Pink Franch on the nails: versatility and sophistication

Pink Franch on the nails: versatility and sophistication

French manicure in the new season is presented in a wide range of colors. Favorite among its shades is pink color, which allows you to make the design of nails with gentle and sophisticated. How to choose a pink varnish color for modern french, consider in the article Next.

Nuances of tones and forms

Pink color accommodates a wide palette of shades that can be blond, saturated, dark, warm and cold. Range of paints includes tones from almost white-pink to the tone of cherry and fuchsia. Due to this, French can have a different emotional coloring, which is good for women of different ages and taste.

However, whatever tone wanted to choose for his bow, it must match the color of the woman. For example, blondes are more suitable for light pink tones. Pink french brunette and brown can be performed in a saturated tone. The acidic tones of pink looks boldly, it is more difficult to combine with a tone of lipstick and clothes.

Traditional Franch – registration noble and sophisticated, This is an addition to the image of a business woman and specials with a romantic nature. Initially, he meant a short nail length, a white tip of the edge and a delicate tone of pinkish-nude color. With each new season, French changed, which made it possible to make in its design a lot of decoration and decoration techniques.

Today, Frenc in pink tones fashionably do not only on short nails. It looks beautiful on oval and almond-shaped. Of course, there are restrictions: let’s say, on sharp and long nails, Frenc looks strange and somewhat aggressively. Such a form is incompatible with a delicate design, besides, it is inconvenient in everyday life.

The perfect tones of Franch are nude shades of color palette. They allow design to look natural and natural. In addition, such tones are ease and air industry, which is important for modern manicure. They are perfectly combined with different contrasts of the color palette, which allows you to bring different mood to the design.

Select varnish

The best coating today is gel varnish, which, in its essence, is a hybrid varnish product that combines the properties of varnish and gel. It needs to be dried under a special lamp. Such a coating does not have a sharp smell, and the shades themselves are usually distinguished by purity and good pigment. From a variety of types of pink gel varnishes for Franch, glossy and matte varieties are suitable.

These pigments differ in the type of texture and saturation of the source tone. The most popular product today is a matte varnish having an effect of a textile surface. Using it, you can give the French manicure to the type of velvet, velor, velvet or even satin.

If there is no matte varnish, but I want to do a matte french, you can make your nails with an ordinary glossy pigment, after which it is covered with a top with a matting effect.

When choosing a shade of pink varnish, you need to consider the combination of the main tone with contrast. As for the contrasting varnish, it can be different, which depends on the intended design and designation. For example, in the classic version of Franch complement the smile of white. In addition, he often implies the decoration of several nail plates-accents.

It is impossible not to take into account the saturation of the main pigment, correlating it with the nail length. For example, on short nail plates, a darker tone of a nude or pink color looks better, because light, and even a pearl hue will expand nail, but the length will not add. Of course, blonde tones are not a ban for short nails in case the form itself is extended and non-plan. Dark tone will reduce the sides of the plate, making it narrower.

Pouder pink is well combined with foil film, Regardless of whether the lace is white, holographic black or golden, mirror. Beautifully Looks Frenc with a smile designed in the technique of broken glass. Fashionably execution of Franch in the technique of a veil, in which the basis of the background is a translucent coating, and the smile and drawing is created by acrylic paint.

Options for registration

Today, Frenc can be diversified by different ways. Someone uses a variety of drawings with acrylic paints to give elegacity to pink manicure. Others prefer to use the winding or stamps with the smallest ornaments. Third complement the French manicure with bulk drawings or stucco.

There is also a way like french french unusual smile. For example, it can be made in the form:

  • fine strips of upper edge+
  • semicircle closing almost half of the nail plate+
  • several transverse lines on one nail+
  • Waves with lace lambs+
  • two triangles on the sides of the nail plate+
  • Light gradient mounted to the middle of the nail+
  • asymmetric diagonal line+
  • contour strokes around the nail+
  • Combinations of smile and gradient.

In addition to the fact that the smile can be made of contrasting gel lacquer, today create it using a special decor. For example, you can decorate French imitation with rhinestones, small camifors. No less interesting looks pink french, the edges of which are decorated with a glitter, sequins or even special stickers.

Can be made from a conventional one-photon coating French manicure using the hemp. To do this, it is enough to apply patterns on the edges of the nails, choosing the design by your own way from the mass of thematic templates. Someone more like decoration not smile itself, and accent nails. In such design variants, as a rule, there are several marigold patterns, rhinestones, stickers, and the remaining nails are arranged traditionally.

Interesting ideas

We bring to your attention some beautiful and gentle decorations of Franch in pink colors.

  • Pink Nude with a white smile and bulk decor on accent nails Looks incredibly gently and beautiful.

  • Laconic solution of a combination of pink color with black contrast and lacy pattern harmoniously complement the image of modern fashionista.

  • Gentle shade pink with a golden bronze smile looks spectacular and gently. Such a design can decorate the evening bow.

  • Franch with a geometric smile, performed in the technique of a negative space, looks easy and easy.

  • Peach-pink Frenc with strawberry theme in cream will like by lovers of marshmallow design.

  • Matte pink-nyudovy french in the technique of Vuali will not leave indifferent any representative of the beautiful sex.

  • Beige and pink Basics with black and white contrasts will give luxury and aristocracy with female evening bows.

  • Light pink design with sparkling decor and black edging edge looks expressive and sophisticated.

  • Design for fans of bright contrasts in combination of pink and blue.

  • Asymmetric french in the technique of negative space is decorated with foil scotch and glitter.

  • Bright French manicure with stickers on accent nails will appeal to connoisseurs of catchy bows.

  • An example of a gentle pink french with a lace pattern. He will decorate a delicate image of a woman, making it romantic.

  • Summer Franch in pink-lilac colors and floral topics will allow the female image to be lighter and elegant.

About how to perform pink french with floral topics, look in the following video.

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