Secrets of green fries design on nails

Secrets of green fries design on nails

Saturated green is considered one of the noble and elegant shades. Often in such a color you can see clothes and business bags. Similar images attach seriousness and deliberateness, always neat and holly.

However, fashion experts and beauty industry professionals went on – They offer to create a manicure in such shades. And one of the most common options is considered green french.

How to choose the design of the classic French manicure for everyday socks, and what holiday options exist, consider in this article.


To begin with, it should be noted that the green color is quite multifaceted. His palette consists of dozens of shades: from light-salad to the so-called bottle. In connection with such a variety, to arrange its nails in the style of Green Franch will not be difficult, and the manicure itself is suitable for any event: from summer holiday to the sea to a business meeting.

Green lacquer is suitable for all forms (square, pointed, oval) nails and for any length. And you can apply it at home.

Designer ideas for registration

It should be noted that Green Franch is just starting to enter into fashion, so you have the opportunity to become a pioneer, and use such a modern and unusual way to styling nails one of the first. And in order to determine the specific way of design, it is necessary to take into account several individual characteristics.

For example, the age is important: Young girls will suit brighter tones and mischievous motives, and women held deep shades and elegant mood.

You need to pay attention to the style of clothing (business, sports) and lifestyle (serious work in the office or the fate of the “Free Artist”).

Based on and when taking into account these criteria, designers and masters of nail service offer several design options.

Elegant simplicity

Pretty simple, but at the same time stylish and neat way of designing nails. The essence of this design is that the main nail plate is painted with a transparent varnish, and the corporate line inherent in the French manicure is covered with green. And, depending on your personal preferences, you can choose a variety of shades.

With drawing

This option is suitable for those who want to give some playfulness and freshness to their image. So, it should be noted that the green color is a fairly universal tint regarding the possibility of a combination with other tones, so methods and options for drawing drawings practically do not know constraints.

For example, a green strip on the end of the nail can serve as the basis, to which you can draw a spike watermelon. In general, the image of fruits on the nails will become an excellent solution for the summer pore and give some lightness to the image. Moreover, you can depict a wide variety of fruits and fruits: apples, grapes, peaches and much more.

“Striped” fantasy

In the modern world, traditional performances are quite sharply replaced – this applies to the understanding of the nail design. So, if before the French manicure was performed using a limited color palette and according to certain rules, then today everything is possible.

Designers offer to beat the classic line at the end of the nail with additional stripes, you can apply one or more of your desire. To the green ribbon you can draw white, red, blue, black, yellow and stripes of other shades.


Especially stylish and unusually on the nails look various geometric shapes. As part of the Green Franch, this option can be embodied in several ways. For example, the distinctive line at the end of the nail is not oval or straight, but to use geometric patterns (rhombus, triangles, parallelograms). You can also portray a geometric image in the center or another part of the nail.

Useful advice

In order for your manicure to look beautiful and well, you should take advantage of several simple advice.

So, in order to make sure that your nails look well maintained, when applying a French manicure should be used by special stencils designed for staining line at the end of the nail. Such templates can be purchased in almost every cosmetics at an affordable price.

In addition, before applying a new manicure, it is necessary to prepare nails: get rid of the old varnish, apply a strengthening agent on the nail plate.

So that the green Franch on the nails lasted a long time, use a special fixing agent that should be applied as the final layer of your manicure.

Master class on creating green french do it yourself look next.

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