Options for the design of a gray-pink manicure

Options for the design of a gray-pink manicure

Manicure in gray-pink tones enters the line of the best color solutions of the new season. This combination of tones has its own characteristics, despite the fact that design techniques can be the most diverse. To have an idea of ​​the best types of design, relevant to the new season, you should familiarize yourself with the material of this article.



Features of this combination

The combination of two different colors of the color palette looks stylish and fresh. In this case, it has a special meaning: gray muffles pink contrast. Being neutral, it does not have its emotional color, although it contributes to the design of an intelligence and refinement. Pink, on the contrary, too optimistic. In addition to the fact that it changes the perception of gray tone, this color itself becomes more stricter.

The unusual and beautiful combination of two shades allows the manicure to be relevant in different cases. If the rose design of nails can not be called everyday, then in connection with gray it can decorate women’s images every day, as well as evening bows. It doesn’t matter what kind of gray tone is chosen: wet asphalt, ice gray, gray-silver or glossy smoky. It perfectly softens the pink contrast, even if the design uses not only bright, but also bright pink pigments.

Depending on the selected main tones, the manicure acquires a different mood, for example:

  • Gentle pink tone in combination with light gray gives ease+
  • Saturated pink with smoky gray talks about passionism and at the same time restraint+
  • Fresh light tones of two contrasts breathe tenderness and youth+
  • Warm gray and pink talk about softness+
  • Fuchsia and the color of wet asphalt hints at the need for attention.

Select form

Manicure in gray-pink colors is suitable for making nails of different lengths and shapes. Depending on correctly selected shades of two pigment coatings, the design will look beautiful on short nails, as well as nails of medium (moderate) length. Fashion trends confidently declare that these contrasts look harmoniously on the straight, oval and almond-shaped form of nail plates. In addition, they are appropriate at the design of almond-shaped nails, cut in straight at the very top nail.

And yet the better form today remains slightly elongated natural, because the fashionable principle today is natural. Even if the direct shape of the nail is fundamental, it is recommended to slightly cut sharp sides. Decide on the perfect length of the almond-shaped form: nail shape must resemble an elongated egg. Too long nails in gray-pink colors look aggressively, so this form is a taboo for a similar color combination.

What other colors can be used?

The combination of pink and gray in one design looks balanced. But sometimes you want to complement the design of the third tone. In this case, it is worth considering that not all the colors of the palette will be appropriate, because the “third” in this case may be “superfluous”. For instance, In no case cannot supplement this combination with neon or aggressive tones. Poisonous lemon, acid-orange pigments, as well as a blood-red – taboo, such “add-ons” will make a sophisticated design tasteless and ridiculous.

As for the Golden Pigment, in this case it will not look beautiful, because silver suits to gray. The harmonious additions of gray-pink design can be small contrasts of silver, black, white, as well as some pastel colors and related pink tones. However, the choice of the desired tone should relate to the temperature of both the main colors (gray and pink). For example, for cold gamma it is better to choose cool contrasts.

If the main pink tone gives the blue, you can pick up the shades of the lilac gamma. When it is to coral, you can add the tone by powder contrast. Sometimes harmonious in design and light mint shade. However, there are cases when a mixture of temperature is allowed when choosing pigments for design. For example, it will be appropriate in the gradient technique.

Possible options

Design in gray-pink colors can be made by modern coatings with different textures and effect. For example, a matte varnish with imitation of a textile surface, including velvet, velor, velvet or satin suitable for this. At the same time, applying technique may be different. And also beautifully looks at the contrast of the matte texture and glossy pattern. Harmonious and decoration with gloss, as well as bulcrons.

Those who like the design of nails with drawings can be recommended design using acrylic powder. It looks like a similar decoration of nails volume and new, such a manicure will be appreciated by others. Moreover, patterns in this case can be both traditional and seasonal, which is especially important and focused by fashion trends. For example, for winter, prints under knitted canvas and snow-covered frosty patterns, as well as snowflakes. For summer, the lace is well suited for autumn – leaves.

The texture of the gray-pink manicure can be decorated with wiper. This powder with microscopic brilliance allows you to make a multi-faceted. Such an accent can be designated one or two fingers, which will look even better than the glytter or sequin. Actually decoration of manicure and coatings with a mirror effect or a metallic texture.


Run a manicure in gray-pink colors, using different design techniques. For example, an excellent foundation for registration can be:

  • classic manicure+
  • Traditional Frenc+
  • Inverted french manicure+
  • Lunny design+
  • broken glass+
  • gradient.

Each manicure technique has its own nuances. For example, with classic nails techniques, it is completely colored using a matte, glossy, shimmer or temperature coating. Sometimes the crocheral gel varnish with cracking effect is used for such contrasts. Often, monophonic nails complement the pattern, rhinestones, small beads, manicure foil, stickers or hemp.

French manicure in pink gray tones can be done in different ways. For example, you can beat its main tones or add a silver varnish, performing the familiar smile in the upper edge. Fashionable today to perform French, using the technique of negative space. For example, the accent nail can be transparent, and a smile on it is pink or gray.

So that the emphasis does not seem too simple, you can decorate the nail plate, in addition to a smile, simple pattern or several rhinestones. Regarding the inverted Franch, it can be noted: today it has a thin nail stroke at the bottom, which is performed by silver, companion (pink on a gray background or vice versa), as well as arc made of small rhinestones or sequins.

If you want to decorate your nails with an emphasis in the technique of broken glass, for this you can use a special film. However, it is worth considering the fact that the film on light and dark tones will look different. For example, on light nails, it, and though, will be like a broken glass. On a dark accent finger, such a decor will seem like a holography or design with foil.

Gradient – one of the chic designs of a gray-pink manicure. In this case, you can make a smooth stretching of one contrast in another. Gradient today can be performed not only from the bottom up, but also crosswise. According to the fashion trends of this season, it must be as smooth and natural.


The decoration of the gray-pink manicure is performed in different ways. One of the trends of this season is to use the hempping (special stamps that are transferred from the billet to the nail using a contrast lacquer and a special sponge). Stumping images can be the most diverse: from lace to geometric or ethnic ornaments. The popularity of the stembling is explained by the fact that it allows you to create a drawing of professional quality on the nails in the nails, although in one color.

Fungalized Scotch, as well as other types of foil. To the decor of this type looked on the pink-gray nails of the manicure appropriately, you need a dosage and proper placement of accents.

The brilliance should not be much – from this design can lose its expressiveness. Foil color choose more often silver.

A separate line of decorative elements are all sorts of stickers. They are better than any decor can indicate the design belonging to one year or another year. In addition, translation pictures are perfectly coping with the task of instructions on a specific style in clothing. They can pass the desired mood, fit into a certain bow.

If you wish, you can decorate a manicure in gray-pink colors and multicolored confetti. Today, kami-fools are distinguished by a variety of shapes, due to which it is possible to add the design of accent nails, for example, a heart consisting of tiny circles. Cover such a decor from above transparent varnish or top to increase design durability. You can position the cuticula in the Cuticula zone, the emphasis of which today is another fashion trend.

However, today it is important in the decor not so much to paint the contours of the lines, how much to give them a light silver spraying. So manicure accent nails will look easily and beautiful. You can not use in one design at once all the glacial techniques (shimmer, glitter, rhinestones, sparkling crystals, silver). Such an approach breaks the harmony of contrast of gray and pink varnish, because the dominant role in design determines the nobility of the texture of the affected pigments.

Interesting examples

    We offer to look at stylish and expressive examples of the design of a gray-pink manicure. These ideas are given by refinement and are suitable for different female images, which is reflected in style and age.

    • Gorgeous design using acrylic powder and pearl. Skillful focusing of nails with lace and rhinestones.

    • Color combination of gray with pink-peach shade. Knitted manicure will be especially relevant in the winter season of the year.

    • The design of the geometrical subject in the technique of negative space looks ultramodot and effectively.

    • Gentle decoration with peas and hearts will not leave indifferent any fan of pretty designs.
    • Making a manicure in bright gray-pink tones with a light vegetable pattern is suitable for everyday bow.
    • Even ordinary peas, becoming an element of an inverted french, can make a special emotional color in the design of the manicure.

    • Design for Kavayi Flanges using Flock powder and silver gel lacquer.
    • And again the theme of hearts in design for lovers of decorations with a pattern. Cute sketchy print with a cottage on an emphasis light gray nail.

    • Matt manicure in gray-pink colors with a metal texture of an accent nail and rhinestones looks stylish and elegant.

    • Gentle design of manicure using brilliant powder and stucco.
    • The chic gradient in gray-pink tones with a pattern decorated with a powder, will attract enthusiastic views of others.

    About how to make a summer gray-pink manicure, you will learn in the following video.

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