Pink manicure with rhinestones: shine and femininity

Pink manicure with rhinestones: shine and femininity

Pink manicure with rhinestones can be both very gentle and unobtrusive and bright, even catchy. It all depends on the selected shade and design. Let’s try to figure out which one options for every day, and which will be appropriate only with the evening outfit.




The main feature of any pink manicure is the abundance of shades of this color. They can be both very gentle and bright, juicy. Therefore, speaking of pink color, everyone presents its own tone – about unity and versatility here is a conversation. For example, bright pink color is more suitable for girls and teenagers, and the elegant tea rose color will decorate the image of any business lady.

A color scheme

Wanting to give the uniqueness and originality of their own manicure, modern beauties skillfully combine it with other shades and flowers. At the same time, rhinestones are very harmonious complement the image without overloading it. Duet variations may be many, among which are found both classic and extraordinary.

With violet

The combination of pink, purple and rhinestones is suitable for creating a spring or summer “Luka”. He is sufficiently born and cheerful, while it can be combined with a lot of summer images (be it a light sundress or light office suit).

With gray

An interesting manicure version. On the one hand, gray gives peace of mind and nobility, on the other, rhinestones give restrained chic. You can use the latest as accents. The combination of colors can manifest itself in drawings, and in the color of different marigolds with these shades.

With gold and silver

Yes, the combination of rhizes and gloss on the nails is permissible. The main thing is not to overdo it with their number, otherwise the manicure will resemble a Christmas decoration. For example, a gentle pattern of sequined, decorated with several rhinestones, will be enough. Try this reception on one or two fingers, and you will see that such a bright combination can be stylish and restrained.

With black

Gentle pink and stern black colors in a pair create an excellent tandem. Prefer muted pink tones. Tender fine patterns, supplemented by several rhinestones, only emphasize its grace. Absolutely inappropriate here will look heavy geometry or gothic patterns.

With white

Classic combination. It can manifest itself both in gentle french or white patterns and in monophonic staining in different colors of fingers on one hand. Indispensable white color and when creating lace on the nail. It looks very gentle and romantic.

With red

This passionate deep color gives a pink manicure with brightness and chic rhinestones. The combination is suitable for the summer manicure. When using complex design and technician, long nail plates are required, since short notes such a design may be overloaded.

With blue

The gentle combination of blue and pink colors looks very harmonious. Although these tones from different palette, but with a successful selection of shades, you can create an interesting duet. You can paint one finger in blue, and the rest – in pink. Strases can be located both on this blue nail and as accents on others.

Multicolored enclosures

Rhinestones may not necessarily be transparent. Manufacturers make them today in a variety of shades. At the same time, they can be supplemented with color splashes. Such light accents will not look defiant, but will create an original image.

Technique implementation

The technique of execution plays great importance. Master of Nail Design owns a lot of options that are able to visually transform nails. A variety of effects obtained at the same time give originality and unusualness.


Classic option. It is suitable for active women who combine several roles. Gently and gently looks with an office “onion”, and with the free style of “Caudual” for walks. Rhinestones will give brilliance and get rid of the effects of everyday. You can arrange them both in the corners or the growth line at the base and in the free edge.


In recent years, he became particularly relevant. Complete lack of brilliance is successfully compensated by rhinestones. Their glow on the matte surface looks very exquisitely and restrained. At the same time you can attach them in single order, and create some drawing.


Despite the fact that the manicure in the Ombre technique already looks quite independently, it is not forbidden to complement it with stones. Execution options here can be somewhat: select only one or two nogot, make a smooth color transition on them, decorate rhinestones or use a gradient on all your fingers, but pebbles only stick to one.


Loving classic of many fashionistas. The most popular colors of his execution is a gentle pink and beige. Sparkling elements only add femininity. Perfect option for gentle and romantic natures.

Moon manicure

Often combined with a French manicure. Thus, the master repeats the natural color of the nail, because the free edge and the lunar area near the base always have another shade. Strases located in the center of the lunar region or only on one of the marigolds, emphasize your individuality.

Design options

It seems that the pink manicure with rhinestones is already a complete option. But, trying to show his individuality and seeking to create a unique design, many beauties are not limited to one pebbles.

With vensels

Pretty complex technique at which the master documens various patterns with smooth bends and roundings on the nail plate. Repeat his houses will be quite problematic. It looks gently and even touching. The best arrangement of rhinestones is logical interface to an existing pattern.

Solid coating rhinestones

Usually, the ring finger is selected for this and completely covered by rhinestones. It should be abandoned by any additional elements on the rest of the nails – such a bright element will be more than enough.

Range options

What technique and the combination of varnishes you have chosen, The location of the rhinestone has several main trends:

  • A single: in the middle, on the free edge or at the base of the nail+
  • Framing of growth line at the base+
  • Decoration of nail corner+
  • pattern in the form of a pattern+
  • Will with a pattern or drawing.

Which of these options to choose depends on the desired effect and personal preferences.

With floral motifs

On a pink background, flowers made in Watercolor (or Water Way) technique look very gently. If you wish a brighter effect, then ask to draw a bright rose. Rhinestones that complement the flower will resemble dew droplets and attract attention to the drawing.

With drawings

Their subject can be quite diverse. But it is worth understanding: if you make a bright manicure under a certain image or a celebration, then in everyday life themed drawings will look inappropriate. Therefore, it is better to fulfill him with ordinary varnish so that after the end of the holiday it was possible to get rid of the cast design.

But the drawings can be delicate, natural. For example, an air feathelter, on which shoes peters, will not “argue” with everyday way.


Pink manicure with lace ornament and rhinestones is the embodiment of tenderness and romance. It can hardly be called restrained and strict, so pick up air flying tissues and pastel shades for it. More suitable for spring summer period.

With bows

Bows and rhinestones on a pink background – a combination for young chairs. They still live romantic dreams, clean and naive. This option manicure fully emphasizes it. But it is difficult to imagine a “shark business”, which has a frivolous bantas on the finger.

With stones and jewelry elements

Often rhinestones do not act as independent elements, and complement the picture being created. They can be framed larger multicolored stones, imitating natural precious minerals. Also small decorative metal or other decorations can be complemented by these shiny pebbles.

Sequins (glitter)

At first glance it seems that such a combination is redundant, but when a combination of such a manicure looks very gentle and beautiful. Make such a bright accent only on one or two fingers – leave the rest in a relaxed monophonic gamma.

Successful examples

Pink manicure with rhinestones.

Matte pink manicure with rhinestones.

Pink manicure with lace.

How to make a simple pink manicure with rhinestones at home, you will find out in the following video.

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