Palette and features of gel lacquer ingarden

Palette and features of gel lacquer ingarden

Manufacturer Gel Laka Ingarden – Stable American Company. A series of products offered for nail design distinguishes quality and richest colors palette. All materials are easy to apply due to their elasticity. At the same time, they do not spoil, but strengthen the nail plates due to special resins in the composition. This is a real innovation in Neil Art!

Features gel varnish

Special resinous components neutralize the aggressive composition of the means, contributing to its safety when contacting the nail surface. Thus, a minimum is reduced to the risk of allergic reactions to the means for manicure ingarden.

Most of the manufacturers demonstrate the coating of two-week noise, and Ingaden modestly and confidently adds another 30% for this period.

In practice, it is verified that the colors of the gel varnishes of this brand will not harm the straight sun rays of the sun and the use of chemicals in everyday life. Therefore, most often it is these funds that choose active travelers, departing in a long voyage to hot countries.

In the production process, the composition of products is saturated with acrylic. This is how the high density of gel coatings is achieved and the nails are significantly strengthened under the lamp. This prevents their fragility, and the stiffness of the coating contrary to leisure opinions does not lead to fragility in the future.

All because caring American manufacturers took care of this side of the question. For elasticity, silicones have been added to the gel varnish, which do not give to form cracks when flexing the nail plates. Thanks to the same substances in gel varnishes, a unique consistency that allows you to distribute them without any problems on the surface of the nail.

Ingarden gel lacquer love Neil-Art professionals for lightness of removal of coating. This significantly speeds up the workflow and increases the number of clients for one work shift. Therefore, and increases the profit of the salon masters. The coating is quickly removed by any acetone-containing liquid to remove varnish, eliminating the need for a large varnish layer.

Ingared varnishes in a couple of minutes after finding a UV lamp, and for a LED device, enough and 30-second-stop effects for drying the coating. Although many masters advise to dry longer, especially if the lamp does not exceed 15 watts. Hybrid tube device for a manicure with a capacity of 36 watts dries gel lacquer for half a minute.

Advantages and disadvantages

Ingand – a well-proven brand among masters of applying gel varnishes and homemade neul-design lovers. A number of advantages makes it possible to attribute funds to one of the best in this area, despite their high enough cost.

  • Easily applied and quickly distributed to a comfortable brush.
  • Has an average consistency density, not too viscous, but not a fluid. Applied without flutter.
  • Aligns the nail plate in the process of its coating. Immediately before drying in the lamp, you can lower your hand down to evenly distribute the gel varnish throughout the nail area.
  • In the lamp gel lacquer does not frown, cracks are not formed. Drying happens quickly even with a thick layer of coating.
  • In the means of high pigmentation: enough 2 layers and any color looks rich and deep.
  • In this case, gel varnishes are stored in perfect condition on nails up to three weeks. This period is a week more than the indicator of similar products of other brands.
  • Easily removed from the nails with soft bough after pre-dissolving the first layer.

The lack of gel varnish Ingarden is considered not the lowest price, but with such high quality indicators it is worth accepting as due.

Color palette in collections

Select the appropriate color for the perfect manicure is offered from 150 different shades. In fact, in the palette of Ingande, the color solutions are somewhat more and for the convenience of choice it is divided into separate rules.

  • Basic. Consists of 98 bright and dense shades that are well combined with each other. Some shades are pearl.
  • X-GEL – New from the Ingarden brand with a self-leveling structure and perfect color in one application. Rich palette from gentle pastels to juicy paints.

  • Vanilla skies – Elegant pastel palette with barely noticeable golden pearl. On the light reflecting particles create on the nails stunningly beautiful overflows. In this ruler there are translucent varnishes, ideal for a variety of design.

Pastel shades dense structures, a couple of thin layers create a saturated color on the nails.

  • Tropical collection – juicy colors to create bright and stylish neil art in one tone.
  • Magic beauty – gel varnishes extraordinary texture and shades. Represented in pearl, glossy coatings and not brilliant classic options.
  • Winter fairy tale – Line of decorative varnishes, characteristic of manicure design in winter. Coverage with shimmer, golden mosaic, small glitters are presented in a wide variety.

  • Spring inspiration. In fact, inspires to create spectacular manicure variations for long-term socks. Translucent coatings with microperlamutra particles – for the present spring mood.

  • Feline eye. A series of varnishes to create extraordinary overflows and inhomogeneous shades. The choice is not trivial, although it is small. Separately it is possible to purchase a magnet for a larger effect in design experiments.

  • Neon series of catchy. All colors are distinguished by density. Non-standard shades are represented by white-salad varnish with peach notes, there is even a purple neon – the rarity in the gamma gel varnishes from other manufacturers.

  • Gems. Rule, to obtain shades of various saturation, based on the number of layers applied. But good density allows you to use varnishes even in one layer. This allows you to vary at your discretion.

  • New Year line. Every year, the palette is updated with new shades. In general, the most fashionable colors of the current period are offered. Much depends on fashionable trends – the manufacturer seeks to take into account all the subtleties of the modern Neil industry and the direction of common fashion trends.
  • TERMO Tints. All colors change depending on the temperature conditions. Bright and gentle in heat they become brighter and darker when decreasing degrees.

  • Summer Series In three pleasant shades of the tender beige-pink palette.
  • Paradise islands – Over the summer, the cheerful line is represented by blue, peach, pink, fucey, green and other dense flowers. At the same time, they all dry well and differ in the brightness of the pigment.

  • Inspirated by megapolis. Autumn Shellac Series, represented by a large assortment – to become a changed rhythm of the metropolis. Consists of soft nude and dark contrasting shades.

  • Night pearl collection Color gel varnishes with high density and thick coverage. Some shades are similar to the star sky with their mysterious glitter on a saturated dark background.
  • TIME ME FOR LOVE – Spring colors, ideal in a duet not only among themselves, but also in combination with all sorts of design.


Professionals willingly use not only colored gel varnishes brand ingarden, but also a rubber basis for them. Do not disregard nail designers and rubber-based top. Master reviews talk about his ability to align themselves, give a healthy shine and worn for a long time while maintaining the original color brightness.

Presented among funds and matte top, allowing you to easily remove gloss from the coating. Praise specialists and easily removing a vitaminized base, and the convenience of its packaging in the vials of 11 ml.

Convenience of manicure tools highly appreciated homemade nail design. For the simplicity of application, rapid drying and a large assortment of the American brand ingarden gel lacquer appreciated women all over the world.

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