Pink-lilac manicure – stylish and bright solutions

Pink-lilac manicure - stylish and bright solutions

Nail design often reflects the inner mood of the girl, because through the selected color you can show the mood at the moment. Pink-lilac manicure will be an excellent companion of romantic persons with a delicate spiritual organization. In this article, we will consider the value of the combination, examples of design, and tell you what clothes it is better to combine it.

    What means?

    In the palette of both colors there is a red, symbolizing passion, however, in each case it is muffled with more neutral and calm shades: blue and white. Pink and lilac shades look perfectly on the nails of any length and shape, most importantly, choose the desired tone. When choosing, it is necessary to navigate not only on your own preferences, but also to the nails, because than they are longer, the more bright shade will be suitable.

    Everyone knows a pacifying effect that has a lavender color, Therefore, psychologists often recommend using a shade to girls in a stressful situation. Freshness, harmony, expressiveness and mystery – all this carries the color of the tender lilac, which in combination with pink looks great in any situation, whether it is an evening output or a trip to the movies with friends.



    Color combinations

    The joint application of pink and lavender tone is in itself an interesting move. Shades as it is impossible to harmonize with each other. You can add gold or silver color to them, it will also look very beautiful and white. When choosing one or another design, it should be borne in mind that the shades can be changed in places, for example, instead of pink tone, paint light-purple.

    Very beautiful such a manicure looks both in gloss and in the matte version.

    To obtain an unusual texture, it is enough to hold the hand over the ferry for a few seconds.

    Examples of design

    There is a huge number of examples of a beautiful manicure using pink and lilac shade. They can be applied solo or in combination with other tones.

    • Monochrom. Monochrome manicure is the standard option and the simplest performed. As a variety, it is recommended to make up four fingers in Laveandov, and one non-name – pink. If you want more gentle tone, it can be applied to the index and the little finger, leaving the remaining nails with lilac. Similar option It is not possible to look better in matte texture, especially on long nails.

    • Transition. To create this design, you will need five different shades of lavender and pink, which, when applied, form a kind of transition from one color to another. Mysinets can be painted the most dark, unnamed – a slightly lighter, a pale purple is applied to the middle finger, and on the index – the pastel-pink shade. Nailing thumbs should be decorated with either a completely bright shade of pink or white or nude.

    • Ombre. Pink-lilac manicure Ombre is the most popular option for this combination. Uniform transition from one tone to another beautifully and originally on the nails. To create this design, you will need two varnish and a piece of sponge. First of all, the nail is treated with a transparent basis, then the sponge is painted in pink and lilac color. Light extruded movements should be transferred to the drawing from the sponge on the plate.

    • Franch. Classic French manicure of white-beige combination Although keeps the leading position in the nail design, still gradually goes into the background. Instead, now make color french. The larger pink is applied as the basis, and lavender paint the tip. You can change them in places, make a different option on each finger, add a hole in the cuticle or silver edging border between two shades.

    • Patterns. Beautiful monogram, petals or curls are very interesting looking at pink-lilac background. As a rule, the white color is chosen for jewelry, it is most suitable for both shades and competes them. If you want to make a manicure using only two shades, you can paint all your nails pink, and light purple make patterns.

    • Strips. Design with manicure stripes that glue straight on the surface of the nail, very popular this season. With thin, multicolored lines, you can create an interesting picture that will not be ignored. They can be glued horizontally, vertically, diagonally. It all depends on fantasy. As a rule, strips are chosen by white, gold or silver color, as they are neutral and suitable for any combination.

    • Sequins. Brilliant manicure – perfect option for evening events. He will give the image the completion and highlight. One option is to apply pink blasts on the entire surface of the nail. So as not to overdo the shine, it is recommended to decorate only the ring finger. The rest are painted in a lavender tone, you can matte. For a more modest option, stretching perfectly. Pink sparkles are raised on the lilac base, and then stretch towards the middle. Sequins can be decorate both the tip of the nail and its base, in any case they will be evenly distributed over the entire plate with a thin brush.

    Choose outfit

    The combination of two pastel shades is not suitable for each image. Clothes for a similar option should be chosen carefully so that everything looked harmoniously. The optimal option will be a pink or lilac cocktail dress in combination with beige shoes and bag. If the shoes will be open, it is recommended to make a pedicure to tone.

    Manicure in pastel colors will look beautifully with a chiffon or silk orchid color blouse, refilled in black pants or skirt. An ideal way will be the Total White Look, to give the raisin, you can decorate the neck with a lavender handkerchief with a pink pattern. Pink lavender nail design How it is impossible to look in this case. Manicure is suitable for the image with chiffon dresses of purple.

    Read more about how beautiful to place a pink-lilac manicure, you will learn from the following video.

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