca allows you to easily and quickly solve the problem. High coating speed and lack of a base having a significant thickness allows you to achieve a really impressive result efficiently and simply.

Gel coating requires much more complex processing and needs the use of additional consumables, Long process of formation and drying, acquiring special equipment. All this makes the application of the gel is not too convenient for self-use. In contrast, shellac with a neat handling allows you to create a smooth and beautiful coating. The master can even work outside the cabin, providing the possibility of home modeling the shape of the nail plate. At the same time, after removal of the decor, it will not have to treat a damaged surface for a long time.

Is it possible to apply to extensive nails?

Created by nails gel have a rather large thickness, and a significant part of its own keratin coating plate is spiltped. But there are more sparing methods of extension, allowing to use shellac in combination with them without any restrictions.

To create the most resistant coating, a combination of acrylic and shellac is used, which performs an additional hardening component and allows you to give the desired decorative manicure.

The presence of gel nails extended to the Tips is not the best solution for a combination with similar to the structure of Shellac. Together, such a combination forms an unnaturally thick plate, which will rather grow a manicure, make it too rude. If you do not stand the goal of extension of length, gel lacquer is still better to apply directly to your own nails, quickly and efficiently arrange them even at home.

What to choose?

To understand what is better in a particular case will help the manicure master that performs extension. If the main goal in the future is the growing of own nails, then the shellac will be a more preferred option. Ensuring efficient protection against mechanical damage, such a manicure helps to give the aristocraticity and attractiveness to the hands for a long time.

But it is not suitable for using those women who regularly expose the nail plate intensive mechanical loads – print on a computer or wash dishes without gloves. Repeat the procedure in this case will have much more often, because the destruction of the coating will be permanent.

In more detail how to build nails using a shellaca, you will learn from the following video.

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