Pink color in manicure Shellac

Pink color in manicure Shellac

Manicure Pink Shellac is quite popular with women of different age groups. This is due to the fact that this color is quite multifaceted and has a variety of shades. What are the features of the pink gel lacquer, and how interesting you can make your marigolds in this color decision? Let’s figure it out.

Advantages and disadvantages

Manicure Pink Shellac is able to add your image of femininity and beauty. This is not the only advantage of this color.

  • He is pretty universal. Choosing bright shades of the coating, you will receive a universal manicure that is suitable for a business meeting, and for any celebration.
  • Suitable almost under any shape and nail length.
  • You can use as a substrate for design or draw them the main elements.
  • It is easily combined with many shades, so it is easy to apply in Neil-art.

But there is a pink shellac and shortcomings.

  • So, bright shades are quite difficult to apply without stripes and properly, so it is worth buying a varnishes from well-known manufacturers and with a good pigment that have a self-level property.
  • Some bright shades can look quite vulgar on long nails, so you need to be careful.
  • This color is able to emphasize all manicure errors, so your fingers should be in perfect condition.


Pink pink shades of Shellac rather wide. All of them can be divided into several groups.

    Light nude tones

    Here you can attribute a fairly large range of shades that are able to give the image romantic notes. But any shade should be chosen depending on the color of the skin. So, pale pink, cream, beige shades will fit the owners of light skin.

      Bright neon shades

      Peach tones are suitable for dark girls.

      These include strawberry, raspberry, coral shades. Such tones are capable of making a brightness, draw attention to your hands. Basically, the bright pink shellac choose young girls, as the manicure in these shades will not always be appropriate.

      What colors to combine?

      Pink Shellac combines well with many colors and shades.

      • Pink and white manicure is pretty gentle. This combination is often used when making a wedding manicure, but for every day you can easily find the appropriate design.

      • Black drawing on a pink substrate looks quite expressive and able to focus on your nails.

      • The combination of pink shade with gray is a classic in color. Here, the main thing, correctly pick up the shades of both colors.

      • Pink Shellac can also be combined with red, but here it is necessary to carefully approach the selection of shades: choose both colors, for example, in cold colors.

      • With blue pink color combines rather difficult, but here you can find several rather original combinations, for example, deep dark blue with Fuchsia color.

      • Pink color is quite independent, so a manicure can be monochrome. But for such design, marigolds should still be given preference to complex shades, for example, “dusty rose” or “caramel”.

      Interesting design ideas

      Neil-Industry Masters offer Pretty large selection of chipboard design in various variations of pink color. Here are some interesting designs.

      • Classic french manicure. Perfect version of everyday design. But at the party such nobes will look quite relevant. If such a manicure seems too banal, you can diversify it with rhinestones or pattern in the form of a beautiful flower.
      • Ombre At the peak of popularity, especially if it is made in white and pink tones. Such a design has a whole direction of manicure, which is called “Baby Boomer”.
      • For women aged excellent tint on the nails can be “Dust Rose”. This is a completely independent tone that does not require any additional decor. Although for a more festive option, you can glue a few rhinestone on such a manicure.
      • Effect Capron On pink marigolds, it looks rather original, while putting expressiveness.
      • Quartz manicure is another option of everyday margins, especially since the imitation of natural minerals in Neil-Art is relevant now.

      How to make a pink manicure, look in the video below.

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