Simple drawings with gel varnish on nails for beginners

Simple drawings with gel varnish on nails for beginners

To make a woman look stylish and attractive, optionally spend strength, time and money for visiting beauty salons. You can create a unique fashion image at home. In this article we will tell you how to make a pretty light pattern with gel lacquer and that it will be necessary for this.

Required tools and materials

To embody a high-quality manicure, you should be in advance all the necessary tools.

  • Colored varnish or acrylic paint. These options are needed in order to give the surface of the nail the desired shade and to embody a creative drawing. Acrylic paint has more rich pigments. It is designed for artistic painting. If you want to draw pictures with multi-colored gel lacquer, remember that its shades should differ from the main coating at least a couple of tones. Then the composition will be pretentiated consistently and beautiful.

  • Necessary elements for the embodiment of a particular design. These may include stencils, stickers, scotch and many other items. Everything will depend on the drawing you are going to embody.

  • Pussy. They can be thin, thick, short, long. They will help clearly draw the necessary items. You can also stock needle or pin for smaller parts or toothpick.

  • Dots. An integral attribute of the novice is this subject. It has rounded tips. With the help of Dottsa, you can easily and simply put round drops on the surface of the nail plate. This will allow a person who does not have artistic experience, create a real masterpiece on the nails.

  • Decorative elements. They can relate to foil, rhinestones, sparkles, glitter. First, you should choose the appropriate design, and only then proceed to its embodiment.

At home, you can find different branded materials that will also become assistants in creating creative Neil Art.

For example, DOTS can be replaced by invisible or sewing pins with different tips.

Before you start making pictures, you should take care of the fingers and on the surface of the nail plate. Neil-art will be perfect when the hands are perfectly processed. To do this, you will also need certain quality tools.

First of all, it is a small container with warm water, where you will swallow your hands, preparing them for processing. Then an orange stick. With its help, you can gently push the cuticle, without damaging the nail plate. Plugs removed excess skin. With the help of a nail file, the desired form is given. And the bug polls their surface.

It is not necessary to irresponsible to the preparatory stage of processing and switch to design faster. After all, on how well the nails are worked out, the resistance and neatness of the manicure will depend on. Therefore, spend your precious time at this stage, then not to regret the efforts done.

Lighter ideas

Today you can find the most creative at the same time uncomplicated manicure ideas gel-varnish. Below is step by step, how can one or another design can be done, which elements and adaptations will be required.


Simple drawings on the nails can be implemented using this technique. I will cope with this even a novice master. You do not need certain skills and a lot of time. Similar design may look cute, stylish, brilliantly – it all depends on your preferences.

To implement a stylish design, you will need the basis, gel varnishes of a certain shade, a needle or toothpick, cotton wand and a lamp for drying layers. If you want to create beauty on the nails, it is worth starting with simpler drawings. Gradually, you can draw complex elements.

You should cover the nail plate the base and drier in the lamp. Then apply a preferred shade of gel varnish. Without letting him dry, put three or four points in the center. Their location depends on the length of the nail. Take a needle and gently connect these points in a single direction. You can make a line from the edge to the hole and vice versa.

Ready drawing first dried carefully under the lamp, and then fixed with top coating.

There is another option. Mentally spend the vertical line that will divide the nail plate in half. Each half should be painted with a certain color of varnish, and two fingers (for example, nameless and medium) paint different colors (for example, black and red). Red dots are affixed on the black half, and on red – black. With the help of a needle, horizontal lines are held from the heat point to the center of the nail plate. In this case, the line should be slightly underestimated. So you need to go through all points.

Well, the easiest way is to put point in line and connect them with toothpicks on this technology. So that such an abstract drawing looks stylish and neatly, nails should be the same length.

Spot technique

Before it is embodied, it will be desirable to practice several times, as well as pick up a suitable tool. You will need the foundation, gel varnishes of various shades, Dots, foil, top covering. You can choose a stud instead of Dottsa, pencil, handle. They will also help embody the conceived.

First, the base is applied to the nails and fixes in the lamp. Then the nail surface is covered by the selected color. Conveniently apply white, blue, beige tonality. Also everyone carefully dry. We take a piece of foil and put on him droplets of a red gel lacquer. Take Dots and with it put on the surface of the nail red dots, repeating the shape of the well.

After that, we wipe the tool with a napkin and repeat the procedure, but with another tint of gel lacquer. And so to the end of the nail plate. Points can be different in volume. After the design is completed, everything successes in the lamp and fixes the top coating.


Similar option is also easy to execute. You will need colored gel varnishes, base, top, piece of foam rubber or sponge, foil, lacquer removal fluid, cotton wands, toothpick. Initially, apply the database and dry well in the lamp. Next, cover the nail plate with a gel varnish of the selected shade. He will be the main in our design. Let it be brighter gamma.

Then the foil is taken. Drip there with gel varnish darker or saturated than the basis. Now plunge the sponge in the varnish and apply it to the surface of the nail, pressing, but not much. If you want to use not two, but immediately a few shades, then the next color should be applied.

Take a cotton wand, moisten it in a special solution and remove the excess varnish on the cuticle and side rollers.

When the design is completely ready, it is fixed with the top of the top cover and dries in the lamp.

You can make a flow from one tone to another and a little different way – on a piece of foil immediately apply the desired colors. With the toothpicks achieve a mixture of one shade to another on the border. After that, plunge the sponge into the gel varnish and transfer the color to the nail surface by fast and clear movements. Pasta residues are also removed, the top is applied and the composition is dry in the lamp.

You can make a gradient at once on all fingers. To do this, need a darker color to cover a thumb or a little finger. The remaining nail plates will have a gamma a little brighter of this primary color. To do this, we mix the white gel lacquer to the base shade. All this is done on foil. Colors are mixed well, and then applied on your fingers. So even one-photon coatings will look fashionable and attractive.

With tulle

An interesting and creative moment for inexperienced neil masters will be the use of a piece of ordinary tulle or lace. So you can create an attractive marigold decor, make them stylish and gentle. Bursted with gel varnishes: base and finishes. Also, stock up beautiful lace with drawing. Cut the same stripes with similar images to not spoil the whole composition.

First applies the base, fixes in the lamp. Apply the lacquer of the selected shade on the nails, which will be the basis. Now you can go to design. Take the elongated piece of fabric, hold it with your fingers and press the lace to the surface of the nail. Over it, apply varnish and quickly remove the material so that the lacquer does not have time to grab, otherwise the whole picture is lubricated. After the composition is dry, apply a fixer.

Drawing Master Classes

Draw at home can be free and easy. The main thing is to be patient and good devices. First, you should use simple options for the embodiment of personal Neil-Art. Gradually, you will expand the boundaries of your skill and move on to more venistic patterns. You can find a variety of lessons and master classes in detailed drawing items. Follow them clearly and you get a positive result.

  • Hearts. Created by means of toothpicks. In this design, the main thing – accurate movements and good light. Initially, the base is applied to the fingers, which is polymerized in the lamp. Then the nails are covered with a suitable tint. We take foil and put the droplets of the selected gel lacquer, which will be created by hearts. Toothpicks are affixed on the nail point next to each other. From each marked down, pull the strip under the tilt so that they are connected. So you can get a beautiful heart.

Upon completion of the design, nail plates are covered with top and dried in the lamp.

  • Watermelon. To create such a drawing, you will need suitable gel varnishes and brush. Cover the nail pink tint. The edge of the plate is framed by a green strip. A thin strip of a white shade is drawn over it, and then black dots are arranged over the entire nail plate, which symbolize watermelon seeds.

  • Floral patterns. Draw flowers is also quite simple. At the same time, such compositions look spectacularly and attractive, suitable for any clothes and any event. Should be patient and preferably for the first time. Initially, the nails are covered with a base that successes well in the lamp. Then you should cover the nail plate of the gel varnish of a light shade. With toothpick or needles, put the point on the marigold. It will symbolize the middle of the flower. Remove the remnants of varnish from the tool. After that, around you need in a circle to place points, imitating petals. With the toothpicks, swipe from the petals to the center. So you can make the required number of floral elements. After the design is completed, everything successes in the lamp and covered with top.

Secrets and tricks

Do not be discouraged if you immediately could not carefully embody the selected Neil-Design. It will be necessary to practice a couple of times to feel confidence and gain creative nails. Do the whole procedure does not rush and carefully. If you are a novice specialist, then only the preparation of your hands can take a long time. Do not hurry. The speed itself comes with experience. Better initially do everything slower, but better.

Do not neglect the preparatory procedures. Nails and fingers should be perfectly processed before creative design will be applied. Non-accurate nail plates look not only uniform, but also vulgar, even if they are the most stylish drawings. Be sure to organize your workspace. This also depends on the quality of the procedure. The table should be spacious, where all the necessary accessories for manicure. Must be light, otherwise you just do not notice small nuances of design.

No one and nothing should interfere.

To pin the nail plate follows only in one direction. This will avoid cracks and fragility. At first, perhaps, it will be unusual, because we are all used to sawing your nails in both directions. But it is worth practicing, and you will quickly get such actions. A positive result will not make himself wait.

Should not be a gel lacquer before use. So may appear bubbles that will create obstacles to create a smooth coating. Slide the coating with a thin layer. It will be better to make a few thin layers and dry each in the lamp than one thick, which will spread and cause an inaccurate manicure.

Experts strongly recommend capturing the edges of marigolds when painting. So you can avoid chips, and a stylish manicure will delight for a long time. Be sure to use a fixer. It gives the coating not only glossy glitter, but also guarantees durability and durability (of course, if all the rules of manicure are observed).

All layers are good to dry in the lamp. This will depend on the clarity of the drawing and the resistance of the entire composition. To remove excess gel lacquer you need to use a special tassel for Neil Art. It will help gently clean the skin and keep an attractive eye.

Better to shoot gel varnish with professional funds. Do not use the Fillet. In inept hand (and often in skillful!) she is able to injure nail coverage. It is better to protect yourself to avoid negative consequences.

If you wish to create a unique decor, but you do not have due experience, starting standing with simple drawings. You can also take advantage of shirts: stencils, stembling, decor elements. They will help create creative manicure.

An important point is also high-quality materials and tools. Do not purchase an overdue gel lacquer. It will not lead to due results. High-quality means are more persistent. When drawing decoration should pay attention to the surface of the nail. Do not put on nail plates multiple drawings. It will look ridiculous.

Better emphasize several fingers.

Beautiful examples for inspiration

Creating your creative manicure, do not be afraid to experiment, revealing individuality. You can supplement those examples that you have seen, with your workshops, use the remedies for creating a creative decor. Here are some examples.

  • Geometry. For this design you can use the usual tape. It is better to start with the simplest geometric shapes. Initially, it is necessary to apply the database and dry it in the lamp. After that, the shapes of the desired form are cut out of the tape with sharp scissors. Use tweezers to stick them on the nail plate. Over the top cover all with different color. After the lacquer dries, you can remove the tape and all cover the finish layer.

  • Butterfly. Beautiful and unusually watch multicolored butterflies on the nails. They can be decorate all fingers or focus on one. Nails are covered with a base layer and are thoroughly polymerized. After that cover them the main selected color of the gel varnish. On the nail plate we apply five points with white. The biggest is put in the center. Now with the help of the brush, draw wings, torso and mustol. So quickly you can create an attractive butterfly without much effort.

  • Pictures with stickers. Interesting, spectacular and simple option for beginners. You can buy a wide variety of stickers on a transparent basis and hoisting them on your fingers. It can be sliders, thermal blinds, translated – and there is a lot. After that, everything is covered with a top layer and dried in the lamp. Such simple options can decorate any image.

    In this article we looked at how to create simple drawings with gel varnish novice specialists. Follow the step-by-step selected instructions and you can get the desired result. Do not forget about the quality of materials and tools. Your manicure will also depend on them. Do not be afraid to create and experiment, gain experience and embody the most creative ideas!

    On how to make simple drawings on the nails, see the following video.

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