Options for performing pink manicure with sparkles

Options for performing pink manicure with sparkles

Pink manicure with sparkles is always popular, as it is considered a universal option for any event. It prefers and business women, and romantic nature. Options for performing such a manicure are filled with its diversity.


Beautiful pink manicure can be obtained at the expense of different shades of the palette with add-ons. Masters enjoy during work sparkles, rhinestones, powder color of gold or silver. Similar ideas will be well combined with long and short marigolds.

In manicure is often used by the glytter. It is a variety of flickering foil particles with metallic effect. Particles may differ among themselves for shapes and sizes.

This design gives the effect of any design ranging from Franch and ending with complex drawings on the nail plate.

Pink manicure with sparkles has the following features:

  • makes an image more feminine+
  • Suitable for any event+
  • Further looks on the nails of any length and shape+
  • Provides the possibility of combination with different colors+
  • On a pink basis, every drawing is perfect.

Interesting ideas

With a varnish of pink and sparkle, it will be possible to realize many ideas. Similar design looks perfectly with any styles and emphasizes the beauty of every woman. Consider the most popular options for such a manicure


Such a manicure is often used in combination with sparkles, which are located on the abnormal part of the nail. For such a design you can choose pink varnish of any shade. It looks beautiful two rows of sparkles of different colors.

If Franch is applied on short margins, you can make a pink edge of a small thickness. A transparent or light pink varnish is applied to the nail plate itself. The end of the nail can be decorated with sequins. Similar design will contribute to visual nail extension.

Also for Franch you can use the following ideas.

  • Application of curls, dotted and other lines.
  • Decoration of the free edge of the nail plate “broken glass”. Such a design is achieved due to the covering of the nails by pieces of cellophane or holographic film.
  • Use of various images, patterns, rhinestones.

Gloss at the bottom of the nail

    It looks originally using a glytter on the nail well. This design is called moon. With the help of such an accent, you can become the owner of an unusual manicure with a highlight. Most manicure masters combine french and lunar manicure just with the help of Glitter.

    A significant place in the list of fashion trends is given to Pink Ombre with the use of sequin. To get the effect of scattering a sequin, you should pour “star dust” on the nail plate until the lacquer is dry. Due to this, the glitter is securely fixed on the surface and will not turn.

    Pictures with sequins

    Beautiful looks on a pink manicure Figure Sequins. You can use different drawing options.

    • Application of ornaments and drawings. To do this, you can separately use coating and sparkles or paint a varnish with shiny particles.
    • Use of sequins as an addition to the image. This option is applied to the accent on certain parts of the drawing.

    • Registration of point coat. “Polka Dot” gradually moved with blouses and skirts to marigold.

    Such a design will be spectacular to look with any varnish of pink palette. Sequins may have a similar shade or contrast.

    Color combinations

      Despite the fact that pink lacquer looks beautifully with any way, you should know how to combine shades properly, and which tone will be most profitable to apply the manicure.

      Masters recommend using the following recommendations.

      • Color beige with pink shine. Such a tone will suit girls with matte skin.
      • Pink peach. Such a varnish will be well combined with tanned skin.

      • Raspberry will be optimal to underline the rigor of the image. It is best to apply this tone without combining with other shades. It is allowed to apply sequins that emphasize the emotionality of the owner of the manicure.
      • Bright pink lacquer perfectly sees dark skin.

      • White-pink manicure will be optimal to create a gentle and feminine image.
      • Berry pink varnish is best used in autumn time.

      Also pink varnish often combine with other flowers. The combination of black and pink will look original. Most often you can find a marigold with a pink basis on which black lace is located. You can also arrange a black border on the end of the nail plate, add oblique strip of any thickness.

      The use of the “cat’s eye” or “peas” is ideal for a combination of black and pink.

      Girls who do not want to say goodbye to childhood, will like the combination of pink and white. Enjoys the demand of the reverse french technique. It is a pink nail plate with white well. Such a design will add a representative of a beautiful floor of refinement and grace.

      In the pink-white manicure, you can often meet the patterns in the form of a peas, as well as simple strips. This design will be profitable to look at short marigolds. For long or medium nails, you should choose white bows or flowers.

      Decoration with flowers will like not only gentle, romantic nature, but also an elegant business woman.

      Examples of design

      When choosing a pink grinding manicure, it is desirable to study examples that will help determine the future. Presented options can be used as a basis and complement them with their ideas.

      Pethery manicure. Flowers can have large and small sizes. You can draw multiple flowers on the nail plate or use single options. Often you can find the design, where all the nails are painted in one color, and the drawings themselves are only on ring fingers. Drawing through one marigold. The total number of colors should not be more than 4.

      Matte shades can be diluted with convex images or viscous. For a gradient or ombre, a matte color will not fit, but you can use the technique of “special nail”. It is a painting of three marigolds with other colors (black, white, gray), and the two remaining are made in matte ombre.

      Matte decoration in black and pink color scheme will look original in a pair with small rhinestones.

      On the nails of the middle length it will be profitable to look at the design in the gray-pink gamma with sequins. For long nails, you can choose the ash pink option. Ash is achieved by mixing with a glitter.

      Short marigolds are transformed after making painting.

      Pink manicure with foil uses effectively. It can be coated to nail completely or spaced pieces of different color in random order. Admiration causes the addition of stained glass windows, mirror fragments.

      Knitted manicure will be relevant for the winter season. Often this technique is used for New Year’s parties. Also on a pink basis can be used sparkles imitating velvet sand, starry sky, sugar grains and t. D.

      Very elegant manicure can be obtained using wiring. Visually remedy resembles powder. Adding to the main tone of a mirror or multicolored powder will make a manicure more spectacular and more interesting.

      About how to make a pink manicure with sparkles, look in the following video.

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