Pink Blue Manicure: Features and Original Ideas

Pink Blue Manicure: Features and Original Ideas

Pink and blue in manicure look very feminine, gently, harmoniously. Combining various shades, you can get beautiful unique images. These two colors are suitable for any length and shape of nails. Pick up the appropriate design using pink and blue colors can be used for any outfit: Casual or Festive.



Features of this combination

The combination of pink and blue always looks very stylish and exquisitely. Neil-Art Masters are increasingly offering interesting options with shades of these colors.

This season is extremely popular pink and blue use in shortened nails having a round or square shape. Of course, it is desirable that the square is mitigated, so shades will look more tender on them. On long nails two colors also look good, especially if they are pointed.

Use pink-blue manicure best in the warm season. For example, in winter, a combination of pale skin of hands with cold shades of pink and blue creates an impression of emissivity.

You can choose as pastel colors, which will give the image of romanticity and femininity, and bright colorful shades, bringing a small proportion of mischief. You can decorate a manicure in these colors in various additional elements, such as rhinestones, drawings, sparkles, foil, stickers.

How to choose suitable shades?

The choice of suitable shades is a very important topic. You can draw any original patterns, use various ideas, but they will all look ridiculous or even repulsive if the shades were chosen not those. So that manicure in pink and blue colors look perfectly, you should follow some rules. Otherwise instead of stylish marigolds, you can get vulgar and screaming, which will only spoil the whole image.

First, one should not combine pale lacquer shades with bright. It makes manicure strange. It seems that the girl part of the nail just left without varnish. Wantfully look bright blue colors with pale pink. This combination is better to immediately ignore.

Secondly, all colors have cold and warm shades, and blue with pink no exception. Most often cold are more saturated and bright shades. For example, for pink so is the color of Fuchsia, Majer, Raspberry. Among the warm shades, it is worth highlighting the shade of tea roses, coral, salmon, peach, with carminic notes. Cold shades of blue are represented by clean celestial, aquamarine, turquoise and cyan.

An excellent pair for cold blue will become gentle pink shades in warm colors. Of these, it turns out a harmonious combination. More refined manicure can be obtained, connecting gently blue with pink pastel. Pink and blue can be stylishly adding white.

Choosing a varnish, it is worth paying special attention to the shade of the skin on the arms. This is especially important if you want to make a manicure in a bright color scheme. For example, for pale skin, through veins are visible, cold shades are not suitable. They will add painful blue hands. Instead of them, it is better to combine turquoise and coral or heavenly and salmon.

Girls with dark skin lucky, as they are suitable for any colors, even the brightest. However, it is not necessary to refuse from the muted tones that will also look luxuriously on tanned handles. Olive leather is not too well combined with pure-blue gamma. It is better to prefer turquoise, mint or cyan. Green tones in combination with blue allow you to win the olive tint.

How can I perform design?

Decorate your nails with a combination of pink and blue is easy, especially when you know what kind of design prefers. Make a stylish manicure for every day or highlight the handles for the holiday very easy. Various additional elements in the form of rhinestones, sequins, foil can help.

Moon manicure

In the trend, the moon manicure is held. For it, only a pair of flowers is used, and a special focus is on the well. They can be left transparent or partially paint, leaving an elegant arc. Such notes look great, decorated with rhinestones. But only sequins should be sure to choose a nail plate.

Use the lunar manicure for everyday life, as it is very neat and gentle. Especially good such design suits short nails. The form of the wells optionally should be natural, here any fantasies are good. For summer, a good option will be the hole in the form of an angle. From popular ideas worth noting the geometric lunar manicure and manicure in pastel colors.


Franch has long ceased to be simple and boring. Today you can safely use varnish of pink and blue colors. To give a manicure of effectity, you can use a strip of silver shade. If you want to feel like a real lady, you can make Frenc with a free blue edge.

Bold girls can paint the nails with peach color, and the edge to arrange azure or heavenly. Franch can be completed with drawings. And even the most simple peas. For example, you can paint the plate with the color of tea roses, to end the thin strip of ultramarine, and on top of the other points. Daring Operations may even combine French manicure with Ombre.


Gradient manicure gorgeous in itself. He does not even need an additional decor. Highlights of such a manicure can give bare lines for eyes. Gradient from pink and blue looks spectacular and original. Moreover, the sequence of transitions of these colors may be the most different. Ideally, such a design is suitable for spring, when so I want something colorful and unusual.

Bright marigolds can be obtained, combining in the gradient transition blue, pink, mint. At the same time, it can be done on all nails, or attract attention only to several. If the gradient is not enough, then you can also apply a funny drawing on top of it. For example, to relax on the sea, the perfect option is black palm trees over pink and blue. For this design, it is not worth loaning on light shades, bright and saturated will be no less interesting.

Long nails better arrange with the transition to pink edges. Ombre technique is unique and suitable for nail plates of absolutely any form. Moreover, arrange the nails in this style completely simple even on your own. It will take only a foam sponge and a bit of warm water. The transition can be performed both horizontal and vertical.



Beautiful drawings

Drawings have long been engaged in a leading position among jewelry in manicure. On a pink basis, geometric drawings look very impressive and boldly. For girls who loving cartoons, the perfect option will be cartoon characters, which are perfectly combined with a free style in clothes.

Interesting drawings on pink-blue nails are obtained by black varnish. And in this performance they look great both a variety of figures and small lines.

Unusual patterns can be created using water. For this purpose, the main color is applied first. Then water takes and several shades of varnish are added to it. Then with the help of ordinary toothpicks is created intricate pattern. However, it is necessary not to forget to lower your fingers into the water so that the drawing is gathered in a single whole.

The easiest option of the picture, but it is no less attractive, are stripes. This option is very easy to turn from everyday per festive, using foil or golden lacquer strips for separation. Cage also draws easily, especially with the help of painting tape. Very expressive shade of fuchsia on blue. You can make this design even more interesting using white and gold.

Designers recommend not afraid and at the same time combine the cage, peas and floral prints. By the way, even simple floral patterns, which in pink and blue tones look very gently and attractive, are still relevant. Especially if you give preference to caramel colors.

Application of sparkle

Sequins Even the simplest manicure can turn into a bright, festive and unforgettable. A small pattern of sequined in combination with light shades will probably enjoy the romantic nature. Excellent shiny decorations look in combination with lace and floral patterns.

Merry girls can try a combination of transverse strips and sequins. For wide nail plates it is better to choose longitudinal stripes.

For the Club manicure with sparkles is indispensable. It is enough to apply the main color, and on top to walk with sequins of another color – and nails will be burned with mischievous lights. Of course, it is better to do this not with all the plates, but only with some.

Sparkles bring expressiveness to manicure. With their help you can quickly and easily get a unique creation. However, in a manicure for every day, it is better to make stones only one nail plate.

Interesting examples

An excellent option that creates a spring mood will become a manicure in pastel pink-blue tones. For him first, nail plates are covered with varnish in a classic style. Middle finger stands out additionally two-color well. As a result, it seems that the color of the manicure is magically changing. Ideally, he will look at the long margins of oval shape.

To nails become very noticeable, elegant and refined, you can choose a combination of pink and light turquoise. Origional give acrylic modeling in the form of flowers. And the cores can be filled with rhinestones, sparkles or beads.

Gradient of pink and lilac flowers looks clean and luxurious. Multi-finger wells can additionally decorate rhinestones.

Summer option will be a multicolored manicure. When the technique of a soft gradient is performed and one color is imperceptibly moving into another, then the nails look very impressive. Multicolored marigolds do not even need something to decorate additionally. The only thing about to take care is about the perfect form of nail plates. It is desirable that they are square.

How to make a gradient on the nails, you will learn in the following video.

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