Secrets of the perfect beige matte manicure

Secrets of the perfect beige matte manicure

Each woman dreams of an ideal manicure that would emphasize her femininity and pointed to the feeling of taste. Of all the variety of color shades, a beige color is better coping with this. Especially beautiful, if the design uses a matte type of coating. It is worth considering which secrets of the perfect beige matte manicure.

    The rules for choosing the ideal shade

    The color gamut of beige color includes a lot of tones, from light and almost white to dark. At the same time, the tones differ in temperature: they can be heated with an admixture of yellow color or cool, giving blue subtock.



    On skin tone

    So that manicure in beige tones looked flawlessly, you need to pick up a shade under a specific color, not forgetting to consider your own taste. And it is also important not to forget about the situation and season. For example, for dark skin, shades that giving yellow. For warm skin tones worth seeking beige-pink or beige-peach textures. If the skin from nature is pinking, you can choose for nail coverage in beige-gray tone. When the skin is pale, it is worth looking at a beige with a cream subtock.

    In general, it is worth considering a simple rule: The darkness of the skin tone, the coolest and brighter there should be a selected shade of varnish. When choosing a pigment, you must not forget that Ideally, he should be darker for two tones. The beige color of the gel varnish should not be perfectly falling under the tone of the skin, the principle of contrast is important.

    Otherwise, the stylish design idea will be wrapped by a fashionable failure.

    On the length of nails and varieties of the product

    To choose from the best shade of beige coating affects the length of nails. Dynamot varnish looks better on short nail plates, visually creating an elongation effect, which makes fingers elegant. If the nails are long, bright beige will be the best choice for a premium manicure. On the average oval length, which today is considered the best form, the bright tones of beige look great. To emphasize the beauty of the design, you can choose the coatings with the effect of holographic, sand, textiles, lacquer products with magnetic, temperature, glossy and matte pigment type.

    Perfectly look at such nails matted varieties under suede, velvet and satin, as well as mirrored gel varnishes. However, when choosing a beige coating, it is necessary to take into account the fact that light and bright tones beige will be visually expanding and crushing the nail plates. As for long nails, in this case, the selection of colors, as well as the textures of a beige pigment, must be approached especially carefully. The fact is that the larger the length, the greater the requirements. Everything that will be appropriate for nails of moderate length and short, on such nails may seem vulgar and unforgivable. It is better to stop your choice on bright shades of beige, because they will allow the status and refinement in the design.

    Depends on a situation

    Choosing a hue of beige color, you need to consider a specific case. Since the manicure today is made mainly by hybrid types of pigments, we will have to carry it on average from two to four weeks. This means that you have to choose a shade for everyday bow. The color should not be unnecessarily complicated, because the task of a luxurious manicure is to complement the female image of the status, do not shout about yourself. For business onions it is better to choose bright tones of beige, possibly with the addition of cream pigment. Such an option is good for office workers, but business women can afford beige-nude tones and beige-bronze tint, and even beige-brown. Need to take into account not only the style of clothing, but also the status in society.

    In the wear of beige pretty capricious, you can not forget about it, because a manicure should not make a feminine.

    By seasonality

    With the arrival of the new season, the manicure acquired seasonality. And this is another way to choose a more appropriate tone for design. For example, for spring onions, gentle shades are suitable, for example, creamy-beige, milky-beige. Summer is the time of bright colors, the shade of beige color can be especially bright. He can give lemon subtock, neon.

    With the advent of autumn, complex paint includes. However, at this time, you can emphasize the beauty of female hands, choosing beige tones with an admixture of orange, gray, golden subteon. To choose to be more harmonious, can be repelled from the type of coatings: for winter these are options that look good with your coat, sweater, knitted blouse. Winter is the time of restrained tones, you need to remember this.


    Beige color can change emotional color depending on the contrast designed. However, whatever color is chosen, you need to take into account that it must be dominant. This rule is easy to observe, using bright companions, but even small inclusion in the design of dark pigments is able to suppress the beige base background. In addition, you need to pay attention to what emotional coloring I want to get in the end. For example, light tones differ greater ease and airiness, while dark contrasts are able to add a woman’s age for several years.

    To prevent this, you have to use dark companions at a minimum.

    In general, combine beige pigmented gel varnish can be with flowers as:

    • White and silver+
    • Black and golden+
    • silver+
    • Dark green+
    • Smokato-gray+
    • Coffee and milk+
    • Brown or chocolate+
    • Marsal or wine+
    • light gray and silver+
    • White and peach+
    • Coral and black+
    • Blue and black+
    • White and blue.

    Ideas for decorating

    Today to make a luxury manicure in various techniques. Traditional of them is a classic, and even such a simple solution will be allocated due to the matted type of coating. Matte varnishes look expensive and status, such a type of product allows you to enter the women’s image of the aristocracy notes. Classic design can be created in different ways, including the focusing of nail by pigment with a powder or even rabral.

    In addition to him, a nanicure base in beige tones will be Franch (traditional and reverse), as well as moon design, broken glass, gradient.

    You can decorate a beige manicure with such decisions as:

    • rhinestones+
    • KamiFubuki+
    • Glitter+
    • Sequins+
    • Stickers+
    • Pictures+
    • Stumping+
    • powder+
    • foil+
    • width+
    • film.

    Each type of decoration has its own nuances, so before performing the design, you need to think about it carefully, namely:

    • rhinestones should not be much better to have them point+
    • Sparkling decor can decorate the cuticle and vertical zone by masking the joints of two contrast varnishes on one nail plate+
    • Frames can give a classic design to Franch+
    • The glitter can draw nail contours that today is very popular+
    • Sequins can decorate a smile Franch or highlight a gradient+
    • stickers will allow manicure seasonal, and even in the right style+
    • Figure (volume or flat) gives nail design status when performed realistically no more than two nails+
    • Stamps can be used for accents, choosing between graphic images, geometry and lace+
    • Pudder can be used for lace, as well as knitted textures and volumetric patterns+
    • Foil transforms design, especially if the island variety or scotch is chosen as the basis+
    • womb on the background of an accent nail can convey the texture of the beetle, making a beige background deep+
    • Film can be focused under a broken glass on one or two nails.

    Beautiful examples

    We offer some beautiful ideas for your beige-matte manicure.

    • Gorgeous solution in beige-white contrast.
    • Stylish and trendy design with accentuation of the Cuticle Zone.

    • Gentle solution in matte beige color for every day.
    • Luxury design to enter light.

    • Beige-brown contrast of design with moderate alignment of accents.
    • Lace nail decoration in warm beige.

    • Matt manicure with rhinestones and stylish decor of accent fingers.
    • Selection of design using acrylic powder.

    • Manicure with rhinestones in the contrast of beige and marsala tones.
    • Using a geometric topic in design.

    • Original solution in beige-brown tones with drawing accent nails.
    • Use stickers for decorating accents of manicure.

    Read more about how beautiful to arrange a beige manicure, you will learn from the following video.

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