Options for the perfect design of a white manicure with patterns and drawings

Options for the perfect design of a white manicure with patterns and drawings

White manicure is often associated with a wedding ceremony. In fact, he is perfect for everyone: solid ladies for the official meeting and young girls for a romantic date. Some are interested in classic options, others – new trends in fashion and unusual images on white nails.

White manicure is always in fashion. He harmonizes with any color gamut clothes. The color itself symbolizes the purity, impaired, peace, good, divinity and happiness. It combines all existing colors of the spectrum of light. In antiquity, white clothing personified acquaintance, greatness, welfare. Psychologists This color is associated with loyalty, perfection, innocence.

It is not surprising that the white manicure is becoming increasingly distributed every year, with an incredible speed gaining popularity. It looks modern, elegant and exquisite. Sometimes they simply apply a layer of white varnish on the nails, without using any additional parts and shades. In this case, the nails still attract attention to their refinement and beauty. Previously comply with two conditions:

  • Varnish should pick up high quality+
  • The nail surface must be polished exactly and cool.

In this case, the varnish will cover the nail plate tight and smooth, without roughness. Matt one-knife manicure recommend to do the nails of the average size, and on short – undesirable. Despite the fact that the matte manicure looks original and beautiful, it emphasizes fading the skin of the fingers, so the elderly ladies should not be applied.

Matte white color is perfectly combined with sequins, golden and silver stripes. The surrounding people are always impressive matte surface with glossy flickering engines.

Very fashionable to create a white tone combination with any dark varnish color. Black peas of different magnitudes on a white background – the last squeak of fashion. All nails are covered with white, and two – black or red tone. The extraordinarily bold combination with a red color looks enchanting and slightly boldly.

Any decorative element applied to the nail plate attaches in charge and solemnity. Beautiful looks on a white background Different patterns, flowers, symbols. This season is fashionable to use floral design. Gentle petals, branches, greens draw a thin tassel using palette to mix paints.

The most popular recognized floral compositions with the image of roses, tulips, sakura. Eastern drawing is widely used. Print with the image of flowers over the years remains the most popular and fashionable design. There are various flower pattern reproduction techniques.

Very often used watercolor technique:

  • Print is applied with gel paint, gel varnish or watercolor, additionally decorating various elements+
  • mix color gel with top or base+
  • draw an image with a special tassel+
  • before drying paints are cut+
  • Shade the depth of darker colors+
  • Draw a streak and contours of the flower.

Rhinestones, small beads for nails and sequins too in trend. Multicolored rhinestones decorate the middle and petals of colors. Sometimes green crystals encrusted the stem and letters of bud.

Extremely in demand this season design made by color translucent stained gel. The most trend is the image of a large burgundy booton, covered with a purple or scarlet stained transparent varnish.

Beautiful embossed flowers are created using gel paint without stickiness, carefully working out the streaks and framing the edges of the petals. The formation of the petal occurs by macania into the monomer tassels for modeling and removing the sprinkle from powder for modeling. Decorative modeling is appropriate for various solemn events.

Fashionable, bright, beautiful, bulk flowers can be created independently at home. First, the nail surface is covered with white gel lacquet, then draws the contour of the flower with black gel. A mixture of color paint with acrylic sand draws petals. In conclusion, the picture is fixed with the top.

New steel stamps-prints, called nail hemping, with a huge selection of drawings. To use them no ability to draw. The main condition: correctly perform printing technology. The procedure can be carried out independently at home. Complex compositions and openwork canvases are easily overlapped and without more effort.

For the design of nails, the use of sliders is perfect

  • Cut the desired picture+
  • Immerse about 45 seconds in water+
  • tweezers separate the desired fragment from the base of the sticker+
  • trailer drawing to acrylic coated or surface gel+
  • leave until complete drying+
  • top covered with transparent varnish.

On the nails covered with the most ordinary varnish in two layers, glider sliders are very simple. They are applied to a dried surface with tweezers or with a stick of adhesive side. For fixing the picture, adjust with a cotton waller, eliminating irregularities and air bubbles. So that the slider holds for a long time, the transparent lacquer fixer is superimposed on top.

Classic options

French classic manicure does not work out without nail coating with white varnish. There are two options:

  • Wedding design involves the image of white lace lace, sophisticated flowers, monograms+
  • The second version of the classic manicure is a white french with a picture on a sneous flower finger.

Classic manicure comes to any nail length. The ladies of all ages can be decorated with nails with a classic design to absolutely any event. In this regard, French manicure is universal. You can decorate it with rhinestones, stickers, pattern, powder, sparkles. The picture of any color looks great on a white background.

Black and white combination of colors is considered classic. On white-based nail depicting chessboard, longitudinal and transverse strips, hieroglyphs, ornaments, geometric shapes, zigzag patterns. Often on a white background depicts black cats and dogs. To play thin lines, streaks and dots use a thin brush or needle.

Black and white version perfect for business meetings. Young girls and respectable ladies gladly use it in their everyday life. Any black and white design looks original and magical.

White french gently and smartly looks on nails of any length. White thin edging is applied to the tip of the nail, covered with transparent, cream or gentle pink varnish. Franch is perfectly combined with various patterns, rhinestones, sequins. On short nails, White Franch looks great in conjunction with drawings and sliders. Especially beautiful looks a diamond ornament, which visually lengthens the nail.

Attractive combination of a white nail base with a gold tone. Recognized by the classic version of the lunar manicure with golden splashes on a white background has a lot of varieties. The roasting hole is white painting, and the nail plate is another coloring. White surface can have a transparent or colored root well.

Unusual design

Different drawings on the white surface look spectacular. Already a tradition to decorate nails to the holidays. Bright Christmas toys on a white background draws to the new year, hearts – for Valentine’s Day, Georgievskaya ribbon – by May 9, Russian flag – by June 12. The picture is placed on all the nails or focus the attention of people, placing the drawing on one, and sometimes two fingers of each hand.

Sometimes a white nail plate is decorated with a soft sand and a matte top. It turns out a magnificent velvet design with amazing flowers. Manicure with a volumetric image made of gel paste, do in special cases.

Matte image with foil in casting technique also attractively and unusual. This technique uses a special foil pre-dried in the lamp. First, the surface is treated with gel varnish, then the ornament of saturated gel paint is applied. The skim foil is applied by the matte face gradually, in order to avoid the appearance of proper. Then the drawing is covered with two final layers of transparent varnish.

Unusually look on white nails silver and golden strips, which can be applied using a special metallized tape. Strong impression on the surrounding produce black stripes on a white nail surface. They can be located longitudinally and transversely. Originally look at the nail zebra strips. Longitudinal lines are often paved by rhinestones.

Beautiful examples for inspiration

    It looks elegantly white design with applying shimmering powder, crystal crumb, acrylic sand and other decorating elements. Collaborates are created using a special white lacquer with a cracking of the colorful layer. Gradient manicure look caresses. Nails made under marble, are also very popular. On a white background, a thin tassel makes divorces, imitating stone texture.

      Often used thematic design. In winter, on the nails depict snowflakes, snowmen + spring – mimosu, snowdrops, valley + summer – butterflies, ladybugs, chamomiles, poppies + autumn – yellow and red leaves. For winter themes, calm tones are well suited, spring – tender shades, summer and autumn – bright: turquoise, blue, green, red, pink and yellow paints. There is also newspaper manicure.

      The reason for inspiration serve a wide variety of images on a white background:

      • Flowers, twigs, trees, mushrooms, berries, fruits+
      • Butterflies, Insects, Birds, Animals, Fish+
      • Hearts, balloons, peas, geometric shapes+
      • Ornament, patterns, hieroglyphs+
      • specks, stripes, dots+
      • notes, anchors, steering wheel and any other thematic drawing.

      How to make a white french, you will learn in the following video.

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