Rules for the design of French manicure shellac for short nails

Rules for the design of French manicure shellac for short nails

Qualitatively performed french on short nails is a classic manicure, providing for medium or short nails with a free white square or oval edge. As a rule, the French version is carried out in the natural color scheme, and the nail plate bed has a shade, as close as possible to the skin color.

Shellac Frenc on short nails is one of the popular options for manicure, and this is an explanation. Its undoubted advantages are the following:

  • aesthetic, impeccable appearance, which is relevant both for a regular day and for the holiday+
  • The restraint of the tones allows you to use such a design in combination with any clothes and cosmetics+
  • Manicure can be performed on short and medium nails.

Many fashionicats loved this type of care and decor and on a more prosaic reason – nails treated in this way do not require adjustments for two weeks, so going to rest, you do not need to take manicure accessories with you.

How to prepare nails?

French manicure can be done at home, using ordinary varnishes, or use the services of a professional wizard in the cabin. At home, there will be a bulk carriage, napkins without a pile or paper handkerchiefs, a degreaser, a UF lamp (36 W), primer as a cleansing and disinfectant. Instead of a degreaser, you can take acetone or alcohol, but these tools can make the color of nails less expressive. Performing a manicure independently, the first thing will be necessary to carry out the following nail preparation:

  • Franch style coating requires careful dry processing of nail plates, so at the beginning they need to trim, attaching the same length+
  • After that, carefully moves the cuticle, and its surplus is neatly removed+

  • Next, it is necessary to grinding using a baff – a special, bulk bar, which in the same way as the remaining tools must be previously disinfected by the disinfectant+
  • Degreasing is the final stage before applying the coating, while it is better to use funds that do not contain alcohol, or special napkins.

Schellics must be prepared in advance – basic and top, to protect and final consolidation. You will need two colored coatings – any pastel and white.

Grape seed oil need to restore the skin of the cuticle after the harmful effects of ultraviolet lamp and mechanical damage during processing.

Creating a classic manicure shellac

Application technique includes several stages. Having finished with hygienic and mechanical preparation, after which the nail has already has a certain form, You can proceed to the main part of the procedure, performing the following algorithm:

  • First, a wide brush is applied a transparent base (one layer) and dried in the UF lamp for two minutes+
  • Then color, single-layer coating, as a rule, beige or light coffee, it must be dried a little longer – three minutes+

  • “Smile” is created on the third, that is, the abnormal part of the nail is missing, you can use special stencils to make the edge clearer+
  • At the end on the plate applied fixing, the finishing shellac – the layer should be pretty thick, and you need to dry it about five minutes.

Important! All layers must be thin, with the exception of the final and fully dried.

Design options

Universal design is made using a transparent base and white edge, but there are other types of manicure, which are suitable for different cases, namely:

  • Two-color or multicolor french – When the nails are made in one palette or various shades are used for different nails – this technique is similar to a classic coating, but brighter tones are selected+

  • Reverse (Moon) Decor – When the nail plate at the base covered with contrasting color, forms crescent+

  • Millenium – In this case, the main part of the nail is covered with a pastel, nude tint, while the edging can be brighter and maintain a metal+

  • Decorative coating – this is an additional decoration of applications, beads, images.

The most sought-after flowers when performing Franch are: Beige, White, Peach, Salmon, Coffee, Turquoise and Pink. The original option is Frenc with a pattern – for this it is necessary before applying the finish layer to cover the nail decor. Another type of design is the decoration of sequins and rhinestones, which can be easily performed by hand, besides, pebbles can hide some defects. Multifactured Franch is considered the most difficult to perform, in which the matte and glossy coating are combined. Volumetric manicure also refers to complex procedures that are better to perform from a qualified master.

More specifically how to make Franzuz Manicure Shellac, learn from the following video.

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