Sharp black nails: Fashion options and original ideas

Sharp black nails: Fashion options and original ideas

The first wave of fashion on sharp nails fell at the beginning of the 2000s. Peaks and styles appeared in every fashion magazine, but it was possible to boast of such a manicure, not every – at that time it was possible to repel their, natural nails – a different nail service simply was not. Happy owners of strong and healthy nail plates flashed with fashionable shades of varnish, the rest walked with the length that could afford.

Today everything is different. Thanks to the achievements of modern science, every woman, if desired, can afford to nails of any length and shape, be it peaks, styles or pointes ballerina.

Building, strengthening nail gel – options Modern nail service offers a mass, and thanks to a polymerizing in the Hel-lamp gel lacquer, a manicure will hold on two weeks to a month.

Difference of the peaks from the style

Calculate the free edge of the nail can be different. If the nail plate is fragile, brittle or, on the contrary, soft – it is better to stop at a small length, otherwise even the correction can be a traumatic. In addition, you need to consider the following: the sharper the angle you choose, the easier it is to break it.

Pointed nails are different in form.

  • “Almond” – the most popular due to its versatility. This is definitely acute, but at the same time a narrowed shape of the nail. On almonds there are completely lacking corners, which makes it incredibly comfortable. Watching such nobes is very fashionable and feminine.

  • “Peak” – these are the most sharp nails. They look interesting, attractive, but very impractical due to their fragility.

  • Long “peaks” – “Style” – the most spectacular, but at the same time uncomfortable nails. Length is limited only by the fantasy of their owners. Often on the styles, the design is performed, which makes them even more noticeable.

  • “Pointe ballerina” or “Ballerina” – a kind of hybrid of square and sharp nails. The narrowing of the free edge ends sharply and goes into a square op. To date, this form is considered one of the most fashionable and difficulty.

In addition to those listed, there are more rare forms of pointed nails.

  • Tube – “Pipe” – combines the square and almonds. Nails have arched species, sharpening and taking a closing on the free edge at an angle of 45 degrees. They are much stronger than peak.

  • “EJ” – incredibly complex in creating a variant of pointed nails having a two-man. Despite the substantial length (often almost the same, like the stallows), Eji is very durable, harmful, but they look no less effectively.

  • “Bridget” – a form that is not enough to whatever the master can be so rarely found. It is two-shoes and at the same time three perception, and all this is on one nail! Manicure such a form looks like a real work of art.

  • “Parker” – this is a shape, beveled or cut as a square, but not directly, and at an angle. This is an extremely original form that binds its owner to be an extraordinary person in everything, and not only in manicure.

  • “Blade” – a fantasy form in which the free edge ends figurily, reminding not the butterfly wing, not the frozen fragment of the ice. It is extremely rare due to its impracticality.

How and how to decorate

Design on sharp and long peaks can be anyhow, since modern materials allow you to realize any fantasy client. One of the most spectacular and dramatic is black varnish – both glossy and matte.

If earlier any lacquer assumed a monophonic coating or in extremely sequins, now it is not necessary to do so banal manicure. Black color can be supplemented with geometric patterns, make holes, lay out french, and use a coal shade for both “smiles” and for the main tone.

If you choose a black coating, then you should not try to make it easier, more accurate.

In the case when you do not want your hands to catch your eyes, you should choose a beige or powder pink varnish.

Such colors like black, red, as well as any other saturated shades and the so-called color of precious stones oblige their owners to care for their hands, pamper them with creams, masks, and for any homework to wear gloves.

Black is the color that is perfectly combined with any design. Rhinestones are large or small (or both and others) – Yes, bullies – yes, gold and silver – of course, monograms – excellent, sliders or stembling – of course.

All that on a gentle, pastel manicure would look firmly, black will adopt and emphasize how you need.

Nuances socks

    Pointed nails can be both relatively short and endlessly long. Of course, the larger the length of the free edge of the nail, the harder to learn how to manage it in ordinary life – perform routine home affairs. However, this does not stop decisive women who want to wear such a manicure.

    As a rule, the master warns that styles (no matter, their own or increasing) react poorly to any of the types of loads. Nail can break even when looking for a wallet in the lady bag, and how many thin stockings can suffer from peak, do not even talk. Therefore, the ladies are most often choosing a similar shape and length, little burdened by everyday issues that are not constrained in the means and allow themselves to managrate such prosaic things as cooking and washing dishes.

    About modeling of different forms of sharp nails, see the video below.

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