Stumping and gel lacquer: design ideas and manicure technique

Stumping and gel lacquer: design ideas and manicure technique

Perfectly, stylish and attractive – this is how every modern girl wishes to look like. Many are paying close attention to their hands. It is nails who are able to tell a lot about the representative of the beautiful sex. In this article we will look at how to make a stembling to decorate your nails.

What it is?

Stemping is a special option to create patterns on the nails. In this way, even those who have no artistic skills will be able to use. You can easily and simply do the most interesting drawings using special devices. From English “Stempings” translates as “stamp”.

The advantages of such a manicure include the following points.

  • The ability to independently create a stylish and creative design. Now it will not be necessary to sign up for masters in the beauty salon, wait for your turn and pay money. You yourself will be able to create masterpieces that will do.
  • Saving time. In addition to financial benefits, you can win time. You ever wake up your own hands.

  • Additional skills will not need. Such a manicure will be able to do any person. It is only important to purchase a suitable gel lacquer.
  • You can create a new and creative design at least every day, since the surface of the nails is not affected. It is easy to decorate new elements.
  • Great mood. When a woman has perfect well-groomed hands, she attracts the attention of others. It gives a lady confidence and improves the mood.

Nail hemp on gel base is made simply and convenient unlike the use of ordinary varnish. You can always remove the composition if necessary, without damaging the main layer.

There are some drawbacks of the method. Many women are unhappy with the price of the starting set. It includes ultraviolet lamp, top, base, colored coatings and other necessary tools. However, this option at high initial cost is no doubt. Infrequently, it may be allergic to varnish components. Here everything is individually and depends on each person.

Devices and tools

Before embodying stylish ideas, to make a stembling, it is worth preparing all the necessary materials and tools that will be needed for work. Be sure to choose only high-quality goods. They will make the perfect manicure. As for gel lacquer, he should not be overdue. The durability of manicure will depend on the quality of the coating.

You will need a basic coating for a strong clutch of gel varnish with a nail plate. Also should be stocking the necessary shades of gel varnish. Top coating you will complete the entire composition. With the help of ultraviolet lamp, the nails can be carefully drying. Purchase special metal discs / plates, where interesting patterns, drawings, ornaments are engraved. It is them later that you will be transferred to the nails.

Excess paint on a metal plate will be conveniently removed using a special scraper. Carrying a creative pattern will help the stamp in the form of a cone with an elastic convex surface. This allows you to comfortably and accurately transfer patterns.

It is worth remembering that in professional stores you can purchase all these elements both individually and in the set. The last option will help save, but here you need to check the quality of materials.


Do quickly and just a stylish design can now every woman. There are several types of stemping. Consider their details.


To begin with, choose the colors that you like most. Now we define in advance which figure we will translate from the metal plate on the nail, as well as what it will be a shade. Typically choose contrast tones. They look fashionable and effectively.

The sequence of technology should be clearly observed.

  • A basic coating is applied to the finished nail plate and is carefully dried in the lamp. Do it neat, sealing every layer on the end of the nail. So stylish Neil Art will delight you for a long time.
  • Cover them selected gel varnish. Pretty dry care again.

  • After that, everything is fixed with the top coating and also polymerizes.
  • Now you can proceed to the hemp. Initially prepare the plate of metal and all the necessary items. Wipe their special fluid to eliminate particles of the past varnish, as well as dust and dirt.
  • For the desired pattern, apply a little special acrylic varnish for the stamp. Remove the surplus scraper, carefully distributing the substance over the surface. This is done with confident and light movement.

  • Now the stamp is taken, carefully rolled around the drawing. It turns out a print, which should be translated into a well-verified nail surface.
  • Determining where it will be better to position the pattern, bring a stamp to the nail and neatly roll out the drawing in the opposite direction. Color coating is imprinted on the surface. Everything must be made extremely careful, otherwise the picture is lubricated.
  • If you do not suit the result, you can always with the help of acetone you can erase the pattern and apply it again. In this case, the main coating will not suffer.
  • After that, you should wait until the paint is driving, and the surface of the top layer can be covered. Everything is dried in the lamp. Stylish manicure ready.

Remember that for creating drawings and patterns need a special acrylic varnish or acrylic paint. Conventional gel varnish to make the stamping simply will not work. Therefore, it is better to spend more money, but get a qualitative result.


This option is made similar to the previous one. However, there are its own features. After you prepare your hands, all suitable materials and tools, remove the pollution from the metal plate. Further actions are described below.

  • The surface of the desired picture or pattern is covered by special varnish of the desired tone. Use the scraper and carefully remove the excess, distributing exactly the substance.
  • Ride stamp and print drawing. Do it stands with confident movement, tightly pressing the tool.
  • Now it is worth picking a thin brush and right on the stamp to open the imprint using gel varnishes of selected shades. After that, everything is carefully dried in the lamp.

  • Now we apply the basic coating on the entire composition and also dried in a lamp.
  • With the help of a tweezer, carefully remove the thin layer from the stamp and carry it gently on the nail. It is necessary to align everything well, cut off the excessions overlooking the edges with manicure scissors.
  • From above the whole composition is fixed with a top coating and dried in the lamp.

So just you can create a stylish manicure yourself. Do not get upset if you didn’t succeed from the first time. With experience you can quickly do this design.

Design ideas

In modern stores, metal plates are sold with the most diverse patterns, drawings and compositions that will pleasantly surprise the most demanding ladies. This will make it easy to do Neil-art stylish, creative independently. You can choose different ornaments: patterned, in the form of lines, geometric shapes, inscriptions, colors, animals and many others. There are thematic designs associated with New Year holidays, Easter and other important dates. Plates with emoticons enjoy extremely popular. Such a design always raises the mood.

You can use color varnish different tones. Often, darker shades are used for printing: burgundy, black, blue. Everything will depend on your preferences, as well as from imagination and imagination. You can create the most courageous solutions, use any acrylic paints.

How to applied?

The main rule in the stembling is a clear observance of the sequence of equipment. Make a manicure will be easy at home if step bypass follow the instructions. For beginner neil masters there are instructions and lessons on how to use all the tools, embodying a stylish design. It should be remembered that a rather important stage is to prepare.

Before making the stage, you should carefully treat your hands, it is desirable to hold them in herbal brave. After that, carefully with the help of an orange stick moves a cuticle and removed with sharp tweeters. Do not forget to give nails a suitable form. To do this, use the saw, carefully cut the nail plate. After that, take the BAU and carry out the grinding process, removing all irregularities. Only after that you can move to the manicure.

First use the base layer. Gently apply it to the nail plates and dry everything well in the lamp. After that, you can use color gel-varnish. Slowly the substance is applied from the middle of the nail to the smooth and accurate movements. After the side areas are missing. Fingers are dried again in the lamp. Now the time of using a metal plate is suitable.

Apply a few drops of acrylic varnish on the selected image. Using the scraper, carefully remove excess. Now bring the stamp and press it tightly to the metal plate. One rolling movement transfer the drawing to the surface of the stamp. Now attach it to the nail, ranging from the left side roller to the right. Paint residues should be removed. After that, you can move to the design of other fingers. After you have created your own Neil-art, everything should be fixed with the top coating and perfectly dry in the lamp.

That’s how quickly and not making special efforts you can make myself a trendy creative design. With practice you will get better and better.

Possible problems

Often you can hear negative feedback on this technique. Not all from the first time it turns out to embody a stylish manicure. Consider possible reasons.

  • Wrong selection of varnish for patterns. It may be too liquid, overdue, poorly pigmented. It is better to use special options that are intended directly for the hemp.
  • Sometimes you can stumble upon low-quality stamps. Such a tool simply will not be able to clearly translate drawing, print the slightest details of the pattern. Of course, it causes negative emotions. The quality of products should be checked before purchase.
  • If you bought a metal plate not in a professional store, it can also be a source of poor quality design.

Interesting examples

There are many examples of a stylish neil art with a hemp. The main thing is to choose the option that you like. You can create a French manicure with a decor using this technique, or create animalistic patterns, emphasize one or more nail plates. For summer period, drawings in the form of flowers, leaves, butterflies will be relevant. If it is a winter manicure – snowflakes, snowmen, snow-covered trees.

Abstract patterns, geometry, various lines are in demand. They will give the nails of elegance and style. Use the brightest coverage, and you can tell about your individuality.

In the next video you are waiting for the application technology and fast painting.

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