Tertio gel lacquer: features and palette of colors

Tertio gel lacquer: features and palette of colors

About how respectively the woman respects themselves, they say, above all, her hands. Of course, it is necessary to take care of the moisture and careful form of the brushes. However, manicure plays an equally important role. Some prefer to seek help to professionals in the Nail Service Industry. Others dare try their strength and make their manicure independently at home. But in the first, and in the second case it is extremely important to monitor the quality of the selected fund, to avoid further problems not only with the hands, but also with health in general.

If you want not only to admire the beautiful manicure on your fingers, but also do not worry about possible allergic reactions, then Tertio gel varnishes are created for you.

Information about brand

For relatively short period of stay in the beauty market, the Italian brand TERTIO was able to prove himself in the best possible way. Gel lacquers of this brand loved by the beautiful spectrum of Europe, for example, Holland, Germany, Spain, Italy and others. And from recently, the products of this brand boldly entered into the Russian nail service and has already managed to conquer the confidence of domestic fashionistas. Gel lacquer of this brand are produced in China, Germany and even in Russia.

But the technology of creating is strictly controlled by Italian experts and is not at all inferior to the medium produced in Italy.

Advantages and disadvantages

It is worth considering the benefits of TERTIO products.

  • Perhaps the indisputable plus of the Tertio brand gel lacquer performs their high quality. They are absolutely anti-allergenic, that is, their use cannot lead to the depreciation of your health.
  • No less important advantage – this is, of course, the price. If we compare Tertio’s shellats with other well-known brands used both at home and in the salons, they are highlighted in a competitive price. For a bottle of 10 ml, the consumer gives about 250 rubles. Obviously, third-party brands have and cheaper options. But, as mentioned above, it is worth paying for verified quality.

  • The absence of a sharp smell is another plus gel lacquer of this brand. Many women even celebrate a clear smell of needles that cannot but rejoice. The coating procedure becomes pleasant not only for the wizard, but also for the client.
  • Special attention deserves texture of Shellakov TERTIO. When it is created, manufacturers managed to consider all the wishes of masters and lovers. This is, above all, a high level of pigmentation, which is important in working with bright shades. As well as the means of this brand have the ability to self-leveling on the nail without pillars, which, of course, helps when applied.
  • The resistance of the gel varnish brand TERTIO is adjudged to the limit. Therefore, any homemade hassle or hard work with your hands does not damage your manicure.

  • A huge number of women notes the convenience of color bottles. Manufacturers thought even such a trifle so that among the great diversity of tubes to find the necessary shade. Unlike other firms, the TERTIO bottle is completely painted in the corresponding color.
  • Another significant advantage of brand products is the fact that it can be used to tops and bases of other manufacturers. These gel varnishes do not require a mandatory combination with “native” means, which is very convenient for both masters and for beginners.

Unfortunately, the disadvantage of this company is inappropriate. Not in all stores of Russia can meet a stand with the means of this brand. And the Internet playground makes delivery of products only by fairly large settlements.

A variety of shades

The TERTIO palette is incredibly diverse, so the selection of shellaca for the next manicure session will take a fairly large period of time, but it is quite good. It is worth considering the following popular brand collections:

  • The famous collection, of course, can be called a palette Classic, After all, in it you can choose both popular colors that do not leave fashion and bold solutions that accurately relent enthusiastic views of the girlfriends+
  • Another collection of this brand is called Classic Eco Line – It contains more than 100 warm and cold shades + from the previous line it is characterized by the fact that you can choose all sorts of effects and textures: metallic, shimmers, holography, glitters+

  • Popular collection Las Vegas, in which special gel varnishes are presented, their uniqueness is to change the color, depending on the lighting + indoors, you have a manicure of one color, and in the fresh air is completely different+
  • in ruler Natural You can meet with a dozen rooms of interesting nude, camouflage shades + they are used both for French manicure, and separately, if the desire is a gentle and pleasant color+

  • For those who prefer the pearl manicure, a collection has been created Pearl+
  • For fans of the Effect of Chrome presents a ruler called ROYAL SECRET.

For example, you can consider shade 72 from the Classic Eco Line collection. This is one of the most running colors of the brand, because it looks unusual, but also not high. And due to the neutral shade, between Nude and Brown, it will suit every time of the year and for any occasion. And the Italian brand offers its consumers a collection of other coatings needed for manicure.

Here you can choose a rubber base that is known for your harmless to nail quality, a matte top to achieve an interesting design of the manicure, as well as the finishing coating to secure the result.

Application rules

Tertio gel lacquer can be attributed to the variety of three-phase products, because all the shellats imply work with three means. In fact, this starter set includes basic, color and finishing coating. The application procedure consists of the following steps:

  • First of all, it is necessary to apply a special fluid to clean and finished to the manicure for degreasing, which will ensure the best connection of the nail coating and relieve possible deformation+
  • Next, you need to apply a database into one or two layers+

  • The next step will be the applix of the color coating, depending on the personal wishes of the color saturation may be required from one to three layers+
  • The final and no less important stage will be the applix of the top cover, which is necessary to ensure that the state of the manicure remains as long as possible, the initial + this coating is important to apply a thicker layer than the shellac himself.

Important! After using each of the three funds, it is necessary to pass the polymerization process – drying the nail in the UV lamp for about 2 minutes.


Both masters and newcomers in the manicure industry unanimously argue that Tertio gel varnishes are recommended for purchase. High quality funds makes women come back to this brand again and again, complement their collections of Shellakov. The absence of unpleasant smell and allergens pleases those who have suffered with other means, but continues to want the most beautiful nails. A huge number of masters say that a gentle smell raises the mood to clients and does not cause difficulties during a manicure session. And also women pay attention to the convenience of the bottle and brushes. It is not wide and not narrow, guarantees a successful application of varnish for the entire length of the nail without the formation of so-called properins.

Favorable price can not not increase the mood as a salon owner, where manicure services and the usual amateur beautiful fingers at home are offered at home. Both professionals and newcomers confirm the resistance of the gel varnish brand TERTIO. In compliance with all rules, the manicure will not need to be corrected about 4 weeks. Many women celebrate a successful gel varnish texture. He is completely ugly, that is, you can avoid hitting the cuticle. And at the same time, there is a non-uniform distribution on the nail.

And of course, it is impossible not to remember the diverse palette of shades, because the Italian brand represents true fashionistas to choose from over 200 color solutions for any reason.

The only drawback is the fact that Tertio products are quite difficult to find in stores and have to be ordered online. But what you can not die for neat and beautiful handles.

How to distinguish the original TERTIO from fake, look in the following video.

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