The ideas of a red manicure: beautiful techniques and a variety of design

The ideas of a red manicure: beautiful techniques and a variety of design

Red manicure is considered classic. In the time of the Great Inquisition, bright long nails were considered a sign of fallen women. But a lot of water has leaked since. Today, red marigolds can afford both business ladies, and freshman.

Secrets decor

Beautiful red nails require a wizard of high-quality execution of their work. Each flaw and defects will be clearly visible. To decorate such a bright manicure with an additional design or leave in a monophonic range, every girl decides herself. Here, the reason for which the work is done is also played. For everyday images, matte and monophonic options are suitable in calm shades of red (paprika, carmine), and for a festive exit, you can add brightness and glitter. Here they will be wonderful to play such shades like a flame red or ruby-red.

Every year new trends in the field of nail design appear. It plays the role of not only the shade of varnish and appliances, but the nail form itself.

Natural lengths still remain in the trend.

The red varnish looks very neat, without a hint of vulgarity.

Multicolored Franch

French manicure can be performed not only in classic beige-pink tones. If you make a red database, and the tips are painted in gold or more calm color, you will get a very interesting combination. Although in the design area and there are certain rules, but no one forbids you to make your own adjustments.


Such a manicure must be performed only by an experienced master, because even in the school of nail design it is on it that the control exam is passed. Any error and inaccuracy will be well visible on red gloss. If you choose a modest length, then such a manicure can be worn even with a strict office dress code.


The ideas of red manicure include and matte finish on the nails. This is a truly chic evening version. Velvetiness will give the originality and style. The original combination of the matte and glossy surface. You can leave one finger in the brilliance or, on the contrary, cover everything except the nameless, matte finishes.


Very boldly the combination of red and black. This option is suitable for self-confident women who prefer the brightness of sad grayness. The transition from red to pink will be more peaceful. Especially if you choose calm shades. Gradient usually does not require additional decisions. If you do not want to cover all your nails, then leave only one for design – it will be enough.

Selection of technology

Each girl can be individual and bright. This contributes to the diversity of existing nail design techniques. If earlier only one-photon coating was taken, now there are practically no restrictions. Choose that design and technique that fits you more by nature and mood. It is worth noting several of the most popular.

  • “Feline eye”. This technique appeared relatively recently. All thanks to manufacturers who do not get tired to surprise us with interesting techniques. After all, no one could think that magnetic dust will be used in nail design. Red manicure in the “Feline Eye” technique will be very bright, so think in advance those images that you can try to it.

  • Stripes. Not in vain in school so long study all sorts of geometric shapes and lines. If in real life they were not useful, then here they will look very stylish as design on the nails. Variations here Massa. It can be both simple lines and complex geometry.

  • Ethnic patterns. You must be extremely careful not to overdo it. Red itself is very bright and juicy. Additional patterns can aggravate it, especially if there are a lot of them. But the light unobtrusive pattern in ethosal will be quite appropriate. You can dilute it with gold or silver, but it is worth abandoning the rhinestone, since these components from different operas.

  • Multicolored nails. If you want brightness, but cover all nails red not for you. It is better to choose a calmer shade (pink, beige), and with this screaming tone cover only one or two nogot. So you save the calm nature of the manicure, and bring brightness. For the festive dinner, you can strengthen the effect of a red monophonic manicure, covering all the same pair of nail plates with sparkles.

  • Flowers. Flower motifs will always be relevant, because these beautiful plants are always associated with femininity and beauty. Why don’t you decorate your marigold beautiful flowers. It can be bright roses, and tender forget-me-not. Charmingly looking and flowers made in watercolor techniques.

  • Pictures. Do not think that the murals on the nails are suitable for girls or extravagant personalities. Skillful master elegantly consolest and bright red base, and concise pictures. If you want to make a manicure in this technique, choose an experienced master (better if it has an art education and talent). So, you are guaranteed to get unique masterpieces on your own nails.

A color scheme

Picking up a red manicure, you can think over and combined with other colors. Options here are mass, since the companion of this passionate tone may be different.

  • With Pink. These colors are close to each other, so their combination looks very logical. In addition, pink introduces a notch of romance and balances the ardent character of the red. But with all the ideality, such a duet is better to use for the summer manicure. Although if you pick up muffled shades, then in the fall it will look relevant, reminding the colors of fallen leaves.

  • With white and black. This is a classic in all its manifestation. No one can reproach you in the absence of taste. And three of these colors can be immediately on the nails or only two. Do not be afraid, there will be no bustling. Variations of their use Great set: it is a gradient, and drawings, and French manicure, and staining one or two marigolds in a contrast tone.

  • With gold and silver. This is a great option for evening exit, celebration or new year. Red color has a lot of shades (about 100), and with each of them these brilliant tones will look different. For example, the color of the red tango is very passionate. In combination with gold on the nail, it creates a chic and festive image. But the shade of the red mineral is calmer and you can come up with it everyday image. Gold or silver accents should be in minimal quantity.

  • With blue and white. This is maritime theme. Contrast saturated colors are designed to decorate fingers with lines and waves. Do you emphasize it with additional drawings in the form of anchor, shells or wind roses – your desire. But it is worth understanding that this is a thematic manicure, and make it in the office (if only your image is not in the marine style) is not very appropriate.

Decorative elements

Manufacturers in the field of nail design do not get tired of inventing all new decorative elements for marigold decoration. Even minimalistic manicure can be supplemented with elegant bulrians or unobtrusive shiny powder. And if you want to build a real masterpiece on your nails, then without these little assistants can not do. It is worth considering the most common decorative elements.

  • With foil. This is an interesting material that has not so long has appeared at the disposal of manicure masters. Create such an effect with other materials will simply fail. A thin, almost weightless part of the foil of the wrong shape is applied to the nail and fastened with the finish coating. At the same time, the effect of foil fails is created, that is, it covers the nail plate, but not completely. Do all the marks in such a technique quite dangerous, but the design only on a pair of fingers will look stylish and neat.

  • With lace and mesh. Red manicure with lace or grid design looks very elegant. At the same time, the master will not need to raise them for a long time on your fingers. It is enough to attach it to the lacquer (gel lacise) and secure the transparent coating. In an option with gel varnish, it will be possible not to fear for the durability of the manicure.

  • Rhinestones. Despite the fact that they have already appeared for a long time, these shiny pebbles still remain in the trend. They can be found all sorts of forms and colors. The master can put just one pebble on the nameless marigold, and the manicure will play in a new way. And you can lay out and beautiful sparkling pattern when using rhinestones of different sizes.

  • With kamifubiki. If you are still unfamiliar, this is a strange name, then ask about him rather from your master, is it in the presence of these sparkling rounds. We are sure that you will like these little sun glare on your nail, because they do not lose image, but add a highlight to it.

  • With rocks. Stones on the nails can be represented not only by the familiar rhinestones. Small matte or pearl elements imitating precious and semi-precious stones can also be found in specialized stores (or in the cabin). Isn’t it beautiful when the manicure is complemented by sapphires, turquoise or amethyst.

  • Sequins. What color, forms and textures today you will not meet. They can be blocked by all colors, produce a holographic effect, pour the mother of pearl or simply to radiate smooth light. Their use is varied. They find their place and both complementary elements, and as independent accents in the manicure.

  • With ragers and beads. Of course, you should not consider real beads. They do not have a hole and they are much more modest. That they are identical in them, so it’s a round form. They can resemble pearls or metal balls. Bullys also have even smaller size. When working with them, the master has to show truly jewelry accuracy.

  • Stickers and stencils. You can not always portray the desired pattern on a small nail plate. Then stencils and stickers come to the rescue. Under the finish coating no one will understand that you do not have a drawing on the nails, but a simple film with a pattern. Indispensable they become when it is necessary to create a thematic manicure or display funny pictures for young fashion.

  • Sugar and Melange. Small grains, which covers the entire nail or only part of it, create the effect of volume. The choice of color depends only on your desire, because almost any shades are suitable for red lacques. You can decorate them only the free edge of the nail, then the impression will be created that you accidentally dipmed it in sugar or colored sand.

  • Piercing. Although this decorative reception has lost its former positions, but still you can meet beauties that adorn their marigolds in a similar way. Failure is often associated with the practical side. In everyday life, working with a computer or cooking dinner it can cause some inconveniences.

    • Metal figures. Create a drawing of gold or silver paste can be manually. But there is no guarantee that the master will be able to draw small details. Here it is enough to glue the finished product on the nail and enjoy it with glitter. What exactly will be the figure, solve yourself. A variety of options are available: flowers, patterns, cross, stars, animal image and other.

    The ideas of a red manicure are shown in the following video.

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