Runail Professional Gel Varnish: Features and types

Runail Professional Gel Varnish: Features and types

Such foreign brands like Luxio, Bluesky, Kodi, long ago gained popularity worldwide. These brands produce not only nail extension materials, but also colored resistant coatings. To date, competing by foreign brands can be Russian companies whose products are not inferior in quality to foreign analogues. More information about one of these organizations, we will tell you in this article.

Information about brand

Runail Professional was created in the city of Voronezh. For over 13 years, it is present in the Russian market. The company has proven itself high quality material and products for the manicure industry of beauty, as well as the safety of goods. This is evidenced by the fact that the Russian company is listed by the best brand for Neil Art, and ranks first position among competitors.

Runail constantly expands the color palette, Participates in various exhibitions, and in a timely manner updates the range of products. The price of a varnish bottle varies around 200 rubles for 9 ml. Bottle design – black or white matte glass, which indicates the name of the company, number and shade of gel varnish.

Advantages and disadvantages

Gel lacquers from Runail are greatly suitable for the owners of thin, layered nails. Multiple application of coating transforms nails for the better. The coating does not spread, it is convenient to use, and gives a deep color, subject to the technical rules for applying.

Standard coating consists of the base, gel varnish itself, and fixing the top. The campaign has a single phase or multilax, which works as a common manicure agent. Coating resistance – 2-4 weeks. Safe product formula and comfortable brush facilitate work manicure master, allowing you to save time.

Polymerization occurs in LED and UV lamps. For drying, only one or two layers of color varnish are needed.

Runail competitive palette – colors include stunning bright, matte, neon, pastel and translucent shades. There are tones with the “Cat Eye” effect, sequins. Any girl will find suitable color and texture. The volume of the bottle of 15 ml makes the varnish convenient in storage, and the high density and saturation of the pigment affects the increased coating resistance.

The disadvantages include the problem of removal of coating. Mechanical paths are not recommended to cut the upper layers of varnish, as it is harmful to the nail plate.

Special fluids are used to change the coating and soft blades. In addition, many of the varnishes of this company are rather liquid, and poorly pigmented.

Collection and palette of flowers

Let us dwell on the most popular collections of this manufacturer, as well as on the most interesting colors.


The Indi collection is the shades of the year. In the summer palette there are pastel soft colors with glitter glitter. This series was released in the summer and immediately conquered the hearts of the fan. The most unusual gamma is red, like, for example, color 3463 (purple-cherry) and scarlet 3069 “Fashionable to be bright”. These gel varnishes without pearl and sequins have a dense coating and increased resistance.

The autumn collection included the color gamut of warm shades, as well as several colors are presented with sparkles. The coating is resistant, glossy, almost immune to the rocks, is easily removed using the Remurver.

Single-phase gel varnish

Single-phase gel varnishes – it’s all in one lacquer, when applied which it does not require top and base, which is extremely convenient in the home use. In essence, this is an ordinary varnish, but because of its structure it comes from longer, up to 3 weeks. Such a bottle is convenient to use on business trips and travel. Monophasic gel varnishes are applicable for artistic paintings of nails.

Drying is made in lamps. Colors are obtained glossy, juicy and bright.


Innovation from Runail – super-fast lacquer with the lack of sticky layer. Resistant to mechanical stress, it is used in any novel design. Texture in gel varnish homogeneous, which facilitates the process of application. The palette consists of classic colors with glossy sparkling glitter, sparkle varnishes themselves. Due to the lack of a sticky layer in a multilay, varnish is applied immediately to the nail. For lovers of home manicure will be an excellent find.

Cat`s Eye

Color 2932, “Seychelles Cat” – this is a dark brown gel lacquer with a shimmering glitter. With different lighting and viewing corner, it goes into almost black gamut.

In the Cat`s Eye palette there are shades of precious metals: golden, silver, with sapphire glitter. The drawing itself is created using a special impact of the magnet. Metal particles contained in gel varnish, under the influence of a magnet add up to various drawings: straight lines, zigzags. For uniform distribution, before use, the bottle with varnish must be shaken.

This varnish can also be applied at home. The effect of “cat eye” is not always obtained from the first attempt, so it is recommended to practice, but the result will justify all the efforts.

True Sensation in Neil Art. Parfum collection is created for those who choose not only the color, but also its fragrance. Here you can find colors with different effects: classic flickering, catchy neon. This palette will not leave the brand of the brand indifferent, and the thin and incredibly pleasant smell of the coating will give hands barely audible notes of the aroma of paradise colors.

This is a sticking layer coating, and it requires standard application. Resistance, like all Runail gel varnishes, is up to 4 weeks.

Subtlety application

Runner application technology does not differ from the technology of other brands. The first stage is the preparation of the nail plate to apply gel varnish. First, nails are degreased by a special. Then classic manicure is performed. Nails are equal in length, and the outer layer of the plate is polished by soft bough.

The primer is applied – the rubber camouflage base. It is designed to align the surface of the nail plate, compacts and strengthens the nail, gives it strength. It can work as a base under the coating of color gel varnish, as well as independent coating. In this case, the camouflage base must be completed with any top.

Each applied layer dried for 1-2 minutes in the lamp.

A color gel lacquer is applied to the database, during re-overlay, each next layer must be dried in the lamp. Poor drying will lead to the wear of the durability of varnish and poorly fixing it on the basis. After all procedures, the coating is fixed with a glossy or matte top. In conclusion, the sticky layer is removed using a lounge napkin or liquid.

All materials: base, top, coating, should be from one company to obtain the maximum result declared by the manufacturer. The wrong selected base from another manufacturer with Runail gel can lead to the fact that the coating can begin to move away from the nail plate, and the resistance of the socks is dreaming up to 1 week.

New in the line of funds from Runail steel napkins for removing gel varnish. The company has created them to relieve the removal of old coating. Napkins are easy to use and pleasantly smell. All varnishes of the company are soluble with the help of a Remurver – it acts exclusively on the coating molecules without affecting the nail plate. In its composition, the rehemor contains moisturizing components that soften its action.

Before using a napkin or solvent, the blades are considered a glossy or matte top lacquer. Next, the selected agent is applied to the cotton disk. Wool applied to the nail and turns around a piece of foil. Thus, the perfect temperature is ensured for the effect of the gel. After the time expires, the remnants of the varnish are removed.

With proper use, the nail plate does not suffer, besides the remover pleases, and does not cause irritation of the mucous membrane of the eye and nose, respiratory tract.


Budget price of gel varnish Runail attracts customers. Low cost on the market does not affect product quality. The presence of single-phase varnishes and multilayers, easy to use products to remove the product – all this allows the company to receive positive feedback.

Fashionable with brittle, peeling nails noted that the coating has a beneficial effect on the nails, allowing you to grow the desired length. The color palette also pleases the fans of this brand and constantly expanding. However, some buyers note that part of the varnishes are not enough high pigmentation, and you have to apply more layers than declared. Light shades are least pigmented, as a result of which the coating can “begged” – the nail plate is shusted in places.

Durability in domestic use ranges from a couple of days to one and a half weeks, but the cost of varnish blocks this disadvantage, and this is also celebrated by buyers.

Master of Manicure In the course of his work, do not reveal dissatisfied customers. Almost all women are satisfied with the results. Runaail varnishes are chosen due to ease of use, excellent qualities in varnish sock, and for a wide color palette and textures. Masters of Neil-Art say that such gel varnishes really correspond to the description approved by the firm.

Runail Product Overview See next video.

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