Stylish white-blue manicure

Stylish white-blue manicure

Blue-white manicure is a unique option that looks equally harmonious in winter and in summer. Another undoubted advantage of such a manicure is the ability to use a variety of nail decor elements that add additional expressiveness and courage.

Features combination

Every year, stylists offer women to try new shades of manicure, combine unusual colors in design, pick up a new nail shape. One of the most popular trends of 2018-2019 was a blue-white manicure. What attracted the attention of stylists this combination? Consider the main features of such a manicure.

  • This courageous combination is created for women who are not afraid of serious change in their lives and do not go on stereotypes and prejudices. So it happened that blue is considered a male. Ladies, watching fashion, have long known that this opinion is a relic of the past, and blue color has long been used by women in manicure, clothes, accessories. And the addition of white tones makes this color more feminine.
  • The main associations arising in the consciousness of a person who heard about a blue-white combination is the sea and the sky. That is, these shades symbolize internal freedom, serenity and calm.

  • Of particular importance is blue and psychology. For example, ultramarin soothes, relaxes, slows down the frequency of heartbeat + blue shades contribute to the concentration of attention and development of creative abilities + dark blue color indicates intelligence and inconsistency.
  • The advantage of the blue-white manicure is his mischievous combination, which will be an excellent addition to fashionable onion and will be remembered by others.
  • Such a manicure is perfect for a daily, evening or solemn image, he can take place in sports and official styles.
  • Syneva has so many variations that every woman can pick up the color that is the most harmonious with a tinge of the skin and the shape of the nail.

The only minus of the blue-white manicure is the need to have carefully well-groomed nails, because the blue color will quickly denote all available flaws.




Classic French manicure is always relevant, and if it is made in blue, it adds more expressive design. You can perform a manicure by 3D gel or acrylic. First, the master imposes a standard french in blue color, then the nails are covered with camouflage material, and from above the volumetric pattern is performed in white.

Alternatively, it is possible on each nail under the main french to make a point fraction in white, and on one of the fingers, perform a white modeling – flower with the inserted rhinestone.

Gently and gently will look for white fries with a blue rose on one of the nails. There is something in this design something maiden, teenage, soft.


Very exquisitely and skillfully looks gradient manicure in blue-white color. If you use a blue tint, then the nails will look very gentle and in spring. Such a manicure is suitable as a daily, as well as for a trip to rest. If you apply ultramarine or purple shades, it will be a design for a solemn evening.

For brightness and expressiveness over gradient paint, you can apply an additional decor. Beautifully looks like an abstract figure or hieroglyph, made in black.

Girls with humor can be portrayed on a white blue gradient blue trail cat legs.


Lunar manicure is a highlight of the wells in some color or, on the contrary, it is not staining. Moon manicure will look very gently, performed in a pale blue color. Every well can be painted in a white frame, and one of the nails is completely painted in white and draw it empty inside the drawing in a blue frame, for example, heart.

For autumn, the lunar manicure is more suitable in dark blue colors. At the same time, the well can be painted with white varnish and hold a golden border.

Unusually looks blue gradient and white hole. If a unpainted line was held between them, then this will give a manicure to the maximum charm.


Blue and white color are so contrastful, and at the same time so combined, which allow you to perform a wide variety of drawings on the nail plate on any subject. If a woman goes to the sea, then you can “put” on the nail white sail on a blue background. Very unusual option – painting under Gzhel, but it is better in this case only two nails, for example, on the nameless and middle finger, and the rest to paint in a dark blue shade. Very gently and feminine will look white roses or other patterns on a blue background.



Sequins and rhinestones

The combination of blue and white can be used in the case of nail sequins and rhinestones. Popular and simple even for a novice master Option:

  • cover your nails on a large, indexing finger and the little finger in a completely blue, on the middle nail we apply the same shade, but with sparkles+
  • Nailing of the nameless finger stain in a white varnish and lay out cobalt rhinestones on the border of the well.

Design variations with sequins and rhinestones can be different, here the master can use all his fantasy.

Adding red shades

Very spectacularly looks like a sea manicure, which is an alternation of white stripes and a sea wave color lines. Even more bright and unusually watched the inclusion of a red shade. For example, one of the bands can be made red or draw a purple anchor or shell, covering the drawing of the gilder. Lovely looks and red heart on a blue-white background.

If a woman likes a combination of blue, white and red shades, then an interesting option – the image of the British flag. If you draw a symbolism on each nail, then the image is lost, so it is better to apply the drawing only to one nail, and on the rest of the blue french. You can add white or blue rhinestones.

Very spectacular looks blue-red and white nails with abstract design. You can apply the colors of randomly small strokes.

Solid in this case will look like dark noble tones.

Interesting examples of design

Sound Charm

Very beautiful and expensive dark, almost black matte manicure color Berlin lazuries. If you choose the right tone, allowed no longer use no effects. Alternatively, you can paint one nail in light beige color and apply white and sapphire rhinestones from above of different sizes.


Dark blue sky, white stars, black-inged forest: if the nail plate allows the nail plate, then a skillful master can be portrayed on the nail any landscape. Perfectly looks on black and blue sky white month or northern lights. Performing winter drawing, white and blue tones usually become the main. You can draw blue snowflakes on a snow-white background. More cheerful drawing – White smiling snowman on a spray coating.

Stress the winter theme of Krasnogrudoy Bullfinch on one or two nails. The rest of the nails can be covered with white, and the background under bullfight make the pale blue, painting to the black branch, on which the bird sits, handful of rowan.

Cute and directly will look light bear cleaner, looking out of a blue snowdrift.


Gently and feminine will look like the following design: we apply to the nails of a large and index finger and the little sinus dark blue tone. Nail middle finger covering gentle beige-pink varnish. Nail non-name finger stain in white and draw dark azure flowers. It will be interesting to look if it is cornflowers, then you can add to them one beige-pink carnation.

Night sky

White stars and moon on a dark blue background above have already been described. Another unusual night option – the image of the constellation of the Big Malar.


Blue-white shades can be used in creating not only winter, but also summer design. One example: to nails on the Mizinz, Unnamed and Big Finger Apply Blue Franch, on the rest of the nails we perform a white French manicure and draw blue butterflies.

It turns out a stylish and cheerful design.


Another summer option – image of blue berries on a white background. It is better to draw berries on two nails, and the rest fully covered with the same varnish or color in the tone. Blackberry, grapes, blueberries, blueberries are suitable as a pattern. Will please the eyes and enclosure of green leaves at the handustrian.

Choosing a blue-white tone to create a manicure, remember that blue is not only directly blue. With white perfectly combined all its variations – blue, indigo, turquoise, ultramarine, gray and cornflower shades. Another advantage of this combination is the ability to insert contrast colors – red, yellow, green, black, so the design made in a blue-white tone is almost impossible to spoil extra decorative elements.

Learn more about how to make a white-blue manicure, you will learn from the following video.

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