Simple nail design gel varnish for beginners

Simple nail design gel varnish for beginners

High-quality neat manicure – the basis of any image of a modern girl. Today not enough well-groomed marigolds. The design should be relevant and at the same time unique, distinguishing its mistress from the crowd. Manicure based on gel varnish has long been loved by fashionable. Resistant beautiful coating will delight several weeks. You can make it not only in the cabin from professionals, but also yourself at home. Simple and spectacular patterns can be created using step-by-step instructions.


Manicure with gel varnish has a number of features. Most of them are quite positive, they can be attributed to the weighty benefits of this coating. Probably the only drawback is a somewhat high cost of materials for creating a fashionable design compared to the usual varnish. Gel coating is more expensive, besides, it will be necessary to purchase a special ultraviolet lamp for its consolidation and drying. But if you count how much such a coating is laid, and then compare with ordinary varnishes, then the benefit of the gel will be obvious.

The design of the nails in the gel lacquer technique looks very impressive, but with all the seeming difficulty, it is not so difficult to master the creation of a manicure at all.

Light pattern consisting of simple lines, dots, curls are able to make any girl. Cancel your skills on paper or nails with ordinary varnish. Create beautiful drawings and combinations will help step-by-step instructions and materials created specifically to facilitate the starting process. They allow you to make clear drawings: these are stickers and stamps, special stencils and scotch.

Patterns and drawings, created on the nails of gel lacquet, are suitable for all women without exception, regardless of age and shape of clothing. It is important to harmoniously pick up the design to your style and the situation in which the manicure will be worn. For everybody it is better to choose gentle colors and minimum accessories in addition. On the output or to create you can decorate the nogot all kinds of combinations of techniques and shining materials. It is worth remembering that modern fashion trends are striving for naturalness and laconism. Therefore, only two selected nails are abundantly decorated, and you can put small accents on the others.

Gel coating provides a wide range of colors. Experts recommend to choose an individual solution in accordance with the unique color type of skin and the shape of the nail plate. A unique combination can look on the nails more effectively than the most trend colors of the season. In this way, you can create a manicure that elames you from the crowd and attracting special attention.

Required toolkit

To create a manicure gel lacquer, special tools and coatings will be needed. Some of them need to be purchased. Others depend on the selected manicure design. Professional tools will help relieve. They do not need to be purchased in large quantities, if you are not going to make a manicure of your profession. Enough one or two types of each tool. Gradually, you can buy the necessary materials.

Not worth saving on quality. It is better to buy one good brushes of universal type instead of a dozen cheap. If so far there is no possibility to purchase professional tools, and you really want to create a beautiful drawing on the nails, you should not worry.

Some of them can be replaced by infrident inexpensive means.

At the initial stage of making a manicure, gel varnish will need the following materials and tools.

  1. Basic and final coatings under gel varnish. Top coating with sticky layer or without it (for registration of a fashionable manicure).
  2. Gel-varnishes of the desired colors. You can start with 3-5 common shades, on the basis of which most patterns are built: white, red, pink, black, golden, green.
  3. Paint Brush with Natural Hair. It is better to take the most thin and middle.
  4. Dots – a special tool with a metal ball at the end, resembling a handle for a letter. Used to create various patterns from points and curls. Can be replaced to start and conventional handle used.
  5. Drying lamp (UV or LED lamp). You can first take an inexpensive Chinese version.
  6. Manicure Correction Means: Cats, Primer, Pilking, Clinser, Means for removing gel coating, Orange wood sticks, Foil, Conventional sheets of paper, Plastic palette for mixing paints.



    To create additional patterns, you may need: rhinestones, microbistant, glitter, shimmer, special foil, stones, bullies, camifors, flock, acrylic powder, mass for bulk modeling, velor sand and other materials.

    We master uncomplicated technicians

    Most of the most complex drawings, if they are well considered to consider, are built on a combination of conventional elements: dots, commas, straight lines. Run them easy. To get a neat pattern, you can use Dottom, Scotch, stencils. When applying should be closely monitored by the amount of pigment tool, so that it is not too much.

    A simple monophonic manicure in fashionable color looks attractive. If you add it to fashionable small accents, it turns out a unique design. In this way, you can make a contrasting bowl of the well at the base of the nail or the edge in the technique of French manicure. You can draw all the marbles or only accent. Adding strips from rhinestone on the edge of the lunula or even nearby along the nail will look attractive.

    If a pretty bright shade is used for manicure, you can try the fashion technique of Negative Space. It takes a scotch or stencils. The bottom line is that part of the nail remains inoperable. Usually leave untouched gel lunula.

    And also with the help of curly stencils, nevertheless make the fate of the nail in the form of hearts, the outlines of figures, the silhouette of stars.

    The gradient is a very popular and gentle pattern consisting of flowers flowing in each other. It can be smooth (ombre) or clear, even geometric, consisting of identical strips or figures of different colors. Modern technique gives a wide flight of fantasy. You can combine not only shades of one tone, but also the brightest colors.

    Flowers and floral ornaments are popular with women in all seasons, regardless of the trends of changeable fashion. Beginners can be performed by simple drawings from the uncomplicated circles with Dotto or master the simple technique of painting on wet gel lacquer. More complex and naturalistic drawings are created with the smallest details of the brush and with the help of a volumetric modeling. If there is no time for drawing the pattern at all, it is worth using a set for the hembling or stickers.

    Predatory print again in fashion. Draw blurry oval dark color on a light background will not work. In trend and zebra pattern from uneven contrasting strips. In the current season, the main thing is to choose a trend color. Animalistic design should not exactly repeat the coloring of the animal skins. It can be a combination of red and green, gray and orange, yellow and indigo.

    Circles make up the basis of many complex patterns and drawings. With their help, you can make any pattern, beat national motifs, various textures, create a floral pattern or catchy monogram. Fashionable Conventional monochrome coating will make even several points of contrasting color, set at the base of the nail. Eternal Classic – Polka Dot also consists of circles and points of different sizes. Sequins and camifors – Fashionable version of the evening club manicure in circles. From the points you can create any pattern: butterfly, animal, sun, God’s cow.

    Monzel – another popular pattern, which decorates many types of manicure from everyday french to a luxurious wedding. To create it, you need a brush, dots or ordinary toothpick, ballpoint pen. Point is placed on the main varnish, the comma pulls out of it. The next part of the ornament is done in the same way. You can put curls of different sizes and let them in different direction. Of them create a luxurious ornament or flower decor.

    Geometry is already popular not the first season in all techniques and types of nail coatings. Looks like such a design very fashionable. And make it on your own fingers are quite easy with the help of tape or stencils. We will need varnishes of two or three contrasting colors and brush.

    To create a more delicate image, you can add brilliant accents to manicure with a wet glitter.

    Glitter and stones are capable of giving luxurious radiance to any manicure. In order for the design did not give up a beamless, you should learn to place the decor on the nail plate correctly, choose the optimal size and quantity. Surplus in this case worse than the effect, as if something is missing. Put luxury accents for one nail. On the other we glit only small particles of the decor or leave at all with the base color. Most elements are glued on the wet gel lacquer, and then dried with it under the UV lamp.

    Raindrops are an interesting and simple technique that complements various types of manicure in the spring season, as well as in the fall. Gentle translucent droplets are created using conventional finish coating and brushes or dots. They are put on different sizes and in chaotic order, imitating spreading droplets of moisture or fresh dew. Design with flowers, fruit, ombre and just a monophonic coating will make this method more realistic, alive and fresh.

    How to make nail design at home?

    Creating a wide variety of nail patterns – the process is unhurried and creative. Best patience of the necessary tools and proceed. Do not forget the inspiration obtained when viewing different types of beautiful design. If you have already chosen a simple drawing for beginners, it is worth preparation of nail plates for manicure creation.

    For this, the old coating is removed and the nail bath is made. As familiar way, the cuticle is removed, and the nails will need to give the necessary shape and length. Went with healthy nails need to be defaked. Then the transparent base is applied under any coating. After her drying, you can independently make a beautiful manicure with a decor.

    With drawings

    Neat design step by step will help create detailed instructions.

    1. Play popular with all girls flowers. To do this, choose unnewned forget-me-not.
    2. You paint one or two layers of the main tone, you can choose white or pink. Everyone separately under the lamp.
    3. With the help of Dotsa or replacing it tool, put a yellow color of several points at a distance of each other. It will be highlights of flowers.
    4. Around each point, we put five points a little more gentle blue and dry.
    5. Next to the resulting colors, as it were, from under the petals, we draw green leaves, pulling them into a triangle from the point set by gel.
    6. Again, we are sushiving well under the lamp, and then cover with a transparent finish coating.

    It looks original on the nails romantic hearts.

    They can be pampers not only to the day of lovers. Choose tender white, pink and red colors. If you prefer brighter colors, you will need red and black varnishes.

    On the transparent basis through one nail we apply a pink gel, and on the remaining fingers – white. Under the lamp and repeat the second layer. Then on a white background Dotom draw a pink color of the little sized hearts. To do this, put the two points and connect them down at right angles. So draw on every finger to several small hearts in different directions. The same is done on a pink white background. Do not forget to dry the coating and carefully cover it from top to the top.

    With decor

    Create an independently attractive manicure with a decor is quite simple. To do this, you will need small stickers, rhinestones and transparent glitter. On the basic coating we apply stickers with the selected design. Put them recommended from the side of the nail or at the base. It is better to decorate the maizintsy, index and middle finger. Then we apply a transparent glitter over the stickers, brilliant particles in it should be a bit. On accent fingers – Unnamed and Mizinza based on the base of the nail at the Lunula, we stick to another sticky glitter several rhesis. Wearing a manicure under the lamp and covered with a transparent top.

    Simple ideas of a beautiful manicure for inspiration

    • Sequins of different colors and sizes, decorated in one line, look fresh and ignorant. Design with dew drops can transform any simple coating. Neat dots simply put in touch with each other. It turns out the actual geometric pattern, which is performed in five minutes.

    • Fashionable peas drawing – Eternal Classic. Depending on the size of the peas and selected colors, it may look romantic, extravagant, stylish, luxurious.

    • Gradient – Actual Technique in all seasons. It successfully looks at any length of the nail plate. Choose color transitions to your liking.

    • Black and white manicure looks always sophisticated and unusual. It is enough to put on an accent nail a concise row of contrasting points – and you are already in trend.

    • Fashionable geometry looks stylish, and it is easily performed, just with the help of scotch strips.

    Choose saturated colors or put bright accents on a fashionable transparent coating.

    • In the fashion animal design in the modern embodiment. Zebra strips do not necessarily do in the natural color scheme. Enough hints and light strokes. And shining accents appropriately complement a simple drawing.

    • Cute hearts and gentle rhinestones will decorate short marigolds, superpopular no first season. Choose nude shades and set appropriate accents. Nails will look very carefully and feminine, and the casual manicure will play in a new way.

    • Classic red always looks luxurious, even in monochrome. Supplemented by peas in two other popular colors, it turns the uncomplicated manicure into a stylish and exquisite retro. Attention to you is provided.

    • Yes, Franch is not the same. Strip goes diagonally, yes also black. It is emphasized by a silver brilliant emphasis in the form of a contrasting strip. Such a bold designer decision will delight extravagant amateurs of updated classics.

    • Who said the fracture ladies do not wear? Very much! As well as an elegant men’s shirt with contrasting buttons and bow tie in tone. Of course, we are talking about the elegant manicure! In good taste, its owner will not refuse.

    • Old good English classic, tested. Emphasize the style of his outfit pattern on the marigolds – a special chic. Choose a harmonious manicure and approach the creation of your own impeccable lady with a light humor.

    • Gentle floral decor goes to all women without exception, that’s why he has so many fans. Choose trendy clean and nude shades. For short and medium nails, a drawing with buds on thin stretched legs is suitable. He makes the fingers visually longer and elegant. Choose an interesting option for yourself from a variety of bright ideas and boldly create. Let the process deliver pleasure, and the result will delight and create a positive mood.

    How to make a simple design yourself, look in the following video.

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